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  1. I am sure they could come up with a proper replacement for those backers, just like with the character slots they had promised before, they went to the crow/vessel system
  2. Bestiary: Elk - Official Discussion Thread

    Well we known of the D'Orien name for a LOOOOOOOONG time by now
  3. User registeration bug

    I told you already in the topic for new players you posted in before
  4. send a mail to with a list of username in preferred order (multiple if for some reason one would be against the rules), and they will fix it for you
  5. Seems Quiet

    You cant really in any way avoid making things confusing to new players when you give the public access during alpha and pre-alpha stages
  6. Class Armor Tiers, yay or nay?

    armor types were on minor not major discs...
  7. Problem is if you are European you can't do that, we literally are unable to (and have been for a long time) access our store credit and will be until the crowns go live
  8. Another solution would be to keep the crown packs at 5$ and €5 but give a slightly higher amount of crowns for the €5. Since the crows are both a higher count than the money charged and they are a virtual good solely, I would imagine this being a far easier approach
  9. Hmm either I was truly blind or they changed the wording, swear the only lines telling about the time frame of the 2 was this "Guilds that recruit new (or existing) backers to join their guild between now the start of beta testing will receive 1,000 Crowns per backer in their guild wallet at the beginning of our official “Beta” test." and this " • Guilds that recruit new (or existing) backers to join their guild between now the start of beta testing will receive 500 Crowns per backer in their guild wallet at the beginning of our official “Soft Launch”. " (which both still could use a grammar pass but that is whole other thing (the rewards was clear the whole time, but it looked to me like the periods they were ruining would be the same before, making the early bird basically redundant xD)
  10. Check the 3rd question in there mini FAQ in the newspost
  11. I might be blind, but seems to me there is no difference in the requirement for the "earliest bird" and "early bird". Am I missing something? Also I had hoped that your crowns prices would not employ a stupid €1 = $1, cause that is not how the value are between $ and €
  12. Progression and Release

    No, I am sure they will make it absolutely clear before they enter soft launch
  13. Seems Quiet

    well probably to test a double server structure so they can have a PTS like server after launch, and they are sure it works. Also allows them to keep access to the old build when they reset entitlements to only pre-alpha groups when there is a new big patch. Before the double server anyone else would simply loose access to the game in thsoe cases for a couple weeks
  14. Displayed name

    You can get 2FA software run from a PC (can't really remember the name, as I don't need it myself, but it is there, so not having a smartphone is NOT an excuse for not using one of the biggest security features, that adds 10 times the security of pretty much any other alternatives, but with 1/10 the annoyance compared to it)
  15. No significant difference between most classes.

    Yeah more base power would be nice specially for the start of the campaign, or everyone will fell quite similar until disciplines gets crafted. Heck a few more active powers on at least some of the disciplines would be nice too, as frankly it feel often like if you don't use at least al the actives on your power bar from a discipline it pretty much a waste to equip it (and that would only more so be at launch when it will be hard to craft them, so having some choices of which of the actives and passives to use would be nice then