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  1. What's your guide's name? got ya on a video.

    1. megalus


      Our guild is Infernal.

    2. Kcing


      Cool. Thanks.

  2. If you try to split a stack located in the lower right row of the inventory window then the OK button in not accessible and you cannot close said window. If you log out to the lobby the split stack window is still showing up in the lobby's window. A workaround is to just split another item that's not located in the lower row of the inventory window but I didn't think of this until 1 second after I log out. 😞
  3. If I put a empty flask into a well then shouldn't it be filled with water? Use some kind of timer limit if needed to prevent balancing issues. Although it takes resources to make the flask so I see none.
  4. I like the idea except in no way should it bypass the import and export rules of the campaigns. I actually think that they should have player crafted ruin gates that we can put into our EK so we can jump from one EK to another and into/out of the campaigns without logging in and out the lobby. It will help the immersion of the game and kinda make custom maps. But as said, this should never be a way bypass the import/export rules.
  5. Could you make it so the EK owner can toggle a setting so anyone can open there EK's? This way the shops and guilds can always have there EK available without needing to be running 100% of the time when not in actual use.
  6. Kcing

    4K TV's v monitors

    Thanks for the info
  7. I'm updating my PC with a 1070 Ti graphic card but need a monitor to match it. I can get a 4k TV with a much larger screen size running at 120 Hz than a 2K monitor running at 144 Hz for approx the same price. Seems like a no brainier to get the 4K TV cause I would also like and need a new TV but logic and personal experience tells me something is not right. You can't rely in sales people or manufactures to give good advice so I would like to start a conversation where people with experience and information of such matters can inform the rest of us. My personal reason to upgrade my graphic system is mostly for Crowfall but I play other games such as Guild Wars, Eve and maybe Sta Citizen someday. My current 1080p 60 Hz system seems to be adequate for all my other needs. Thanks
  8. Not sure what some of the previous post are talking about but I really like the current training training system and it only seems to be getting better. I like how we can start training our account with skills that benefit all races and classes before deciding how we will specialize our toon's training, excellent approach. The time bank is supper and the new idea of just banking the training time and spending it later is a top notch idea. Not sure of how I feel about being able to sell skill time to others but seems to be a good way for new players to catch up. Found the interface a little confusing at first but quickly learned it and now I like it. I can see that there is ground work for expanding it as the game develops ( like intermediate alchemy research which says it gives more crafting options but doesn't yet.). And I very much feel that my decisions have consequences. All in all it's my opinion that Artcraft is developing a superb crafting and training system.
  9. So I plan on being a VIP player but I think non VIP players should get a 2nd pick just in the profession track also. Maybe at a reduce rate. I feel that only 1 Profession may be to boring to keep a lot of players. As for myself this added benefit wouldn't be enough for me to stop paying a VIP subscription but it may be enough for others players. I feel it should be talked about to see just how many would be discourage to pay for a VIP subscription if everyone got 2 picks in the profession track.
  10. Dear ArtCraft and others that may know Playing Crowfall is continuously taping my GeForce 760 GTX with 2G at 95% to 99% on the task manager GPU spec. I'm OK with the performance as I see them on the screen but am wondering if maxing my GPU as such may be hinder my ability in combat. All other task manager spec are very low except for memory usages which is running around 50%. And yes I know I sux at combat and need a lot of practice so no need to remind me of that here .
  11. Kcing


    Yes - good advice. My concern isn't about me being the new player but wanting to supply other new players with low rank and low cost items without taking a loss myself. But your totally correct it isn't something to worry about at this time. ArtCraft is proving there doing everything they can to make a outstanding game and I will continue to put my trust into them.
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