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  1. Pic to explain all that So I was told that you can buy premium tickets for real money and trade them in the game. This is good for Free to Play users so you can get premium anyway. But I still have a problem with the Time Bank Systems because it allows a 33%boost for paying players. Let me explain. Lets say a non paying Player (Red Arrows) and a Paying user (Green Arrows) both skilling towards "Great Ranged" Lets say they need 60 days to get there. Problem is there is this other player / 2nd account who is skilling "Armor". He skills "Armor" for 30 days and then collects 30 days of time in "Armor". The Paying User is now able to buy or trade for premium those 30 days in "Armor" and is now 30 days ahead of the non paying user. Sure the non paying user can trade it for ingame items but that is still a loss of ressources to the him. I thought about some fixes for this problem. At first I thought of limiting the time you can spend in a tree to your overall account time. This would fix that problem but totally destroy the catchup mechanic. So I thought of limiting the time you can spend in a tree to the time the game went live. People will still be able to buy tomes for other trees but cant get ahead of other players in one tree. Catchup mechanic would still be working. In my opinion a 30% time boost to non paying players is considered as Pay to Win, Just tell me what you guys think about that, maybe I forgot about something. Your opinions please.
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  3. First thing is those counters block projetiles 2nd: On this resolution and settings: somehow the fog of war shows shadows from the world in front: last thing: the walls on the west side of the fortress in siege perilous attack markers are turned by 90degrees:
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    Bin dabei. Soweit ich kann jeden Playtest in der Alpha