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  1. I agree that the houses should have different rooms instead of just one big open area, makes them seem like warehouses instead of houses... like I,d like to separate bedrooms from livingroom, craftingroom, kitchen, etc... At the very least let us have placeable walls... also the manor looks like it should have several stories but only has one with an unnecessarily high sealing... st ill got the manor upgrade though xD
  2. question: why is a 2016 manor upgrade package cheaper than a single manor? O_O
  3. I Wish, then I would start testing again
  4. so I just watched the last stream (with some effort, I keep getting error messages on the videos in twitch) and I heard that we wont be able to craft/have crafting stations in our castles? So can it be used for housing at all (for those of us who might not want to use it for our entire guild).. Like, can we still put stuff in it/decorate it, and whatever other housing features there might be?
  5. Did the devs say this would be possible ("stitching" EKs together)? if so, that would be awesome
  6. I seriously hope I didn't buy a small castle in order to not be able to use it/support it in my own EK/as a single player
  7. Well, I'm getting the small castle so that's the one I'm most excited about
  8. they are only doing this for the testing, so you can try out the higher level skills...
  9. What I'd love to test out is the EK *__* but I'm guessing that wont be part of the "big world" testing (yet) >_>
  10. hmmm, so I noticed something, there doesn't seem to be plants/farming/food resource types (for like alchemy and cooking)... this is coming later on right?
  11. Oh, I'm sorry... didn't realize people from other countries were obligated to write perfectly in a foreign language... this is the internet not a f... English exam.
  12. FF is an ennoying and useless feature, people still like to have something to b.... about >_>
  13. i would also love for the chat window to be or turn transparent when not using it, while being able to see what people are typing... Kind of ennoying to have to stop, press enter to see what people are saying, and then click enter again to be able to move....
  14. Which is why I said that taking back those items/credits that they gained was the only right thing they could have done... again, this was the company's fault to begin with, they were the ones that gave the backers the option to do this (even if it was by mistake).
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