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  1. very simple plot, it seems
  2. with Raph helping, there's nothing but love for crafters
  3. Yep, was there. Fuzzy on memories though. Was with the wanderers, east of khar had a deflock, but also ran an errant thief. then started our own guild with my brothers in law, Wreckless Abandon. ran horses with the last name Hellrazor. Joined the DoO side on the big server war if I remember correctly & were victorious
  4. I'm shocked at the silliness of the thing! Could this guy read more than a line a 2? They should change the 'Crowfall IS a throne war simulator' into 'Crowfall WILL BE a throne war simulator', cuz 'IS' is present tense & that's how I understand it & I don't want to read anymore cuz it makes me sleepy! It's your money, but I don't get y u have to bring it up to the community as a complaint, when these guys r cool & in no way were they tryin to trick u.
  5. wow, u know it's propably days away.
  6. no thanks. every1 likes to fight. If some1 wants to run back & get owned again, who r u to deny them the pleasure, nay, the honor of tasting steel for a 2nd or 3rd time
  7. Shadowbane suffered from lag & bugs. That's how it lost most of the ppl. Of course a lot of hype went into SWG & later on, WOW, so another large batch left, but you have to understand that was 10 years ago. Lessons were learned, so many things have changed & gotten refined. We're talking top notch peeps of the industry here, not some start ups with big dreams. Do you know what kept me addicted & playing Shadowbane? Must have been a coupla months into it. I run with my deflock of 1500 or so def from Khar to this Orc encampment between some rocks. Full grp xping. I atk & kill'm, all the while laughing at what they're were saying at each other; damn I missed him, y can't I hit him, etc. I was hooked, building smth different, complex, then killing & taking your stuff. That's all I want for this game. That's what they're trying to deliver to us & then some. I believe they're being smart in the way they're delivering EK & the campaigns. You'll have your city in the campaigns were you'll sit around crafting & get ganked, you don't have to play EK. But for the PvP noobs who want to ease into the game, EKs are perfect. They don't have to be part of the crazy & ACE can cater to us all without breaking a sweat & without losing player population.
  8. people forget that this is pretty early in development & 1 of the main reasons for this forgetfulness is that ACE is handling business like no other developer has. No NDA, plenty of updates & plenty ore juicy details & reveals to come. No game has had this many backers 2 years b4 release. U kidding me? 6 months b4 release people were saying, WOW WHO & look what happened to that carebear game. After so many disappointing hyped up games, I've had my doubts, but the way ACE is acting & the way people are responding just shows me that they care & we care, so I'm truly hopeful.
  9. they should prolly announce the next stretch goals in general, cuz it may help punch through right to the next 1
  10. pretty sure you can go ambi with the knight. the thing is you'll propably gimp it since he's got some great shield powers
  11. Scouts in SB are not DPS. With the exception of the unarmed that could lock u down & the vamp drain, the rest were a nuisance, especially when the game was populated. I'm sure stalkers will be able to scout, but they'll definitely dish out some decent damage
  12. the physics in this game & the friendly fire are amazing anti-zerg mechanics. it's pointless to add terrain buffs or debuffs
  13. Aracoix & nephilim were cool. I just don't see'm in this type of game as much as i would like 2. Flight is too OP versus most of these classes
  14. no ships please. let'm get the land combat right, get a coupla kills under your belt & you won't care about ships at all. however, sleigh combat in winter over the frosen water would be the shiznit. bumper sleighs ftw
  15. killng for warmth, i'm good with that. Roleplayers r gonna have a ball yelling in every street corner, 'Winter is coming'!
  16. good stuff. i'm amazed how many completed it. I was sorta blackin out during the compare this game to that game section
  17. it sorta inspired me to try God's reach & the infected, which i was gonna skip at first.
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