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  1. don't know any SB players who haven't been once or twice
  2. Instead of so & so has been eliminated, can it say who got the kill also?
  3. yeah kryptic's consequences answer's a good 1. the little girl in me loves everything I read they're doin
  4. I don't see the assasin having a ranged proffesion, cuz of the wings, unless it's not real flight but more of a chicken jump, but I could seea throwing knife skill of some kind, maybe a disc that gives it to you
  5. propably some1 else has come up with this option, cuz it's not so outside the box, but I believe defenders shouldn't respawn if they get killed inside the keep or whatever main building your stronghold has. So if the attackers manage to tear down your walls, charge in, kill you in the streets of your city, you get to respawn in the throne room or whatever. Once the attackers take that over, the siege is done, they don't have to bash on anything else. Maybe get a little countdown going, like 15 mins for the defenders to come back from another respawning point, or once the attackers fix the brea
  6. I want a dual wielding templar. It somehow fits the dodge/parry profile better.
  7. Not ACE's 1st rodeo. I'm sure they have much better chances of working out all the details from their offices, than us with a couple of posts from our toilets
  8. The best crafters will be the ones in the best PvP guilds (not necessarily the largest nations), since they'll have the most resources to work with. Any1 that thinks to go at it alone is gonna have his work cut out for him, so join a good guild, get teamspeak & make some friends by bashing skulls together, then you'll get your resources.
  9. i'll prolly be a cent blacksmith so i can make my own shoes for once
  10. well, i personally see the champion with 1 horn, like a charging rino
  11. the templar would be the perfect toon to get a power that will light the weapon on fire & cause a small fire dot. it will fit with the GoT thing also & bring to this game the SB fire group of fessors & templars, prolly OP.
  12. i would love to see a discipline that gives you throwing spears, even if it's limited number & then you'll have to go to the bank or vault for more.
  13. i loved sieges in Shadowbane, but man they would get tedious sometimes. The continous tearing down wall sections to drop a bulwark in the gap would get quite taxing. It also made it so that the attackers couldn't make a single mistake or in a manner of minutes they would find themselves in square 1 & that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it dragged. That type of siege made changes in overall strategy obsolete. You dropped your banestone in a corner & that meant you were gonna stack your attack right there & there was no other way about it. I would like to see some more flexibilit
  14. hey all. crossing fingers on this 1
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