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  1. I don't agree. Seems to me they listen to everything and act on a lot of the suggestions and complaints. They can't be everything to everyone and implement every idea people come up with. Everything they do or change brings complaints from someone. They have made some very expensive changes to the original design because of complaints and suggestions such as the race class split and the breaking up forts and castles into smaller parts for example. How long did the game get set back because of complaints to combat? In my opinion it seems like their working hard to balance there vision of the ga
  2. I think doing a voice over would be a cool update for the NPE. Maybe as a post launch feature and no need to hire professional actors to do it. Just need people who read and speak well and have cool voices. Sometimes I just don't enjoy reading and prefer to listing.
  3. What does the @ sign in front of names do? Is it just visual to make it easier for people to see and catch the message or does it actually somehow let the person know you messaged them?
  4. Another issue is getting the resources to craft. Relying on others for help is great and can add a lot to the game but it shouldn't be the only option.
  5. Are you also aware of how hard it is to place the forts? Keeps saying object interference or something like that. I can make a vid if you don't know about it.
  6. Is Balance's job to trying to keep a balance between Moon and Sun (Order/Chaos) or has that idea been scraped? I'm thinking this question is irrelevant in the Dregs but what about the rest of the campaign types?
  7. Thanks for the update. I say take whatever time you need to make it right and don’t rush you into releasing something before it’s ready. Keeping the live server up is appreciated by myself and most likely many others.
  8. All good. Thanks for the update. Stay well
  9. My personal goal of this event is to capture video of players having fun in a EK before the next update for future nostalgic and per-alpha bragging rights. Want to give something fun and different to new players while we wait for launch. Want to sell affordable starter gear to new players who may not want to farm. This also gives me a reason to farm which is what I like doing most in a mmo when I have a reason to do so. If this is successful I would like to do it again and have others set up vendors to help sell starter gear to new recruit. Experience players are welcome an
  10. Starting at 2:00pm EST on 2/16/2020 Orion Knights EK is having an open house for all to attend. Vendors will be stocked with affordable gear, food, crafting resources and more. Crafting tables will be open with vendors close by selling crafting materials and supplies. PVP will be turned on for some dueling fun. Vendors will be stocked with campfires, food and bandages for quick combat recoveries. Please only mutually agreed on PVPing. We have a castle to explore. It’s a cool location for Faye's to jump from and see how far they can fly so bring your bird vessel if you
  11. I think he is cool but wouldn't it be better to keep your complaints in the Development Partners form? New people are going to get a negative impression about the game and it's player base. The smaller the player population, the less chance this game will be successful.
  12. I'm not building a computer for gaming. Trying to decide if I upgrade my gaming rig with a new RTX card or buy a cheaper card for the new rig that isn't going to be graphic heavy. I believe this is a question Artcraft or someone familiar with there developing tools can answer.
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