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  1. I know this has come up in the past but to me the best thing they can do with the current system would be to tie it to campaigns instead of the overall account. I think the reason the system exists is to push people into a niche so they are forced to work together, but I think this can work on a per campaign level and that would remove a lot of the issues while allowing for more interesting nodes in the skill tree and a faster evolving meta that moves along with the starts and ends of campaigns, this would make balancing these a lot easier as well because you could implement balance changes at the start of campaigns (this kind of stuff might be hard to technically do though) because honestly balancing broken stuff in the skill tree (that everyone will have picked since it's broken) might be hard to manage.
  2. Yes, but I remember back in the day before race class split this seemed like a concern people had. Personally I would prefer as little permanent progression as possible as I feel like it will subtract from the fairness of new campaigns and a catch up mechanic will always feel like a band aid, in the end you will either piss someone if catching up is really easy veterans that feel like they are not rewarded for their time spent or even worse they feel like they wasted their time experimenting before a meta was established and now the new guys can optimize perfectly, or it's to hard/expensive and the game will be labeled as unfriendly towards new players. Even if you find the right balance the odds that new people misinterpret the system and still consider themselves at a huge disadvantage seems huge, I don't think it will serve as good marketing.
  3. I feel like they treat this system as something they promised to people so they can clearly say they are an mmo with permanent progression and not some kind off drawn out moba, this seemed really important to them in the past. However I agree that I can't see this system be fun or useful in any way at this point it almost feels like it is just there because it can be monetized easily. I agree that it should probably go because it is needlessly increasing the scope of the game while only affecting it negatively but I feel like at this point they are dead set on keeping it.
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