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  1. hi there I wanted to ask what you would think about group combos? eg. if you create a field and an allayed person makes a combo in there you'll get a finisher to boost this field. Or the other way around that the person is getting a different combo finisher. it could also be that an arrow or bullet flying through a healing orb and hitting the opponent will plant an orb on the opponent healing allies around for a small amount or can be corrupted from the druid.... could be similar to gw2 combo fields but more fitting for crowfall in my opinion, it would make group play mor
  2. well actually i find it pretty good that we can’t get better harvestings atm because it balances the game in some kind. in the beginning everyone will gether some staff but after that first week the game will start defining itself player will have different skills and start defining which roll you want to play. You skill in what you want most and it rewards you in gettin better. this game will actually take pretty long to get into the end game. you have to consider that it is a Player driven game where everyone is relying on someone else.
  3. i cant say much about it because i dont know how it effects you in game. and i think i'll lose the overview somewhen. meybe we need an overallskill sheet of what we actually achived that would be nice hehe always looking into the lobby if it is already time to change to a other i like the feedback "while you where away you achieved .... things i'd like to know: -will i be able to get new powers when i switch skills or are they just to improove my playstily whith the powers given -will i be a master of everything in eg 3 years -am i able to reskill
  4. maybe give the ability to upgrade your output. if you do it like hold F to gather and hit a hard swing unlikely to get a better material or you need to press it more often to do fine swings but it it takes longer? which automatically puts more risk in to it.
  5. Also to give my feedback to rangers and skills and how they feel - Straight Shot, Autoshot and Explosive Shot what i have the feeling atm that it is a combination of an FPS with cross-hairs and an mmo where you have a target lock on. · the channelling is ok but needs to be quicker i think. · Dmg output is high and it should be rewarded to hit the moving target. · dono but is the velocity from the arrow high enough to hit the target in max range when it is moving around? · aim higher to get more range? - Dodge Roll basic dodge is ok but i havn't seen an
  6. oh yes its hard when you are solo and try to get your stone and suddenly a group of 3 is behind you
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