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  1. Any reason Crafting Seal's can't be stacked in inventory? Not a complaint but was just wounding since they have no varying stats.
  2. Was trying to craft some Potion's, had success but was only allowed to abort the operation and not aloud to take then items. Logging into lobby and then back into server fix the situation. Sorry about the background noise. Thought mic was off Kcing
  3. If its as grindy as Albion Online I'm OUT

    This is also how I interpret what there doing based on the bits and pieces of information I have inquired from this web site. Also they said they need to refine the harvesting system but the crafting system as it is now, is really a game in itself and to me doesn't seem like grinding at all.
  4. Thanks ArtCraft for the larger spirit exports and the weapon racks. This was a great solution for taking the work out of testing and keeping it fun.
  5. In making this post I had no intention of starting a debate as to what the proper level of grind should be for the final game. I have complete trust in ArtCraft in finding that sweet spot. However as far as alpha tests go, with their short time duration and the actual time when a server swap may or may not happen aren’t always known, to me can sometimes be to much work for the actual rewards. I know that I'm not the only person that feels this way and I know backers that aren't currently playing partially for this same reason. I was only suggesting possible solutions, ones I felt are simple for ArtCraft to implement without developing new systems just for the alpha tests. If the suggestions warrant considering is up to them. The points made of needing to test the grind for balance in my opinion at this stage is of testing is useless until they bring a trading posts system online and see what gathers and crafters of the game consider a good balance. Also as I understand how factory's are going to work, until you bring them online the failure rate in crafting is nothing more than an unnecessary random grind generator that has already been proven to work. BTW - The main thing that trip me into starting this post was that during the 5.2.5 test their seemed to be some servers or program issues that triggered the need to keep swapping servers. I know Gordon and quite possibly other ArtCraft crew-members spent they're Labor Day weekend keeping the game up and running for us and I believe they deserve to a thanks from everyone that got to play that week. So here is Mine Thanks ArtCraft for your hard work in making this game. I honestly believe you're using our money to make us a great game and not just making a game to get our money.
  6. Deleting my post because the community took it in a entirely different direction than I meant and also the new loot boxes by the POI's definitely made a difference.
  7. Best Way to post Videos

    Thanks. Hopefully I got it right this time and from now on.
  8. Best Way to post Videos

    OK Done. Thanks
  9. So I made 2 bug videos, uploaded them to YouTube, posted the URL in the bug form for the Devs. Then I made a combat video and posted the URL on Discord and my web site. All is good except when people look at my combat video sometimes there shown the bug videos also and I don't want this. I want the bug videos to only be shown on the CrowFall form and not to the public. Any help or link to the proper way to post videos would be great. This is all very new to me. Also If I just delete the videos on YouTube, how will that affect the post bug post I made? Thanks
  10. I guess you know about the blue screen bug but here it is just in case you don't. Me and others get this from time to time and the only way I know of to get out of it is to completely exit the CrowFall client and restart game. My graphic card is Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 with 2G of memory
  11. Was crafting and a bore re-spawned in the same location as myself. It locked me in place and I couldn't move, jump, fight or anything else except move the camera around in circles. had to log out and back in to free myself. This also happens when rocks re-spawn in my location but I can jump to get out of it. Also if there is a better way to post videos please let me know or give a link to the instructions. Will make it shorter in length in the future. Thanks
  12. I would like to soon see something in out EK where we could practice solo combat. Could be as simple as a dummy that you could hit, it generate PIPs and the likes, and shows the damage of your strikes. Of course something that hits back would also be great. The tec seems to be here already. If your holding back to encourage people to play the testing CW's you could disable the EK's during testing times when you need more people for the test. Also, I want to be able to generate hides in the EK somehow.
  13. Good job Kraahk. Thanks.
  14. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    I would like to name my Fallen Monarch or Fallen Hero backer reward "Coolwaters" after him if people think that would be appropriate. I just ignored the e-mail ArtCraft sent out asking for names but maybe they will still add it to the list.