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  1. Inixiel Amaranth. My wife Arrael and I are looking for a home to bring the flame. We burn things and we make the dead stay down... for awhile at least.
  2. Use Xpadder. http://xpadder.com/%C2'> That's the program we use. Run xpadder in administrator mode and the game client regularly. I have a guildie who will be playing that way.
  3. Hey MWH. Its good to see you again since Little Ice. Its been a long time.
  4. It should be intereesting, I look forward to meeting most of you again, and killing you.... I enjoyed our fights before but I have let my anger and rage grow... then I became a Sith and of course that made me UBER!... Now I drive for them so you cannot win. Also get off Little Ice.
  5. I hate you sooooo much. I look forward to killing LoD again.
  6. I still hate you... stay out of my tower...
  7. Hey, Logged a request on your site Free Corps.... FCML is no longer but its remaining players are coming to Crowfall. Might as well be part of a staunch friend as we hate making our own guild.
  8. sorhirio

    Flaming Sword

    Is there a dual wield spec? I miss my Boomlar.
  9. Hey Vorgen... there is a name to be remembered.
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