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  1. I never cared much about variety in walls & castles. I did appreciate the shadowbane racial buildings even if some weren't player usable & some that became so, were buggy or not as good, but in the spirit of game of thrones I do hope they have different types of cities. maybe make it deity inspired
  2. idk y it's quiet. Maybe it's because people don't want a blue mino
  3. i was wandering what were u guys gonna fill all that time with but u handled it very well
  4. the plot was way too similar to sw a new hope. shouldn't have killed han & i expected better lightsaber skills from a sith that can stop a blaster shot in mid flight
  5. Personally, I'd wanna find out what ramifications come with each god. I hope they do some sort of advantage/disadvantage with each 1, but prolly not. if not, I'll go with hero
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DPrHc9xzqY Did that go the way you thught it was gonna go?... Nope
  7. just use the conan movie titles; Barbarian, Destroyer & Conquerer (the 3rd cancelled movie)
  8. definitely don't waste time on building own engine
  9. i'd love to kill some Joe, loot him, wear him & kill his friends with him
  10. i'm thinking, they have lives outside the office & Austin has some good night life spots, so 30 & 31 may be out of the question
  11. star citizen. these people r out of their minds
  12. 50 people in a battle ain't that bad, however it's not even close (at all) to the goal
  13. the malekai "annointed" knight is attacking with his buddies & some rogues r fighting back
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