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  1. Not sure about selling Gems sorry, just meant the "Only Style" Gear Part. So yeah. P2P would be best choose but they said it is F2P or not?
  2. Cash Shop is fine, if only Style Gear is in. Like GW2
  3. Beta Sign up is done by registering. New Registers are Group #5 they said.
  4. Its so hyped! Just amazing. But people need to care to not overhipe.
  5. Mega Server sounds good, maybe it get to much Anonymous so not sure.
  6. Just hope they focus on Hardcore, with Perma Death etc. not this cute fluffy kitten Full Loot.
  7. I think I saw they aim for Free 2 PLay aren't they?
  8. Yeah no P2W but P2W is some yeah... Bascialy "P2W" is only, if you only can get it trough shop. If they enable, the chance people sell this to Auction House its bascially no P2W.
  9. Use SALEM System: Over the Head you have "????" til the guy tell you his TRUE Name. So you get his TRUE Name. Otherwise, you can give him a Name like "Stranger"!
  10. Depend on if they add much Blood etc. I would love to see cutted heads etc. but then it will be for sure 18+
  11. City Shops are bad, if you can place them everywhere, will be like Tera, all the custard city full of stupid stores. Best way : Local Auction House (City based)
  12. I want a real Day / Night Circle which also get DARK. There is no more MMO besides Black Desert's Thunderstorm that getting Dark so you NEED a Torch etc. in order to see something.
  13. Problem on shoutboxes are, they kill the Community Forums. I like them too, but mostly its bad, because no one open a Thread anymore.
  14. Tried to find hidden Forums but no luck yet =(
  15. Just hope for a Game with Perma Death. So many pussys are out in the Game World who even cry on Full Loot. But Full Loot is nothing compared to PD
  16. If they support fishing, then please real one not a boring one, where you not have to do anything
  17. Action Combat, with Combo System and active Blocking. They also should add a Skillbar for the less skilled players, to let them learn the game.
  18. Absolutely yes, if you get a Commander, you should able to hire army that support the Sieges etc. so we see some epic sieges even with less players
  19. I only saw a few from Shadowbane here, still to less people in order to say this. If the game grows more, more and more "Big" Guilds will come I guess and then SB or DF Guilds are not "big" or "much" anymore.
  20. Looking Gear is a must have, since it make no sense, if you can Loot the Bag but not the Gear itself.
  21. I hope they make one big Server. Since it is hard for a big Server to die, instead of small Servers. See WoW and Co. most servers are dead. In a game like Crowfall Merge Servers is sure a Kill Reason
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