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  1. That case is horrid and I wouldn't bother with anything dell or alienware. You don't need a 1500w PSU if you cant build a system with 1000w you shouldn't be building systems and if you built this system then you wouldn't have needed extended warranty as all the parts have there own warranty. this reminds me of friends who buy the latest and supposed greatest components ... you can build a killer system for 1500 - 2k. NEVER buy the latest and greatest, over priced waste of money.
  2. I agree with pang. wow was too customizable. SB had just the right amount of customization which went way past the built in user things if you knew how to read and alter the code. Unfortunately I prefer customizing the interface more than playing that game now though.
  3. Originally started with bronze then silver now im sitting and staying at gold.
  4. Im hopeing eks are going to be linked together somehow with guilds. Would be cool if the player account based EK made up a plot of land on a guild EK. Eg ... the 9 parcels each player account recieves is where the player gets to build there personal house, just a small dwelling. When you form your guild, the player account based parcels and house would combine to form a guilds Eternal Kingdom where they then could build a keep, castle, whatever, set the rulesets for the EK, etc. You would only have as many EKs as there were guilds and you can only form a guild if you have and maintain a certain amount of members. I dont know how set in stone the account based EK is or exactly what purpose they serve but this would make a bit more sence i think. Also the player dwelling would not be destructable only the guilds castle, keep would be. Got more ideas to expand on this but phone typing sucks so im stoping here.
  5. Some guilds may use this as a requirement for new members to swear fealty during probation before becoming full members. One way this could be usefull.
  6. Shadowbane ... nothing ive tried has filled the void to date. Wow vanilla was fun but each expansion only lasted a month tops before i became bored with it. Currently playing mostly indie betas.
  7. devious


    For those that dont know WM get use to useless threads like this.
  8. Backed ... looking forward to alpha and the final game.
  9. Hail Dragonscale, lots of good times had with you as well as against you.
  10. devious


    Also found it too tedious and I didn't like the labor system. The game lasted about 3 weeks before I uninstalled it out of boredom .
  11. Intel i5 4670k OC@4.2ghz aircooled MSI Z87GD65 Gaming 16GB DDR3 Hyper X 1333mhz MSI 3GB HD7970 OC Edition EVGA 1000w G2 Modular PS 250GB Samsung Pro SSD 1TB Western Digital Black *2 Asus VQ248QE @ 144mhz Silverstone Modded TJ07 Ideazone Merc Stealth Logitech G5
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