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  1. Bench to make tools and crafting are good .. when will be added thrall to use them for produce higher level gears? IT would be good to add some mechanic ... like old "Shadowbane" and now in "Conan Exiles" game. Thrall may be captured into highest difficult world and would need to be trained in some way by player to learn how to make stuffs. As Shadowbane owner can make stuff putting in bench raws materials and success chance should be linked to thrall level. This is the first cent.. need to be balanced ...
  2. Yes I know there are not "VIP" parcels atm...I think i'm not clear ... What I meant is to add a random R1-R4 resource spawn on "vip" members resources parcels(this will push to buy resources parcels that are totally unusefull with R1 basic type atm). This does not avoid to enter in campaign worlds, because you need R5+ to get high quality resources and in any case you cannot get gems & crystals! In EK you can get only ONE node resource for resource parcel durring VIP period (no mothernode, no epic and no legendary) while von VIP members can go in campaign and farm (3min) the 1st m
  3. What's about adding an additional random R2-R5 node (no mother node) on VIP resource parcels in EK? It's low enough to give maximum blue resources but at the same time it's attractive because each respan will be a random type based on resource parcel type. (e.g. Woodland Grove can give Oaks, Ash, etc..) WaltZie
  4. Ciao, al momento non ho ancora incotrato altri italiani in game e mi sono unito ai Caldera. Al momento il gioco sembra complicato inizialmente perchè le informazioni e la meccanica non sono ben descritte e comprensibili. Come dice Piapiac, nella fase attuale ti consiglio di loggarti in Sanctuary (PvE) e capire le meccaniche di base per il craft ed il combattimento. Youtube è pieno di video dai quali puoi imparare le nozioni base. Parti da quelli più recenti. Questi sono passi iniziali che ti consiglio ... 00. Quando entri in game sei un corvo, vai davanti la statua del Legionaire e
  5. Those are my 2 cents! Actually, pay mean ... getting resources (e.g. pay for cottage = get material to build it) This mean that pay member have some "materials" benefits for EK. Why do not give to VIP members a chest to use in EK that give random resources as happening now in alpha. (spawn % for each resource should be tuned and capped e.g max1 purple, 4 blue, 8 green, 16 white) This will not give a P2W but a little benefit to VIP vs non VIP By the way VIP members should come back to EK chest each yyy mins to get maximum benefit removing spawned materials ! WaltZie
  6. This is my 1 cent ... For each x vips months "spent" on account, will be given a reset skills chance to correct path. (e.g. 12 months = 1 full reset ; 1 vip month = 1 month reset) This can be seen as a better chance to P2W, but can be solved giving a FREE reset point to anyone each Major Release update Pay players can make more skills path errors Non pay players ... cannot step back untill next game Major Release patch.
  7. Thanks, but please help me to verify my understanding... - Is there a way to allow guild members to put their own parcels together and build "guild zone" (avoiding some else "stranger" or ejected members to put parcel inside)? One you get your Area (nxm parcels) none can put anything inside without your permission, but everyone can put parcel just outside it. There is no way to reserve space for future expansions. Expansion may require to move in a larger free area space. - Is there a minimum distance area between different parcels? NO - Is it possible to "move" an already built
  8. - Is there a way to allow guild members to put their own parcels together and build "guild zone" (avoiding some else "stranger" or ejected members to put parcel inside)? - Is there a minimum distance area between different parcels? - Is it possible to "move" an already built parcel elsewhere? - What can do other players in my parcel? - How can i protect my parcel resources to be harvested by other players?
  9. My vote for multi monitors support!
  10. It would be nice if developers will be build a specific Crofall tool to measure client capabilities and give the right settings. I know that's can be hard ... especially if it check all possible differences in memory status/drivers/hw/etc .. but may be focused in 2 main tests: 1. graphic push, to check how many fps we can have from standard GvG situation to heavy one with massive bane 50pg/ 100pg / 1000pg. 2. network measurement to main servers suggesting the best one. Then storing it in a pubblic searchable DB can help anyone to choose new pc/laptop or the right update. Chee
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