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  1. str & dex, also affected focus skills to a lesser degree than int & not only physical damage. int affected bleeds & procs also. So, power damage.
  2. could be, however i seriously doubt it, at release
  3. getting too detailed for my taste. Personally, I think, just give scouts some sort of disc to draw maps
  4. looking good so far & looking forward to more specifics.
  5. we may still end up fighting on the same side. Nice to c ya around evald
  6. with those stats, I can forget about a beorn type of druid
  7. we're gonna make & break alliances like our lives depended on it. Every guild has at least 1 unpleasant person they tolerate & the minute an alliance is formed & ppl get on TS or vent, the countdown starts
  8. disagree with ek=worst. ek is housing on steroids. if u don't like it you don't have to play ek. As far as limiting number of visits, i say, let my people go! Let people do whatever the heck they wanna do & go where they wanna go. What is that to you
  9. Will attributes affect a toon's appearance (size, mass, etc)?
  10. let'm make'm however the heck they want. they're testing. I think it would be fair forusto whine, the minute ACE says; "this is how we're keeping it", & we don't like it.
  11. truly sorry to hear about this
  12. As long as ppl put things into perspective, take into account everything the devs have said they'll do & haven't done yet & stop saying everything in plural, i'm more than ok with any criticism. However, some love to paint everything black & keep hammering & hammering on the same point no matter how many answers & clarifications they get. It only meets 99% of their criteria. it's doesn't fulfill everything they want, so they're gonna tear it down.
  13. 100% sure. Since shadowbane had werewolf, wolf, werebear, bear, wererat, rat, panther, bird, seraphim, zombie, i'm sure JTC will include smth
  14. that's much better. Your other post was nothing but ; WE don't like this & you're not making US happy. Saying I & me is more suitable
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