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  1. Ancient computer skills? Hah, well you are surrounded by people to help you out now - welcome!
  2. I popped on by to observe, but had to drop out pretty quickly as well due to chores. This dang RL boss keeps getting in the way.
  3. Super excited about being able to customize strongholds, can't wait to see what's possible.
  4. Ya, I definitely plan on taking a heavier focus on Crafting in Crowfall so I am super excited to learn more about it.
  5. Ya that was probably the best thing about them is the different abilities they can have, makes me super excited to see what's possible and what kind of strategy we can form from that!
  6. Agreed, even though I might have to wait a little longer, getting really excited!
  7. I am actually really excited for what seems possible with the Vessel system and cannot wait to see how it affects various builds.
  8. What did everyone else think about the article related to gender variants? I thought it was pretty cool the amount of thought that went into each gender especially as it relates to the animation.
  9. The best feature for me was what all of the individual features enabled, a world with cities that were alive with actual players. It was awesome that the Cantina actually had a use and the player driven economy was one of the best I have ever seen.
  10. Tahlvin

    Pokemon Go

    I am excited to try this out but as mentioned server and client crashes have made it hard to get anywhere.
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