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  1. Is the advantage and disadvantage system the rune system or are they two different things? I'm fairly sure they described changing the base stats of the character with those. I think we also had some attribute points to spend when making the character/vessel, been a while though so I could be wrong on that.
  2. While i like path of exiles currency ideas it is hardly ideal for crowfall. Each player having to set exchange rates for the various items you could trade the vendor thall would be a pain and cause more confusion than is nessecarry. It would be similar to trying to buy items in a market that uses currencies from diffrent nations, the hassle of trying to get the currency exchanged to buy what you want it is too much trouble for a game. edit: on the other hand a system like PoE would make a new market role of currency exchange buisness.
  3. With the current system what you describe will likely be the common case. I don't view this jumping ship every time the fight starts to look bad as a desirable behavior. I believe those that stand their ground against the odds should be rewarded for their effort rather than encouraging them to abandon the fight before it is over. Nor should the winning team gain a disproportionate reward because the enemy was encouraged to quit.
  4. The need to pay your taxes with dust will give it some value the same way the US dollar is valuable because it is the only currency accepted to pay your taxes. I'm sure we will still have to barter, for the crafter, in particular, it would be preferable to get resources you can use rather than a currency you have to exchange. I expect most transactions will be with currency while highly valuable items may be used for bartering, especially if they are easier to move than mass sums of currency.
  5. I think if the system rewarded xp for participation in the campaign without factoring in if their side won that would be acceptable. I think if the system favors the winner it will undermine the losing team even more than the embargo system already does. In fact having a decent sized xp reward may help keep the fights going longer as the loser would still get something worthwhile for sticking with the campaign to the end rather than jumping ship.
  6. Wouldn't giving xp boost to the victors generally hurt new players? The odds of victory would be skewed more toward the vet with each victory. Gear can be lost and destroyed but the xp would remain as a permanent boost.
  7. Without a decent way to get the points you spend back I don't think players should have to guess how effective a skill is. In dark souls experimenting is fine, you can always make a new character if you mess up. Personally, the ambiguity with the skills was one of my biggest problems with the game. If you want to be all mysterious about the story that's fine, but it shouldn't get in the way of building a character. I'm fine with hiding things for the community to figure out but when it comes to stats and how your choices effect them I'm not a fan. In a competitive game like Crowfall, I think it has even less of a place. If you hide the numbers in a game like this, you just drive people to the wiki for information that should have been made clear in the first place. We will have most of this info charted before launch anyway so it's not really fair to the people that don't use the wiki to have to grasp in the dark while those that do know which skills are the most effective.
  8. This game is seeking a fairly niche market so having a larger group step in would likely go bad fairly quickly. Generally, the first step after acquisition would be to change the game to draw a larger crowd for more of a market. A wise publisher would see that this would likely kill the game, but their number is so few, the chances of one of them being the buyer are pretty small.
  9. I completely agree, having tiered resource harvesting makes no sense when the armor/weapon system has thrown that out. I'm a bit surprised there aren't more threads about this. I would like the ability to customize tools as the op has suggested. If the combat oriented characters can fashion their weapons from a variety of materials to suit their desired stats then I don't see a reason to keep harvesters from doing the same.
  10. Guess we need to beat people to within decimals of death then ... for science
  11. I fully support real numbers being shown for the passive skill trees. I should not have to go to a wiki for the game to find accurate information on such important in-game mechanics. I'll still be wondering the wiki anyway cause that's just how I am but it's poor form to force someone to them for "immersion".
  12. Any idea how close we have to be for others to be visible now? Also are building always visible on the map or do they fade out?
  13. I do like the idea of thralls being able to collect resources at a slow rate. I'm not sure if thralls can be found in the EK, but if they can, you would need to limit their quality. You should have to risk the CW to get a thrall that is decent for harvesting, for this reason, I wouldn't be too happy with thalls being captured in the eternal kingdom if that is the current plan.
  14. If bots were not an issue and the system required a lot of work for lower grade ore to be upgraded, I wouldn't have a problem with it. I'm just afraid the bots would cause mass inflation like they did in EVE. The mobs were never enough to cause mining bots many problems and programs like roid ripper even avoided players pretty well. I think the ore they dumped on the market was one of the leading causes of the inflation problem EVE had, not to mention how much it hurt legit miners by devaluing their work. Edit: I doubt many bots will have trouble with the crafting system as it is now, you would need to drop off the resources at a base anyway so placing a crafting station next to the box they drop the ore in would be an easy solution. They craft the new runes, equip them, and clear the inventory to a second chest to prevent old runes from piling up.
  15. I like the idea but I wonder if bots in the safety of the EK could become a problem for the economy if this was implemented. Without an adequate way to eliminate the bots I would recommend restricting the system to only allow ore that was harvested in a CW.
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