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  1. It is important to ensure that new players are having fun and feel competitive, resetting training is not the best way to do so. That would really bother most people who have spent a long time improving their character. Players love that sense of improvement, feeling like their time is worth while. At some point after launch it might make sense to put in a form of catch-up mechanic. Heck, there already is being that earlier skills are improved more quickly. Also, there are no levels, so people who have played more aren't already GIVEN exponentially more power. Maybe a new player has a friend who can offer them decent gear because gear isn't level locked. It kind of seems like this game is designed for new players to be able to compete with experienced players. All done without making experienced players feel weakened, or taking away their progress. You had an interesting thought, but it would probably not work well when put into practice.
  2. While it is important to remember that the game is in alpha, and that the game at launch will certainly be better than it is now, feedback is important, especially criticism. When people don't like a feature in the game, or a bug is found, ACE needs to be alerted as quick as possible. This allows them to make changes according to what the players like and dislike. This is a test, yes, but testing REQUIRES feedback, especially negative feedback. Just keep it constructive.
  3. I've never liked the idea of the Crow and Vessel system. I hope you prove me wrong and give me something I didn't know I wanted! I am excited for the updates coming to the world and the introduction of EKs!
  4. What you're essentially saying is that ranged characters will have a disadvantage against melee characters at close range? Well yeah. If you are standing more than like ten meters from another player, they won't be able to run circles around you quickly, so the advantage would go back to the ranged character. Don't quite see how this is a real complaint.
  5. So the big world testing just started, and it seems the world is pretty big. Anyone know exactly how big it is? Will the campaign worlds be even bigger when the game actually comes out? How big will those be? If anyone knows, thanks.
  6. I will totally play G. I just want to be a guinea pig. It seems like a really fun class too.
  7. Well, the point of dueling is to get better at fighting, so pick a fight at ur own risk
  8. I feel as if FF won't go the way people are envisioning it. It probably won't be so much a factor of tactical combat, people will just use it to screw with team mates they don't like. It will be a troll fest, not create good combat. If anything I say here doesn't make sense, its 2 am, my ability to think is mostly gone. just my 2 cents
  9. I know dueling and 1v1 combat is really not the main focus of the game, and the combat isn't really geared for that either. I don't really want it to be. However, I find (and maybe you do too) the opportunity to square off 1vs1 against another player can be a very exciting experience. One thing I thought was really cool that happened in ESO was players forming their own dueling guilds. The game offered no official arena or anyway to find 1v1s, so players agree to meet up in a spot and square off into 1v1s or organize tournaments. It was a lot of fun and served as a good way for players across factions to discuss builds, share wisdom, and practice against each other. I'm just curious to see, Is there anyone in the Crowfall community interested in the idea of duels or possibly forming a dueling community?
  10. Swords, axes, daggers, hammers,maces, spears, shields, flame staff, frost staff, electric staff, healing staffs, bows, cross bows, looks like the duelist will have a pistol. A huge variety would be nice.
  11. Dude I know, the physical world of Crowfall is going to be something really incredible.
  12. Prepping and planning would fall under the skill category imo
  13. Happy to see I was able to get people talking. The point I was trying to convey in making this post is that any one player or even group of players should not be at a complete, insurmountable disadvantage when fighting players with higher tier gear, or meta builds. I realize perfect balance isn't really achievable, and having better gear should give somewhat of an advantage. I just want the game to have some decent balance, and that the actual decisions and reactions players make in combat have a bigger impact that what someone wears to a fight.
  14. You kind of lost me with the Musashi vs. Marine example, but the last sentence you wrote I agree with.
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