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    I play alot of video games. I'm mostly a console gamer but i'm trying to get used to playing on a PC. all the best MMO's seem to only be on the PC. I'm also trying to teach myself to use Unity3D and C#, lol but it's alot harder to learn through online tutorials than i had thought it would be.
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    Ottawa, ONT Canada.

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  1. Being able to use a controller would be a really nice option I hope they do include it in the final product. Thank you everyone who has welcomed me to the game, this really is a great community so far
  2. I love the way they are setting up there crafting system. I just hope they have tons of different mats for hundreds of different possible out comes or even thousands. I'm getting sick of MMO's haveing crafting systems that you work to build up and no ones buying your goods because they can just grind better gear.
  3. Randomly generated randomly place mini-bosses would be fun will special crafting item drops. like for instance you and your group is heading to a castle or hold off in the distance and on your way you run into a mini-boss hiding in a forest or in a mountain area where a boss jumps down from a hi up ledge and surprises your group . If you stick them in places where people know where they might be people will always head to thoughs locations to grind resources. It would be much cooler if there just attacked you out of now where.
  4. I'm having the same problem. even when i try to upload a url. I'm getting URL must start with http and not contain *. It's an image from free to use google images.
  5. that would be an interesting way to get around. I'd also like to know how large an average map is and if there will be transport points for fast travel. If there is do you need to unlock them first or will they be open already so you can get back/to your group if there a long distance away? I'm new to the forums so if this is answered some where please point me in the right direction.
  6. I agree and thanks for the warm welcome. It's the only reason that I backed this game, I've nvr even considered backing a project. I normally like to wait on the finished product and reviews. I will be nice to be involved in a game at such an early point that i can watch it grow and become the great game i'm sure it's going to be.
  7. Lol not quite sure what a pleb is, but i'm glad i won't be one . I've been wanting to switch for along time but I suffer with cronic pain and my hands get really sore playing on a keyboard which in turn can affect my gaming. I really like that there is more than one way to help your side, ie building structures gather resources digging tunnels. so if my hands get to sore in pvp i can help in other ways.
  8. Hello i'm new to Crowfall. 1. I heard about it on youtube to MMO's coming in 2016. 2.the FAQ has helped me the most. 3. I would like to see more info on the archetypes- skill trees, info on stats, how there role will affect group play. and Info on the Pantheon, will supporting a certian god give a player bonus, whats bonuses for the gods, will this affect guild recruiting.
  9. Hi, I'm Evelles I live in Canada. I just recently found out about Crowfall. Looks like it's going to be a really great game. I mostly game on the ps4 but unfortunately most of the good MMO's are PC only. I'll be looking to make some good friends in this game and join a helpful mature guild. Gaming is always better with friends . So if your looking tom make friends and your not a childish pain or elitist prick , send me a PM and say hi.
  10. I haven't played any of the game yet but druid looks like alot of fun. I'll be starting with Druid and if it's as much fun as it looks it will defiantly be my main.
  11. I've just backed the Alpha 3. I'm looking for a mature guild with patient and helpful people. I've played alot of RPG's and a few MMO's. I'll be starting the game and a Druid focusing on healing. I live in Canada and am on eastern standard time, I'll be available to play days and or nights during the week, and weekend nights. I don't need a huge guild but one with active players. I'll be doing alot of crafting aswell. please send me a message if you are interested in recruiting me. My gamer Tag is: Evelles I found a Guild. thank you everyone that responded
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