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  1. You can already see which recipes are unlocked by which node, by hovering over the node an pressing Ctrl
  2. are you in your eternal kingdom? because there are no imports/exports in eternal kingdoms
  3. Make sure you have Exports left. If you bank while gathering, they run out very quickly.
  4. write and email to support support@crowfall.com
  5. The quantity is the same for everyone per campaign. Different campaigns can have different amounts. Regarding the disappearence: If the Servers go down, they start again with only 20 Imports and exports minus the ones you already used. Normally one of the Dev Team will increase them again afterwards.
  6. You get a certain amount of imports and exports per campaign. There is normally no reset of them, that means if you have used all your exports, you will not be able to place stuff from that campaign into your Spiritbank. Once a new campaign starts, it will have a fresh set of imports and exports for you.
  7. the basic idea is, that every campaign (basically a server) starts, and after some time ends. each of those campaigns can have different rulesets 3-faction, 12-faction or gvg. And different win conditions. Almost exclusively pvp, the very little pve there is, is killing some mobs for materials. nothing of that kind is currently planned. I already stated what campaigns are. The catch is, that more challenging campaigns will have higher ranked nodes, which have better chances of high quality resources. All gear in this game is crafted, but the powercurve is rather shallow. The game has a passive leveling system, similar to eve. and will at some point have a similar catchup mechanic with players selling tomes that can be applied to skill trees, to advance without waiting. Ohh yes, it's a full loot pvp game, in the faction campaigns you have people of your faction that can assist you. in the gvg campaigns, you are basically the prey.
  8. there are no intermediate workstations in the beachheads anymore.
  9. Wenn du dir das Patron Package (Förderer Paket) gekauft hast, kannst du direkt anfangen zu spielen. Das Spiel ist zwar noch in Pre-Alpha, aber alle mit mindestens Beta 3 zugang können auf die Live Server zugreifen.
  10. No those are for the test servers
  11. That's correct, currently. Basic armor is gone in 5.5, and replaced with intermediate armor, which isn't in the game yet. That's the reason you haven't found it in the crafting menu yet. Harvesting Tools can be made with runemaking alone. No need for any other crafting if you just want tools. There is 3 types of advanced armor (plate, mail and leather) but only one type of intermediate armor. Advanced armor is gated behind blacksmithing or leatherworking. The learning curve is steep right now, because they are missing tutorials and stuff. Those will have to come before or very shortly after the release of the game. How the disciplines are aquired will change a bit later on. For major discs you will have to hunt thralls, weapon discs will be crafted from advanced weapons and minors will just drop randomly. At least to my knowledge.
  12. That might even be true, because first of all, there is no new player experience, every player is just thrown into the test environment and has to figure it out for themselves. Tutorials and everything will probably be coming at some point, and the new player experience will get better. The other thing, and that's a design decision I don't agree with, is that crafting professions are gated behind at least multiple days of training. While such a system works for the harvesting professions, where each tree allows you to specialize further into a certain type of harvesting, it doesn't work for crafting, where you either can craft or you don't. The crafting would get a lot better, if they would get rid of the basic crafting requirement.
  13. the green button should start it.
  14. you need to launch it through the launcher, not the crowfallclient.exe
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