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  1. definitely need a better song. almost anything else is better than that. Even thishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6ZxknCZ_Tw
  2. so there's no great hammer or great sword?
  3. as long as they know their priorities, they'll make it work somehow
  4. nice, throwing axe & dagger. xbow very cool. weapon power damage, is that only for the bleeds & poisons?
  5. the little girl in everyone here is screaming with excitement while jump roping
  6. Saints of valory- Fightinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTFnIKDNvss
  7. well, I personally thought that a "kill the guy that just picked up the bloodstone & is running away with it" thread, would have generated a bit of a discussion. Guess not
  8. Ahhh, us Mericans & our "I'm entitled to this & that" attitude. You're a backer dude. Last I saw, it wrote pledge & not buy under the dollar amount you DONATED. I'm sure the test is going to be just as long as they planned it will be. So if they planned it to be 1 month is going to be 1 month, if they planned for 2 weeks, it's going to be 2 weeks.
  9. well, 2 bad, but I wasn't really thinking of completely random stuff, but more of a recurring every certain amount of hrs or days. Either way, whatever.
  10. can't wait. they're prolly releasing the game
  11. I do't mind people getting picky or negative. I can see it work nicely in the infected & it may be a feature that may attract more people to this ruleset. However because I am mostly gonna play the shadow, it might work there also. Anyway, I have no idea whatsoever how they can make it work technically. Just had an idea & thought it was worth mentioning it
  12. imortalis


    I"m worried that in a rematch she will chase the takedown too much & she'll look even more ridiculous than the ragdoll we just saw. I hope she doesn't take the rematch immediately, cuz if she loses than she's done. she should be smart & say that she's looking for the right camp. As long as holly trains hard especially in defending takedowns, I believe ronda has no chance in hell.
  13. my bones crack everytime i get off the toilet
  14. I like the name Jeniffer instead of Voider
  15. You actually seem like a Twilight fan. ;P
  16. Definitely anything Drizzt, Felix & Gotrek (games workshop in general)
  17. imortalis


    Crazy rousey beat down. She kinda deserved it
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