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  1. Is this a real thing? A player can steal the materials from whatever node you are harvesting from? Some of mats land far away from the gatherer. Or are the materials locked to the gatherer?
  2. Hopefully these will change. Seems a bit unbalanced to me. Gerbil half-giant, and centaur get 4-5 powers granted and good stat bonuses and extra equipment slots. Humans have (according to this pic) decent stats and maybe a extra equipment slot (cloak). What happened to the Minotaur? Dexterity? For a bull? No strength bonus? No constitution bonus? Not saying both just one or the other.. no bovine I have ever seen is dexterous. Is Rage a stat? Maybe give the Minotaur Rage and Strength (might help that fury bar refill faster. >.> just saying). Not dexterity. Also if the Centaur Human and the gerbil get extra equipment slots..the Minotaur needs to be able to equip either a bull ring through the nose (doesn't he already have one? might as well make it usable) or horn rings/cuffs. I was able to watch a bit of the stream before and after work yesterday. My company prohibits video streaming (unless it is training) in the offices and small offices like mine have no WiFi. Sad state I was in yesterday lol. I will be partaking of Tinnis's kindness and looking at the links he provided for us. Thanks Tinnis
  3.  I know quite certainly that I myself have no special talent; curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-criticism, have brought me to my ideas.
    – Albert Einstein

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