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  1. It is a hot Iron, since some poeple want maximum comfort and gear everything they want, since they idendify themself with the Character. But on the realistic Point, it would be great to make at least some restrictions for Armor for  Crafters.


    Ofc. in Real everyone can wear everything, but some stuff you can't wear, since you not have the "Rank" to actually buy it. So there should be some little restrictions.

  2. 1. No Fast Travel (let People use the Mount like Black Desert)

    2. Local Markets, no Global one. So you have to travel from city to city to find best prices

    3. Strong Death Penalty, hopefuly Perma Death

    4. Amazing Story with Audio on the main line.

    5. No Carton Graphic

    6. No Random Luck in PvP / Combat, let people be skilled and not give them "Random Luck"

    7. Maybe some Tactic Options, like Black Desert have, so you can get special Positions in order to call a Tactic. (like: X->-X->Tank  <- Reduced dmg for last player)

    8. Cool Endgame, not just PvP, since player generated Content is still to low. Communitys are not ready for this yet.

  3. Wow I see lot of people coming from "Mind" Hardcore Games but many not want Perma Death... so seems this Community allready get washed in warm water :)

    Just hope they add Perma Death, even if some people don't like it. Perma Death is a nice Idea for a MMO, worked out well in Salem etc. (which is a MMO) and a lot other MMO's. 


    So far hope it work :D

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