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  1. hmm... interesting comparison xD thinking about it though, the fact that CF is a relatively niche game alone is a way that makes it harder for the gold sellers at least to thrive, since the lower player base compared to the big mainstream MMO's, means a lower potential customer group for them to, and the ppl that do come to niche games, tend to care more about the developers as well, making them less likely to buy from gold sellers in the first place). Another interesting point that all the things that really help combat the bots, are things that add to the experience as well for legit players, where msot other games have to balance to benefit of combating bots, vs the inconvenience it creates for the legit players
  2. rune droppers

    That is the exactly the reason they don't do that, you are not supposed to be farming the mobs (maybe except if you want to skin them)
  3. Saying bots will be totally non-existent I am always cautious about, what you can do with a bot these days if you know what you doing is quite amazing, but it will most certainly be harsh (though the weak spot thing is NOT one that contribute to that really, ever heard of headshotting aimbots in FPS games? yeah give you bot one of those and it will hit weakspots way more reliably than any human can). What Krakken pointed out though yeah does seem to me to be some of the major factors as well
  4. Movement Key Binds

    pretty sure they said that they plan to have everything remappable (maybe with some obvious exception, like esc and such)
  5. Meet the Race/Class Matrix

    If they were done, not done, or only one gender of it were done, when the chart were made. (this again reinforced my point deernado should put a node on those background colors)
  6. Spellblade class?

    well seem pretty clear they gonna use orbs and/or tomes as weapon, so unlikely
  7. Yeah I would expect them to go over and make a meet the class for all the classes now how they are post split, if they gonna start with the current classes we know about or the new ones we now little to no (*cough* frostweaver *cough*) I have no idea though
  8. Meet the Race/Class Matrix

    Nice compilation, this imo should deserve to be stickied, so new ppl can easily find info on all the classes and races, would be hard to track down them all if you just joined the game. Maybe add a note to explain the background color of the chart to new players
  9. How's the game progressing?

    well there is a HUGE patch incoming (including the class/race split and a lot of other stuff), soon (no exactly date but sound like within a couple weeks by now). Also will include a total revamp of the skill tree, and thus gonna wipe the skill trees as well
  10. Spellblade class?

    Dont think any of the classes planned for launch would fit that category (Knight, Confessor, Templar, Ranger, Assassin, Druid, Frostweaver, Champion, Myrmidon, Cleric and Duelist) sorry, additionally the first class post-launch sound like it would be a bard character, though I don't think that is 100% set in stone). And can be pretty sure they wont change the lineup for launch anymore, but they certainly do listen to feedback suggestions etc, so if it something that ppl want I am sure at some time after launch they could make it
  11. Who can use the lance?

    I never seen a lance in this game
  12. Weapon types

    All classes can unlock all armor types, which is actually a quite recent (ange generally not liked changed through the community), used to be able to just equip any armor on any class without having to unlock them first
  13. Training

    cartography is fine and all, but there is so much more to specially scouting but to pretty much any activity in a guild focused warfare game, no matter how big and rigid of a leaderboard system (and to make one that is just half decent, let alone excelent is a LOT of time and resources), there is just no way you can make an algorithm that can accurately judge every single action taken and what its effect on the overall outcome is
  14. Training

    What about a scout, sure map exploration is one thing but the guy going out scouting and finding the enemy army, can be providing gamechanging information, but no way for the game to really judge that
  15. Custom ability chain/combo

    Well they specifically states multiple times that making new powers by now is actually extremely fast, where what you suggesting essentially could mean splitting up a existing powers, and then the support of adding them individually for use on the normal power tray yes that could easily end up being more time than simply creating new powers (in fact I am almost sure it is)