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  1. This is how I feel about Windows so imagine how you would feel if the game you've been hoping and waiting was Apple only..it's built with Unity so have to wonder what the hang up is with making an Apple version.
  2. This honestly makes me sick! I was a staunch supporter of this concept and was one of the initial supporters. Now to find out I either get to play in suck mode through a Windows partition, or buy a system just for the game is a huge disappointment. You may have lost me on this one. It's time for gaming companies to stop with the windows only poorly made socks already!
  3. Sorry has to be said: Werewolf FTW! my actual point is that as long as there is enough character creation depth and diversity, this sort of thing makes people like me go to the character creation drawing board and look for the answering template. Chainsaws (as they were affectionately called, ruled the servers for a while, then came huntresses that couldn't be run over, and then werewolves that could keep up and dish out the poison and damage with a spear). So, unless character imbalance gets really drastic, I am more apt to try to role a counter, than whine. There are times when balance must be brought through nerfs, but it is a good feeling when it doesn't have to come to that.
  4. Nice to see more familiar guilds joining the fray! Dream of the purr, fear the claws!
  5. Its a great strategy to address some of the major flaws in the current MMO outlook, also can't help but, like the analogy that "winter is coming!'
  6. Quote: Is a Thrall what I think it is? And do you use them in crafting? "OK, fine. I’ll tell you. The Dying Worlds are filled with Thralls. They are basically the souls of fallen warriors and craftsmen, left behind and awaiting judgement before they can move on to the afterlife. If you capture a Thrall, you can shortcut that process and bind them into your items. Todd likes to reference the demon imbedded inside Stormbringer in Moorcock’s Elric series, as a narrative example. If you bind a Thrall into your item, the properties of the item change in certain ways. I like the idea of a Smith’s Hammer that has the trapped soul of a Dwarven Forgemaster bound within it, and that his skill and life experience is being used to make that hammer stronger and more precise with every swing. That’s probably about all I should say about it for now, except, remember: the system was designed to create reasons to seek out and interact with other players. Or, you know, kill them and take their stuff. That works, too." I find this concept really interesting, perhaps a way to build in quests/instance/dungeon experience for those that like such things? I also think it would add interest if said thrall was a random occurrence versus if I hunt this area for this thrall I can augment armor/weapons in this way, with common thralls that would bring more common enhancements, rare, and mythic. As I stated before, mythic should not give some extreme enhancement that gives a huge advantage to those that find it, but the more rare, perhaps the neater the graphic skin that may be applied to the weapon. So, good enough to make people seek out those smiths that can make the item (again giving something to fight over and contribute to economy in game), but also, superior graphical look to the item, making it very desirable.
  7. So, took a couple of deep breathes and let my brain kick in. I hope that there is also room within the system for the more nefarious types. i.e: roguish types, to steal items which they may then sell on the "black market" so that those types have a role in the overall economy. It just makes great sense to make resources an item to go to battle over. In Shadowbane it was typically political battles in the beginning, but the addition of resources to fight over gave the game much more depth, so, now to get a peak that Crowfall is building on that and sounds like taking it to the next level is very exciting!!
  8. I call unfair tactics, have been trying really really hard not to get over the top crazy excited, and you just blew that all to ....!
  9. I am sorry but, sort of got hung up on the +10 to dimwitted......really? we need a rune for that? lol!
  10. continuing on with the GM event items, and to answer the concern about over powered items. GM items don't have to have uber stats that give a huge advantage: Who wouldn't fight for the only set of Dragon Armor, with some unique design you can't get anywhere else in the game? I would...or that sword/axe/fill in weapon type that has flame animation..or is gold...or......you get the idea. The GM items could be cosmetic, versus stat oriented. That way you still want the item without getting an unfair advantage in the game. GM events are the bomb, I did have GM items, because I attacked a GM all by myself and after he (at least the avatar was male) let me beat on him for a few seconds and take down his health to 9999999999999999 he one shotted me with a golden hammer animation..lol and got the GM item because I made him laugh. That made the event memorable... Our entire guild was finally successful in the event, which was an epic fight...but, I liked my item from being an overconfident tardfarmer the best...lol!
  11. If there was only one thing I could ask for it would be a pvp system that allows there to be retribution. You gank my lowbie, I want the ability to log on my big gun and come after you. Or if you tick me off well enough I want to bring it to your home and "camp your tree" to use Shadowbane lingo. That is the primary thing, but the icing on the cake will be customization of character templates, diversity. i.e.: "huntresses are weak! then rethinking the whole concept and making huntresses that rocked a server"
  12. I do like the original names, that make characters recognizable, that being said, part of the beauty of Shadowbane was the political intrigue. Also having more than one account would still allow other names. So, not sure you can have it both ways
  13. The only problem I can forsee with such a system is that real estate in any game is finite. At some point to protect those resources someone will become a primary holder, likely a guild that has played from beta......to..... When this happens it becomes very difficult for new comers to a server or the game to get started. Also, speaking from the experience of a guild that down-sized and walked away from a near invincible city in Shadowbane. Having noone willing to fight you can ruin the game also. So, unless you really like the "farmville" aspects of a game, it is a balancing act of having enough size and resources to be viable, but small enough with enough vulnerabilities that someone is willing to try to go against you.
  14. The thing about having such clearly defined interdependent roles can make running around alone a problem. Toe to toe any class should be able to use the strengths of that class to defeat any other class, if played well. This is where skill comes in.
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