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  1. Is Balance's job to trying to keep a balance between Moon and Sun (Order/Chaos) or has that idea been scraped? I'm thinking this question is irrelevant in the Dregs but what about the rest of the campaign types?
  2. Thanks for the update. I say take whatever time you need to make it right and don’t rush you into releasing something before it’s ready. Keeping the live server up is appreciated by myself and most likely many others.
  3. All good. Thanks for the update. Stay well
  4. My personal goal of this event is to capture video of players having fun in a EK before the next update for future nostalgic and per-alpha bragging rights. Want to give something fun and different to new players while we wait for launch. Want to sell affordable starter gear to new players who may not want to farm. This also gives me a reason to farm which is what I like doing most in a mmo when I have a reason to do so. If this is successful I would like to do it again and have others set up vendors to help sell starter gear to new recruit. Experience players are welcome and wanted. My hope is that you will help recruit new players to the open house; give tips and general help to anyone that asks for it; recruit players to your guilds if you like and just help me make this event successful. I only ask that if the population of the EK gets close to filling up we keep a higher ratio of new players than that of experienced ones. Thanks
  5. Starting at 2:00pm EST on 2/16/2020 Orion Knights EK is having an open house for all to attend. Vendors will be stocked with affordable gear, food, crafting resources and more. Crafting tables will be open with vendors close by selling crafting materials and supplies. PVP will be turned on for some dueling fun. Vendors will be stocked with campfires, food and bandages for quick combat recoveries. Please only mutually agreed on PVPing. We have a castle to explore. It’s a cool location for Faye's to jump from and see how far they can fly so bring your bird vessel if you got one. Chop some wood, crush some rocks, pick at some ore and craft stuff to sacrifice into our fire pit for XP points and character advancement. The event will be recorded for a video I’m making and may be streamed for any per-alpha bragging rights you may desire. Going to try and have experienced players present for helpful game hints and guild recruiting. See the next reply to this post if your interested in why I’m doing this.
  6. I think he is cool but wouldn't it be better to keep your complaints in the Development Partners form? New people are going to get a negative impression about the game and it's player base. The smaller the player population, the less chance this game will be successful.
  7. I'm not building a computer for gaming. Trying to decide if I upgrade my gaming rig with a new RTX card or buy a cheaper card for the new rig that isn't going to be graphic heavy. I believe this is a question Artcraft or someone familiar with there developing tools can answer.
  8. I don't know what the exact new tec that there putting into the RTX series graphic cards v the GTX series is; think possibly there running at 10 bits or maybe there not using pascal anymore. However as I understand it is that if the programmers aren't actually programming for the new tec that there is only a small benefit in upgrading from a GTX series card. I'm building a new computer and am wondering if Crowfall is using the new tec or plans on using it in the near future. I don't want to wast money in new tec I don't currently need cause something better will most likely be out when I do. Thanks
  9. Thanks Hungry and Arkade. Need to learn about making disciplines now. Didn't know they were crafted.
  10. Been trying to explore Necromancy some but seem to keep hitting road blocks. Mostly in making Ambrosia solution. To make ambrosia I need halite and cinnabar. I cannot find it sold anywhere. Researching I find it only comes from some stone mother lodes. To mine mother lodes I need a teammate but also need a foreman disc and I also cannot find this anywhere. I also cannot find any vessels anywhere for sale, never see anyone mining mother lodes or mining graves. So I'm just wondering if necromancy is not a functioning crafting skill at this time? ACE. can you make all needed crafting materials available somehow to everyone? Maybe in small amounts in treasure chest, mob drops or sold at vendors at a very high cost (as to not break excavation and gathering mechanics)? My opinion is making the game so people do better when working as a team is terrific and should be incorporated as much as possible but to force team play or unnecessary reducing single players experiences will only reduce your player population. Also forced team play also breaks the game mechanics when there is no one preforming a particular part of the scheme and there are no workarounds.
  11. Hello All. I invested into Crowfall a few years ago in a big way. At the time I had plans to form my own guild. However time are much different now for me and I haven't the time to manage a guild. I’m looking to join a guild of mature players. By mature I mean a guild suitable for players of all ages. An occasional fowl word, especially during the heat of battle is OK with me however I’m looking for a guild that has morals suited for everyone. This is my most important priority in finding my guild match. My 2nd hope for a match is to find a guild that sets re-planned times to practice and plays together as a team on weekends. I work nights and cannot commit to defined playing times during the weekdays but I can do solo activities for the guild when no one else is online. I generally get home from work around midnight eastern standard time. My 3rd desire (but not so important) is for the space to place a capital parcel in the guild’s EK close to the re spawn location so I can build a small city. I have a ton of assets including a large castle, some forts and keeps, a guildhall to name a few. The actual size of the guild is not so important to me but playing with a set of regular people on weekends that practices and fights together is what I seek. I also kinda prefer to play Balance but this has little actual relevance. I haven't started playing seriously yet but I'm ready to join a guild and start developing my skills as a team. I can play in both the live and the test servers. Thanks Kcing
  12. What's your guide's name? got ya on a video.

    1. megalus


      Our guild is Infernal.

    2. Kcing


      Cool. Thanks.

  13. If you try to split a stack located in the lower right row of the inventory window then the OK button in not accessible and you cannot close said window. If you log out to the lobby the split stack window is still showing up in the lobby's window. A workaround is to just split another item that's not located in the lower row of the inventory window but I didn't think of this until 1 second after I log out. 😞
  14. If I put a empty flask into a well then shouldn't it be filled with water? Use some kind of timer limit if needed to prevent balancing issues. Although it takes resources to make the flask so I see none.
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