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  1. This is my first check up on this site (or CrowFall at all for that matter) in the last five months maybe six I guess? So thanks for at least guesstimating the release timeline to be blunt that's all I care about at this point with this game. I tossed $50 @ Crowfall early last summer, still don't know what I got for that the whole thing is confusing I gave up trying to pretend if I'm allowed to play in an alpha at any time. I'm not bitter though, I'm just talking here I'm fine. If I had no interest in the game or no thoughts it would go somewhere I wouldn't have spent money on it. Anyw
  2. Specific rewards for people to test a game aren't needed IMO, hate to use this line but when I read this post it immediately forced me to think of it -- this sounds like a page out of the current "community book" over at another developer where they created arguably the most popular MMORPG of all time thus far (if you don't know what game I'm referring to by now just forget about it...) But over there they cry for special gifts from everything to just "its a loyalty bonus for me playing this game for x years" or "why don't beta testers get a reward like a mount or pet"..... (warning : inco
  3. Got to say I like the art style of this game a lot. As long as the art team keeps up on the variety of parcels , the game should look pretty amazing come release - but of course variety is the key to that happening. keep it up.
  4. HA! You both are awesome imgur worked like a charm thanks!
  5. ....why can't I get a forum avatar that is in .jpg format and is 200x200 pixels in size to actually upload to my profile? I verified the file format, checked the size of the image...its on my local hard drive so I why doesn't it upload and display? Thanks Myth
  6. 1. Heard about Crowfall because I'm a gaming nerd (likely just like all of you)....I search online and read about gaming related news all the time. 2. The FAQs....I actually went straight to them the very first time I ever visited the website. 3. Perhaps at some point make a "Quick Facts" (you don't have to call it that obviously)...but what I mean here... you have a TON of information in your FAQs which is great and you shouldn't get rid of any of that...but this is the times we live in attention spans are short especially if you already know you are making a risky bet to capture an M
  7. Reading above...I sure hope there isn't a campaign where you only have one life , you die and you are dead for the whole campaign.....that would honestly be one thing about the game that would be a deal breaker to me right then and there to continue any support for it. Realism or not - its still a game, still for entertainment and still my money being invested into it and you mean to tell me their may be a situation where I could possibly die very fast in a campaign and I'm done until that campaign (which could last months) is over? Yeah if that's a true thing ....then yeah...screw tha
  8. I'm new to learning about the game, but I was wondering about this topic as well. My first question -- and one I think everyone would need to know the accurate answer to in order to answer it --- how much is there to do outside of campaigns? I mean I skimmed some posts in this thread and people are talking about the time lag between campaigns but no one is really detailing what is there to do between campaigns....how can someone accurately say what time break is a good one without outlining "well these are the things that you do in between campaigns and they take x amount of time..."
  9. I am nearly as new to Crowfall as you can get having just made my account and pledge less than 11 hours ago from this post. I have read a lot about this game though leading up to last night which pushed me to do the pledge ever since I've been trying to read and find as much info on the game as I can. The more I learn...the more excited I'm getting. But though I'm new to Crowfall, I'm no newbie to MMORPGs with my history dating very near to 20 years back with them. Sadly, I think what the owners of Art Craft says in the start of their 12 hour stream about the standard in MMORPGs is
  10. Censoring speech or not censoring speech has nothing to do with curse words. Its about the flow of thoughts and ideas. That and there are no expectations of free speech on private forums, the first amendment is about freedom of speech from government entities not private organizations.
  11. Hello, just took the plunge about 2 hours ago with making a pledge - after spending the previous 2 hours to that reading the wiki, reading the FAQ's, watching some videos and liking all that I'm seeing very very much. Still haven't actually played a second of the game which is why I figured I'd safely start at the $45 pledge level until I can play test it for myself a bit. Anyway, very long time "veteran" with RPGs and MMORPGs in general -- Ultima Online, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Black Desert Online, Aion, Wildstar played them all (Wil
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