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  1. After falling to my death (wanted to see what happened at the edge of world *grin*), flying back to the Hero Statue, and coming back to life my compass at the top center was shifted down about 10% of the screen.
  2. Combat I found it very cumbersome to have to stop holding the mouse button while attacking to use an ability The blind effect was very jarring to me Since normal attacks also trigger cooldowns on abilities, it would be nice if they would queue up if you pressed them while still on cooldown Looting I find myself wanting a quick way to loot all Maybe hold F to automatically loot everything? Often I was running into issues where enemies were already respawning and attacking me while trying to loot This would probably be addressed by being able to loot quicker Inventory With as quick as my inventory fills up, I find myself wanting a button to sort it by item type at the very least User Interface I had a very hard time mousing over ability name text and getting the tooltip to show up properly that described what it does Not a fan of all the windows staying open, it made it feel very jarring while looting that all of the windows I didn't close before were still there Dragging abilities that were already on my bar to an empty slot to move them would simply clone them, I prefer it only do this if dragging from all powers Misc Sometimes I would have random tutorials popup for things that happened awhile ago, such as telling me how to cook meat even though I picked it up 10+ minutes ago I am really excited for the passive skill training, but I think it would be a great idea to have easier to unlock skills right off the bat, so you can make some progress and choices on that front the first time you log on
  3. I was having an issue with being unable to use the in--game Quit button. Whenever I would press Quit it would do nothing at all and I had to end task to quit the application. As it turns out, this is due to Protected Folders. If you go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Open Windows Security -> Virus & Threat Protection -> Manage ransomware protection, you can turn on Controlled folder access. With this turned on, CrowfallClient.exe was blocked from the folder %userprofile%\OneDrive\Documents\Art+Craft\Crowfall and presumably it was trying to do something with this folder on exit and that was causing the whole thing to not work. Adding CrowfallClient.exe as an allowed application did indeed fix the issue and I was able to quit the application normally.
  4. Created a new character, started messing around, crafted a few things, built a few tools, killed a few spiders. I then went over to the Gate to the Earth Temple and tried to use it twice by just pressing F, no luck. I then held it, and ended up at an infinite loading screen. When I eventually closed the game, it crashed upon exit. EDIT: My apologies, was using a different build and posted this in the wrong spot. Installing the test build now.
  5. Ancient computer skills? Hah, well you are surrounded by people to help you out now - welcome!
  6. I popped on by to observe, but had to drop out pretty quickly as well due to chores. This dang RL boss keeps getting in the way.
  7. Super excited about being able to customize strongholds, can't wait to see what's possible.
  8. Ya, I definitely plan on taking a heavier focus on Crafting in Crowfall so I am super excited to learn more about it.
  9. Ya that was probably the best thing about them is the different abilities they can have, makes me super excited to see what's possible and what kind of strategy we can form from that!
  10. Agreed, even though I might have to wait a little longer, getting really excited!
  11. I am actually really excited for what seems possible with the Vessel system and cannot wait to see how it affects various builds.
  12. What did everyone else think about the article related to gender variants? I thought it was pretty cool the amount of thought that went into each gender especially as it relates to the animation.
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