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  1. terribly sad. great guy. speechless at how crazy fragile life is. i pray for his family. he will be missed
  2. sb community is a paradox. sometimes really reliable, but other times the mosr unreliable dudes u'll ever see. God forbid u lost 2 banes in a row, cuz then u had most people running for the hills or not loggin in. u had veterans coming to banes with no pots or rods and u'd lose cuz of that. i love sb and to some extent the community, but i've never seen as many moochers in my life. Cf is a very teamwork based game and when it came to farmin and contributing overall SB is not the best example by far
  3. no doubt i agree with cool, however this post was for me wanting to be more useful. i love crafting, but i'm a pvper at heart. i wouldnt mind harvesting for the crafters or farming. i wanna be useful to the guild like that, but of course it's gonna have to come 2nd after combat. i'm not gonna be like, yeah i'll paul bunyan the sh... out of'm trees. that's what i'm gonna be training for months. so if i could train both combat and 1 of these other skills at the same time, that'd b more acceptable imo
  4. @soulreaver, dude i realize i cant train everything. i agree with it. i shouldnt be able to. i am also not playin alone, so i get the relying on peeps to move forward in game. now can u accept the fact that for 1 reason or another 6 months down the road when u're not even 50% trained in your chosen profession of leatherworking your guild may lose half the force and u may be left without a decent runecrafter, stonemason or harvesters. and of course skills will have a pretty decent impact on the game. u're telling me crafting an amazing successful weapon forged with top tier ore with full experimentation points by a trained blacksmith will be just a tiny bit better than some generic crap a novice conjured with some crafting pots?
  5. so we got 3 main trees in universal training; combat, crafting, harvesting. i agree to some degree that as a char i shouldn't be able to be an expert in all 3 trees. however within these trees there are lots of other skills like siege in the combat tree or animal husbandry, vessel, farming in the harvesting tree. crafting haas tons from blacksmithing to building to jewelry. i hope and pray that the game will be a huge success and will keep people entertained and glued for years, but that's not realistic. say my guild is totally organizedwe assign jobs and we have 2 stonemasons who end up not playin much or quitting altogether. (that's never happened b4)it will be annoying to try to fill that gap. personally i'd like to train a combat and a non combat skill at the same time
  6. i know it will change. i'm tryin to contribute toward that change with a suggestion.
  7. so it's been 2 months i think since i star.ted training non stop and so far i got 1% in combat principles, 5% in weapon basics, 32% in crafting basics, 17% in blacksmithing, 4% in harvesting basics and 2% in vessels. so i've touched 6 trees out of maybe 40 trees once all the universal ones become available for a combined 61%. if i wanna concentrate on combat from looking at the skill trees, to fully train i need combat principles to 100 , weapon basics, weapon familiarity and weapon competency to around 40 since i'm not gonna train both ranged and melee and either one handed or ambidex. 35% weapon styles 17 % maybe melee weapon styles, 33% armor basics 33% armor familiarity and 33 % armor competency tree if i go with only plate which i havent so far. 370 training points or so. so if it's taken me around 2 months to train 60% of mostly tier 1 and maybe a couple of tier 2 skills, it will take me at least a few years, propably more to finish training universal combat skills, since training a tier 6 skill will take so much longer. this is if i don't change my mind and start training ranged or whatever. all this to say can we make it so we train 2 universal skills at the same time? as it is it takes way too long to have just one.
  8. blacksmithing research skill grants only recipes and opens up intermediate weapon and armor research which i guess it would also be pointless atm
  9. is it working? does it grant additional recipes? dont wanna waste time atm if it's not.
  10. imortalis


    r we gonna speed up the training at a certain point? it's gonna take forever to see results and test smth different than rookie combat and crafting at this pace.
  11. i thought so. i guess i gotta train harvesting to get more green. i wish they sped up training cuz i'm starting to get white hair where i had no hair at all.
  12. do i get more green drops if i harvest with a tool crafted with green gold drop?
  13. i go in, i do wha i gotta do for a few hrs, then i call it. no objectives hurts a little
  14. look to shadowbane for examples, maybe a shade or nephilim warlock, vampire necromancer.
  15. r they still plannin on lettin u train past 100, cuz that would open up some posibilities. there's just so many things to train already that it will take a long time for toons to be similar imho. shouldnt forget the discs and the powers that come with them. of course it would be cool to have more powers in the trees, but wouldnt it still be the same end result for most toons?
  16. yeah it says " this skill must be trained to maximum to receive any benefit". cool, tx. havent trained harvesting ^ i havent noticed that anywhere else
  17. just tryin to get a clear answer, cuz i couldn't find 1. Do i have to train to 100 to get any benefits from the skill i'm training?
  18. of course we'll b able to tweak stats. it's just not in yet. if u remember one of the earlier articles of cf was the elf with the stats and starting runes screenshot.
  19. like coolwaters, i'm thinking all shadowbane players are hoping for a tree with a lot more choices, masteries, skills and powers.
  20. i know or at least i hope that it will change. i know it's just eye candy, but i was hoping it would lōok more like a forge where u could drop your resources into pots or furnaces, dump your components into different molds for your weapon components and weapons. i'm talking about a blacksmith station crafting screen, 2d or 3d, whatever. i have seen the concepts for the forge stations, but they look like something u go to, interact with F key and you go to the screen we've been using
  21. as long as it keeps ppl interested in the game and playin, i dont care.
  22. any1 that doesn't like shadowbane is a cotton headed ninny muggins
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