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  1. Interesting, Helix. I sure hope the game is not just as you describe. I get the impression from others there will be plenty of other dimensions to enjoy.
  2. Several have mentioned stuff I haven't read about, like Dregs, Shadow, etc. I must be missing a good content outlet. Can you point me to some of these more in-depth developments? Thank you.
  3. Yeah, good thought Pang. I know these guys are smart and will make it fun for all players. I just hadn't seen it yet, and was being asked questions by a gamer friend last night who was concerned mostly about guilds and invites and those mechanics. I've played a zillion games, and they often get nasty, or just don't work at all. My initial question may be overstating my concern.
  4. Okay, so you posted for wordgames and insults. That's cool. I deal with people like you all the time. Nothing new. To the original question and your latest insult: I had HOPED my premise was inaccurate, which is why I asked for perspective. Your premise that it wasn't an honest question (your first insult) was inaccurate. Thankfully, some helpful members gave me good insight - the game isn't as fully revealed as I thought it was at this point, which is good to hear. I listed the multiple basis for my honest question in my first post, but will be more specific: videos of gameplay and Twitch streams I watched as recently as last night look like a lot of zerging, which, in my experience, means a couple things: people who organize ahead of time with friends they know from other games will have a distinct advantage, presumably, to other teams. I didn't see a matchmaking feature which led me to believe there may not be one - that it may simply be guild v. guild. Best guild wins. I am probably wrong, as these guys know what they're doing, but wanted to know if others knew more about this. I suppose that is stuff still to be revealed. A single basis for you (since you apparently need one): I watched a video interview with two developers discussing combat mechanics - don't have the link handy - who said my question was one they had received: that bigger teams will definitely have an advantage. In that same video they addressed "zerging" of heals, and how combat mechanics would compensate for that by making it dangerous to stand around in a group and healing with AOE because of many AOE attacks. Hopefully you're more helpful and considerate to others.
  5. Why did you post exactly? Feel free to waste your time not answering someone else's questions.
  6. Thanks Yamix. That's good perspective. And maybe I am not seeing all the other ways to have fun yet - that's fair.
  7. Though I remain excited about Crowfall, the videos, Twitch streams, and some of the interview answers I've seen make the game look like: you join a team you all go fight another team the other team is bigger or made up of awesome players your team gets wiped out quickly and easily your team gets mad and blames each other your team disbands and doesn't want to play together again ....repeat. What am I missing here? I never looked at this game like just another PVP arena-style game, and saw depth and real gamesmanship in some of the lead-up. Would love your perspectives.
  8. I've been in MMO depression since City of Heroes/Villains was shuttered. I haven't found anything I love since (The Secret World is closest). Anyway, I am thrilled to see the vision for Crowfall, and how so many of the best aspects of so many of the games I've tried have been combined, with new stuff, to come up with a game I am looking forward to more than any I have in a long time. Happy to be a backer, and will likely KEEP backing. Looking forward to seeing you in game. ~Raphael
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