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  1. Aktivität

    Momentan ist alles auf den live Servern.
  2. To be fair, 9h is an insane time. You could have done that reasonable in 2h as a new player I think. That's still a long time. You should have probably asked in the chat for some tips, most people are very happy to help new players out. Also, as it stands right now, your gear can't be looted off of you only the inventory, so a piece of gear lasts you a few fights.
  3. If a player dies, their corpse reverts to the archetype, so a half-giant myrmidon will spawn a minotaur corpse Also, the new Banks are way to small. The amount of different resources and other stuff, fills them up insanely quick. I filled 3 chests, without even harvesting just by roaming around. Either inplement a crafted item that makes the banks bigger, or revert the bank to the size they had in 5.2
  4. No permission?

    You should try contacting support@crowfall.com they are normally pretty fast to respond and can hopefully help you
  5. No permission?

    have you downloaded the new patcher?
  6. No, there is No API. I think they Said a while Back, that Skilltraining via App might be a VIP perk
  7. Servers

    I'm going to assume you are aware on how the campaigns work. If not, you should read up on the system. The "campaign ends december 8th" means the campaign is over, and even though the server is still online, it can be taken down any moment now, as the servers have a expiration date. They put up european campaigns sometimes, if there aren't any online at the moment, US east campaigns are almost always available and okay to play on in terms of ping.
  8. Nearly no Players in the campaign.

    Nobody cares about the live servers atm
  9. That's all you get for that specific campaign. Those limits can be different for different campaigns. Bloodbath Had 10/10 Last time I saw it.
  10. Not Entitled?

    You might try to log into the TEST servers. Those are restricted to pre-alpha 1&2 and alpha 1 testers. You should be able to play on the LIVE client.
  11. Animal parts?

    The cats are actually pretty easy to find, they are at the big blue crystals.
  12. Animal parts?

    On the live servers there are boars and cats in the siege campaigns.
  13. new player need help :)

    The spiritbank is universal, so you can transport stuff between all servers. Just be aware, that you have limited exports and imports in the campaigns. In the siege campaigns you can safely craft at the beachhead (the starting area). I'm not sure if there is a bloodbath server right now, but don't craft on those because they have no safe zones. I normally gather and craft in the siege campaign and take everything out shortly before the world closes. The local chests are secure too.
  14. new player need help :)

    There is a big wipe incoming soon, so you could just test the classes and do some experimenting with the crafting system. PvP is pretty slow at the moment, so harvesting and crafting will probably be more interesting than running around searching for someone to fight
  15. They were in once, but bugged out a few weeks ago. I don't think they will fix it, as 5.3 is around the corner