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  1. This sure does help at lot during this "pending" time while we're moving through release iterations. It's good to see the progress, we all hope for the game just to be out but with the unforgiving MMORPG customer base I think it is very prudent to get the game right before moving it to even a soft launch status
  2. There is certainly a lot of waiting around for MMO's at the moment. As a genre we are in a big hole at the moment
  3. well each release is 1 step closer, looking forward to all the up coming Crafting chances they have planned for 5.8/9
  4. Welcome Arcadi!!!!. 5.7 will be here soon I hope!!
  5. I've just got back from a month vacation and work trip so I know the feeling
  6. Yeah, I've been filling out my Skills and been trying out a new class and race too!!
  7. Yes we plan on some serious testing when 5.6 hits. We usually run Chaos.
  8. You are right there man, once there is a Guild system in game I'm expecting a large spike of folks looking for a home
  9. I'm really liking the changes to the Skill system in 5.6 and I think we can expect a Skill wipe when it goes to the "live" server, which will re-level the playing field so to speak for folks who recently started testing the game let us older testers refocus our skills around our current play style.
  10. Anyone have any thoughts on when 5.5 will drop?. Really want to test the changes in 5.5
  11. Oh yeah a new thread for the Guild, looks good @Diz No more 100's of pages...
  12. Very true @Kendogg, personally too I'm back in testing big time after a break
  13. Getting an "error" when the launcher tries to access the game servers Anyone else having this issue too??
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