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  1. like cool said, tons of options. if they wanted to they can come up with smth better than that
  2. I've always thought mmo mounts were pointless imo, but whatever
  3. it could be like the black mask disc headwear in SB. A masquerade disc is not inconceivable
  4. jihan looks nothing like britney spears, so you're wrong freeze
  5. has not really been an issue with me, eventhough I get what you're sayin
  6. it is a little funny that they have the top ranked at 8.48, then the other ones at 8.16, 8.15, 8.14. As far as i can remember, it's pretty much always kinda been like that. huge gap between the 1st & the rest
  7. it seems to me santiago & a lot of others are very confused & I don't see y. They seem to be able to read & write, so I personally don't get it
  8. I miss running with only the desert music to keep me company
  9. They'll do it, when they see fit. Weirdly enough, they seem to know more than us about game development
  10. bow & throwing daggers fits better & antlers for melee
  11. that blacksmith got killed after he made that helmet, so watch out crafters
  12. Test 2.0 won't be the hunger dome. They've said it few times now
  13. i missed that. i had seen the templar promotion class so I concluded that it was just gonna be a templar thing. Idk, I'm filled with a lot more questions, but since this is not quite official, I'll wait for ACE's posts.
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