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  1. My guildie said just delete the daggers you have currently and make new ones. The old daggers apparently have an I.D. and are still not working. New dagz work
  2. For those of you still following this topic. The website is now online and open for registration!
  3. This project was done completely separate and had no involvement from sugoi other than a few members getting sneak peaks to help me test functions. edit: Thank you for all the suggestions and feedback. I will be going over all of your posts as guides to improve the site to better suit the communities wants and needs.
  4. http://www.crowfallinfo.com We launched this morning. Please feel free to register and begin exploring the many features our site has. Keep in mind we are still developing content and daily updates will be pushed out. Report bugs, errors, and suggestions to our feedback center! Thanks!
  5. Confirmed thats 3 people now with the same issue. Ranger Melee is 100% not working. No love.
  6. Bug: 100% skills wont work: https://youtu.be/q1aFEQs8KQk - Logged out shortly after this experience. Another patch another disappointment for rangers. Please listen to the community, rangers need love.
  7. With pots its fast enough to get advanced stuff. Come launch with no pots the durability / gear benefits will be extremely unbalanced with the time to gather and make one.
  8. make armor / weapons better improvements than +0.09 so that they are significant to use rather than force the use.
  9. Glad to see the skepticism is present now so I can just blast you out of the water with shock.
  10. yes as a matter of fact Retrovoice is who I put on pay roll for my text to voice script. I highly recommend him, he does a great job.
  11. I love to tease but this is real. Can't wait!
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