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  1. According to this test, I'm mainly Explorer. 33% Achiever, 80% Explorer, 40% Killer (Griefer blah), 47% Socializer (Very interesting to see the results for everyone who tested in the group on that one.) The helloquizzy test referenced by someone else had a slightly different result (though granted I last took it about 5-6 months ago) Just in case anyone's interested in that one, my result there was: 17% Ace, 28% Effector, 50% Innovator, 67% Strategist
  2. 1. How did you hear about Crowfall? Travian Games sent an email out to players, giving hype about a new game and how to join the twitch channel this past Monday. I'm so glad they did! 2. Which parts of the site have you found to be most useful? Obviously, the FAQ, though I'll add that the background information for the Archetypes was quite interesting (just not as "useful" as the FAQ). 3. What part of the site would you change? How would you change it? No specific part to change. I'm just looking forward to "more" of everything being added as time goes and things are fleshed out.
  3. Hi, I'm Jihanna and I'm new to Crowfall... I just stumbled across it yesterday, thanks to the email Travian Games sent out to announce a new game coming soon. So, I jumped onto twitch and promptly forgot that I actually had anything planned for the rest of the day To say I'm excited about Crowfall is a massive understatement. I spent yesterday reading through the site and kept getting more and more excited as I saw "what else" is coming. I'll be joining the fun when Beta 1 hits, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I don't typically relish PvP, but this looks like it's being put together in a way that I'll actually enjoy I'm including my "About me" section from my forum profile, just to give some background without anyone needing to click on me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm married to the love of my life, and we have 3 kids. My husband happens to be a gamer as well, and we've played a variety of games together since we got together (more than 18 years ago). A few of these, in no particular order, are: - Nexus:TK - Dark Ages (not DAoC) - Asda Story - Fiesta - Guild Wars (and some of the expansions) - Shaiya - 9Dragons - 2Moons - Dragon Nest - Order & Chaos 2 - Rail Nation I've left out anything we played for less than 2-3 months, and any that I really disliked when it was all said and done (and left in anything we spent a large amount of time in, or returned to over the course of several years, even if the game itself was disappointing in the end). We've run teams (clan, guild, band, association, whatever) and been part of the RP community in some. I've served as a forum/chat mod, helped with customer support, and even worked behind-the-scenes to help plan events and shape role-play (not all for the same game). I don't have nearly so much time on my hands anymore, though, so I'm thankful for Crowfall's passive training concept and am very much looking forward to getting into the game for Beta 1! Note: "Jihanna" is a name that I've used occasionally over the years, adapted (slightly) from a character name in a series that I like, which I've returned to for personal reasons. I had no idea there was someone here with a similar name until I started reading through the introduction thread on the forum.
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