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  1. Alright... I learned a few things today. That: 1. I'm a sht pvp player and need a lot more training. 2. Never steal resources from a group of 3 or above. (I got rekt- I actually got away the first time but I sticked around and that was stupid x D). For the Feedback (Played about an hour and a half). Concerning Harvesting: *Objects seem to be flying away too far - Except stone. *There was one tree where it was floating, this happened mostly during hills or nearby mountains. (I didn't know how to screenshot if anyone could tell me that'll be great for next time, thx) *First time
  2. Parcels aren't really my thing. Do you think we'll see items such as cosmetics or armour (Forgot the name but armour that doesn't change stats, just for looks) being given in the future? I'll be on for tommorow playtest, haven't played in a while !!
  3. I understand we're SO early into the game but has anyone maybe thought that crowfall could have like a tournament by the end of the year with prize money? (From the official release date ofc) I comprehend that there is so much work to be done from the skill tree, uploading more archtypes, fixing bugs etc. But, let's think this for a moment whenever there are competetive tournaments it not only brings in more money for the company but also more popularity! Competetive players will give the game more publicity-- which is good. I don't know about you but a tournament idea definately h
  4. The prizes seem alright. Especially, the next milestone that crowfall has for investors. I personally don't see how I'll use these itmes simply because I won't own a castle. I see myself being more of the ind of guy that goes into combat and brings home the gooda . I wouldn't mind investing if there were items or skins that would be used in combat (Obv wouldn't effect stats). Anyway! Items look good for those who will own property!!
  5. When we getting it fam? I really want the Collector's edition CROWFALL comic book >.<!!
  6. Looking forward to it. I can't open the maps though u.u. Tells me to try again later.
  7. I haven't played in a while as I wanted to see the progress made in Crowfall over the period. However, I've seen recent videos where when the arrows were finished you had to reequip the arrows. Meaning, opening the inventory, character and then move the arrows. Correct me if I'm wrong with that. If that is the case, this would give the ranger a disadvantage especially when the ranger is engaged in battle- especially against a melee xD. Wouldn't anyone agree that there should be a quick equip of arrows? Or, at least make it so when the first set of arrows has finished the next set of arr
  8. I agree with you Silverion. If you have fans you might need them though x D. Jk. I think your topic is valid simply because the walls would mainly be used if you declare your kingdom pvp. In which case, It's less likely that you'll benefit from crafters etc. Perhaps, we will see more items such as statues, roads, lamps, whatever decoration it might be that will be released to put in the parcels.
  9. Yo they need to update the wiki. Just so new players dont have to keep asking the forum for basic question like these :/
  10. It does sound pretty cool, kind of reminds me of the hunger games. However, I agree with hooded crow. Besides, consider the archtypes. There are archtypes outthere that are built for scouting or at least efdicient at it. If your idea were put into place what would be the point of them?
  11. Hey zaccyp, Welcome to the community ! The game still has a long way to go so it's definitely going to get better. For further question about download check the Crowfall community -> Community Questions & Answers then proceed to check the Pinned Thread by Pann. As far as I know, we're currently in Beta. Check out this link which sends you to a thread. Another member, Arkade answered it. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/14507-how-to-play-beta/ Hope I see you in game!
  12. Ricco96

    Run Speed

    I don't know everything about the game but consider that there are also runes, skill tree system disciplines and other feutures in which you can custom your character. Whenever we play alpha we're playing with a character that is at a default stage. I agree with you that archtypes need to move when hitting especially ranger as it doesn't have many options to dissingage.
  13. I really hope Ranger can move when trying to charge for an attack it is soo annoying having 3 melee people on me. Like theres no way a ranger can survive close range. His close range attacks aren't as efficient as his Range. There seriously needs to be a change in this - not just range but also melee.
  14. I disagree with this so much of the game is about crafting, people who do have desire for it will honestly be at a disadvantage when facing others in pvp. Also, there might be runes or skills that can slow you down; carrying a lot of items might not be so beneficial. Although, your idea should be considered later on in development there are other more important things to worry about.
  15. I wish to main in Ranger and Templar.
  16. Ah good! Hopefully there will be lots of options.
  17. Wow, you paid money just to say that comment? You seem desperate for attention. Also, consider that this is in pre-alpha the game developers have MONTHS of work still to do.
  18. I hope we can dig, it allows the player to be more in control of their own environment (Parcels).
  19. I think the pantheon is a pretty cool idea it gives spice to Crowfall and that is why there should be more content on them. It's simply a suggestion but there can be some architectural buildings that have a design that relates to one of the Gods. There is the cathedral, which can be purchased in the pledge packages and I think that's cool but I think if a person would like to immerse themselves more in the game I suggest that there be building that feels like your character is truly showing their allegiance to that God. Also, it keeps role players happy. Furthermore, this could give eac
  20. Hello Lantern Watch Guild, My name is Jonathan, I was born in Italy and currently reside in Canada. I wish to be part of your guild as it is professional as well as attractive, I hope I can be part of the Lantern Watch community as I think I will be a valuable member within the guild as well as a responsible player who will follow the guilds rules and game rules. Please, consider my application as I plan to be an active member within Crowfall which I’m anticipating for its official release while at the same time gladly participating in the playtests. Thank you for your time in reading
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