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  1. Well, big world testing has been a lot of fun so far. Can't wait for some meaty progress so we can kick this off right.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJPA7kunB5A&feature=youtu.be&a
  3. Tonight is the night 8:30 PM EST that the big reveal will be here!!! Joining us tonight with be Thomas Blair to talk about the update. We have been told that tonight maybe the night of a bunch of "What ifs". Come join us and if you have any questions feel free to pm me or send them in the twitch chat. We will try and get them answered time permitting.
  4. I think CF is going to appeal to specific people so its not going to be this massive MMO. However, there are still a large population CF will appeal to but it will not be the next WoW. Which is fine. They just need to create the game they envisioned and sold us on during the KS the minute the next best PvP game will be released. With good pvp players will come.
  5. CYT, it's not spam if its your preferred choice of movies. But yes we have a link on the side of the site to the Pre/alpha gamevox. Last time we had 12 people in there and all I can say is good times
  6. I agree the UI is not familiar so just from watching you could tell people were not paying attention to the mana bar etc. With time I think that will be better but I agree with the above statement that the death countdown is a bit rough.
  7. keep in mind ziz that not every backer was a alpha 1 backer so the numbers may climb rather fast. Chill little trucker buddy, you will get your chance to respawn soon enough.
  8. Yeah Discord will be a good viable option for bigger guilds later down the road when they put in some key other features. The chat is one thing I think makes Discord pretty awesome.
  9. You have to download for things like PTT to work while in game. The permissions system isn't fully developed and not a viable option for guilds or extensive setups for possible multi level testing
  10. Ok so I have read these solutions of make my player skill matter and non persistent campaigns.........that will not solve what 7B is talking about. In all honesty it's going to be close to impossible unless there are factors that prohibit players from doing this. Even if I have the top 20 players in the game I will still lose to 500 right?? They could if the played the fights right or... If they design a game where it's possible for 19 other people to beat a group of 500 I would be impressed not to mention embarrassed for the 500. Then the thought of non persistent worlds stopping zergs??? That's insane to think that. All that means is it might be easier for mega alliances to farm campaigns and win conditions. The only things that make things tough for zergs are actual anti Zerg mechanics. A few of which are friendly fire, limiting how many players can join per side, party sizes that limit aura buff stacking for only party members, no death respawns. No respawns are tricky but players may be less likely to group up as 500 only to just die to FF or be kited and killed by a small group. Even these might help against zergs but I doubt they can solve them unless the put caps on how many players can join sides from the same guild/alliance. If they did that I'm sure it would make tons of people cry. I can see it now......
  11. keep us posted for sure. I have yet to hear anyone run into this problem.
  12. Haha bro it's all good . I just want a place where we can game together
  13. My will be where all the Plebs are that can't afford to be an ACE development partner or people that prefer higher quality with low resource req
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