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  1. I seem to have lost my EK Bank or chest reward. I redeemed it from my reward vault but it never seemed to make it into my inventory. Not sure what happened to it but I cant find it anywhere. I never got to placed it in my kingdom. I also lost my Divine Cathedral statue. I originally placed both the parcel and statue ok but now I only have the parcel in my kingdom. The statue is missing. I'm not worried about the statue but if possible could you please restore the bank/chest. Thanks
  2. I don't agree. Seems to me they listen to everything and act on a lot of the suggestions and complaints. They can't be everything to everyone and implement every idea people come up with. Everything they do or change brings complaints from someone. They have made some very expensive changes to the original design because of complaints and suggestions such as the race class split and the breaking up forts and castles into smaller parts for example. How long did the game get set back because of complaints to combat? In my opinion it seems like their working hard to balance there vision of the ga
  3. I think doing a voice over would be a cool update for the NPE. Maybe as a post launch feature and no need to hire professional actors to do it. Just need people who read and speak well and have cool voices. Sometimes I just don't enjoy reading and prefer to listing.
  4. I think maybe it would be more fun for new players if you gave gear or other rewards during the new player experience. It may be hard for new characters to complete fighting mission with such a quick NPC re-spawn rate when they have no gear or stats; or maybe not but something to look at. I also think the NPC are to easy to kill after the new player experience and during leveling.
  5. What does the @ sign in front of names do? Is it just visual to make it easier for people to see and catch the message or does it actually somehow let the person know you messaged them?
  6. Unable to craft Metal Scales and Plates. Get a message window that says "Invalid Resource Combination - Resource returned to inventory". I have tried several ore and iron combinations and in both campaigns (Infected and Gods Reach) and also the free city. Seems I can only craft white coal and even with white ore I still get the fail message. Maybe I'm doing something incorrect or but I believe it's a bug. I can craft all other armor components and Weapon Components. Also in the free city the ore treasure chest seems to be in-op.
  7. Another issue is getting the resources to craft. Relying on others for help is great and can add a lot to the game but it shouldn't be the only option.
  8. Totally unable to place a fort lodge anywhere in my EK. A couple of week or so ago it was very hard to find a location to place the fort in my EK. Now it's impossible to place them. Trying to place it in a town parcel, mountain citadel parcel and the parcel that came with the small fort pack. Also I heard from Tod that the frame rate is getting better but on my machine my fps will drop to less than 15 fps often and GPU runs at 90% to 100%. It will last anywhere from less than a minutes to several minutes. It happens a lot right after I use a ruin gate and then the rest of the time
  9. Are you also aware of how hard it is to place the forts? Keeps saying object interference or something like that. I can make a vid if you don't know about it.
  10. Is Balance's job to trying to keep a balance between Moon and Sun (Order/Chaos) or has that idea been scraped? I'm thinking this question is irrelevant in the Dregs but what about the rest of the campaign types?
  11. Thanks for the update. I say take whatever time you need to make it right and don’t rush you into releasing something before it’s ready. Keeping the live server up is appreciated by myself and most likely many others.
  12. All good. Thanks for the update. Stay well
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