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  1. Little Update: Thanks for all the pms, i am still looking and talking to guild but i wont join a guild till 1 month before soft launch.!!!
  2. hört sich gut an war der Stratege von Tenacity Black, musste aber leider ne pause machen wegen RL. Vielleicht kann man sich ja mal unterhalten.
  3. Die gleichen wie aus BDO? Edit: nvm yeah same guys great guild fought against u guys a bunch of time in BDO !!
  4. Greetings my friends, as so many of you, I also am looking forward to “Crowfall". And therefore I decided to start looking for a Guild that suits me just well. So to start this post I think it would be a good Idea to introduce myself first, where I come from game wise, what sort of experiences I have and what skillset I can provide. I go by the online name “BCGiant” which stands for the big cheeked giant, which has to do with the fact that I am quite tall and do have big cheeks, but not because I am overweight or anything I do my fair amount of sports on a daily basis. Now that this
  5. Update: currently working on a work example that combines the work i did in past games.
  6. I agree the combat could be a bit faster, but as a former Member of one of the Top Guilds in EU, i have to say BDO combat isnt that much fun as most people think, spamming the same skill over and over as certain classes during pvp still bores the crap out of me.
  7. @Xenotor sure can do. Currently i am just talking to a few guilds, a lot have contacted me as soon as i posted. I am getting used to the game at the moment while taking nodes on certain mechanics that seem important to me, i will push this post as in a few month to see which guild is still activ and to see if anything changed from my current talks with several guild leaders. Right now everybody is planning ahead, but for me there are still alot of uncertainties that come into picking the right guild for me atm. -BCGiant
  8. Ich werde es bei mir auf dem Twitch Channel Streamen damit erreicht ich schonmal ne kleiner community mehr
  9. Well new people will always need some guide to follow, and have a set of quest to give extra content isnt that bad of an idea. never sad anything about strict or linear.
  10. Alles klar Danke dir. Werd die Liste einfach mal mit meinem starten. "Klicken" Servus, Mein Name ist BCGiant und ich werde versuchen so viel Crowfall auf meinem Stream zu zeigen wie nur möglich. Schaut einfach mal an Testtagen rein. Gruss Giant
  11. Dachte es wäre ne gute Idee alle deutschen Streamer mal in ne Liste zu packen?!
  12. to much text, someone sum it up pls. Really didnt want to read any further after the first 3 posts.
  13. Some sort of PvE that brings PvE and PvPlers together. Some random quest chain, pve grp needs to do something and pvplers need to protect them.
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