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  1. Purchasing Now

    Did you download the test or the live client, and what error are you getting?
  2. Duelist is not a pure melee class, in fact you can go dual pistol with the duelist making it a fullout ranged
  3. He didn't specifically said that ONLY melee can take it, he just said that how the fixed the melee being so far behind. (I mean you are probably right they are melee only disc, but we can't know 100% from that stream)
  4. Testing phase

    The servers are up 24/7 and will continue to be until launch
  5. Myrmidon big boom?

    I actually kind of like that idea, should deal a lot of dmg though to be worth it probably since it does take yourself out of the fight as well
  6. Alternative method of apply time bank.

    tbh I don't even find the ui that fancy and nice looking, but I am probably in the minority on that part, really hate the very squared hard cornered looks so many software use these days. I personally much prefer rounded corners and that sort of stuff
  7. Spirit bank bug

    there is a limited amount of imports/exports you can do per campaign (listed in the lower right and left corner)
  8. Rune-crafting. Why is it so shallow ?

    There is probably coming more we dont even know about, that said tiered runetools... no the whole premise of the crafting system here is little to no tiers of crafting so basics, intermediate and advanced can be pretty sure that is all we get
  9. I need talking points

    ESO also have an very well established and known IP backing the game up, that alone can sell MANY MANY copies on its own, where crowfall is a brand new IP, so is really not a fair comparison Another thing noone mentioned is that you don't even need VIP at all to get max training, as you can with tomes buy training time from other players, and no tome can make you excess the amount of training a day 1 VIP would have
  10. Plentiful harvest and leadership

    as I understood it the leader himself don't get any benefit from the leadership, only his group members
  11. Why I am extremely dissapointed (waste of money)

    wow... a pre-alpha that feels like a pre-alpha... I am at a loss of word, that is simply preposterous
  12. General Feedback

    nr. 3 only the basic crafting can be done anywhere intermediate and advanced have to be done a an appropriate table. all your other points are in the works already.

    while yes there is some advantage, it is not that big. And also have to keep in mind that you can trade VIP so you don't have to pay real money to get it necessarily, and on top of that you got the skill tomes that can allow you to get more skills, up to a limit of what a day 1 VIP would have. those things considered imo that current planned system is fine
  14. Actually forts have advanced crafting stations as well
  15. Exploration Skills resetting?

    That does sound like a bug