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  1. Inixiel Amaranth. My wife Arrael and I are looking for a home to bring the flame. We burn things and we make the dead stay down... for awhile at least.
  2. Flaming Sword

  3. Crowfall with Steam Controller

    No idea on the gyro.
  4. Crowfall with Steam Controller

    Use Xpadder.'> That's the program we use. Run xpadder in administrator mode and the game client regularly. I have a guildie who will be playing that way.
  5. Mithril Warhammers

    Hey MWH. Its good to see you again since Little Ice. Its been a long time.
  6. A contemplation for all SB veterans

    It should be intereesting, I look forward to meeting most of you again, and killing you.... I enjoyed our fights before but I have let my anger and rage grow... then I became a Sith and of course that made me UBER!... Now I drive for them so you cannot win. Also get off Little Ice.
  7. [LoD] Lords of Death

    I hate you sooooo much. I look forward to killing LoD again.
  8. Dark Carnival

    I still hate you... stay out of my tower...
  9. Free Corps: A Democracy of Equals

    Hey, Logged a request on your site Free Corps.... FCML is no longer but its remaining players are coming to Crowfall. Might as well be part of a staunch friend as we hate making our own guild.
  10. Flaming Sword

    Is there a dual wield spec? I miss my Boomlar.
  11. House Lok-Ri

    Hey Vorgen... there is a name to be remembered.