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  1. What server you guys playing on come launch east or west coast?
  2. I think that the PVE they plan on making will surprise people as it's exactly what this game needs. If anything I think that adding more depth to it would be the way to go. . Current plans to the best of my knowledge are to have PVE for resource acquisition (i.e. Leather, meat, etc.) and for P.O.I contention (i.e soldier spawners for keeps, and maybe the occasion bandit camp holding a quarry etc) . What I'd like to see is to add depth to that system it make it more interesting but not diverging from the core of the game. The example that I had in mind was during the initial spawn into a ca
  3. You should be fine BCG even now without optimization you should be getting I'd guess around 30fps on medium settings assuming you have 8+ gigs ram. It may struggle a bit more during combat though.
  4. They have also states in a Q&A that they update them when they have finalized and are comfortable with the change. Case in point they may not have updated the charter slot one yet because they don't have the final resolution yet, but once they finalize that decision they will update the FAQ on that topic.
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