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  1. @Forvan there are some new players guides which might interest you.
  2. Relics, Secrets and Puzzles in Campaigns

    But that would mean that they had to develop new puzzles for every campaign instead of generating them procedually. That's taking a lot of development time from other things
  3. It looks like all the campaigns are offline at the moment. I was just assuming you use the test client because you complained about weeks, when thats the first time in weeks we don't have campaigns
  4. Since you implemented Live and Test clients, a lot of new people seem to have some issues dowloading the right client. Maybe it would help if you put an indicator on your website which client to use, maybe even a list of the campaigns that are running. That could be of interest once there are campaigns on live and test.
  5. If it is like that for weeks, I'm gonna say you are using the TEST client. When you should be using the LIVE client
  6. The new harvesting looks awesome! So when will we get to break it?
  7. Screenshot hanging out waiting for 5.3

    your water flask looks like a very cute guinea pig!
  8. Joint EKs?

    Yes, given that they make theirs Public and have started it
  9. Video "Fear the Undead"

    I can see the whining posts already: "I took 1000 hours to finish those walls and then the undead destroyed them and now I quit forever!!!!"
  10. New Here With Questions!

    Are you using the Test or the Live client? you need to use the live client to find campaigns. But it is possible that you won't find people, as player population is quite low right now.
  11. The frostweaver is the last class we know absolutely nothing about. So we don't even have a reveal date for the frostweaver.
  12. Questions on Action Combat

    Action combat in this game basically just means you have to aim your skills with the crosshair in the middle of the screen, similar to a fps Third person Shooter game. This of course also means your skills will hit the first person in line. You can test all that on the campaign world by either fighting boars or the training dummies (just like in WoW).
  13. yes, you can get into the enemy beachhead, you will just die shortly after
  14. Is that a separate Item from the boots we already can craft?
  15. Pledge question

    No, you can craft them later on anyway, and the once from the bundles are only usable in the EK which is more or less just player housing.