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    Crowfall with Caldera.
    Books , Books and more Books.
    Games with great story or senseless PVP sloughter ( King arthurs gold FTW)
    Rend, CoE, CU and SC are my backup plans in case Crowfall fails.
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  1. Welcome to crowfall. There is still harvesting as group activity and crafting may be a group activity as well in the future. While you most likely wont get around without PVP by choosing one of the two with a good guild should reduce your PVP time.
  2. Welcome to Crowfall. Now you seem to recruit players form all time zones but where will be your focus? I mean do you plan to play on EU , Na or OC servers?
  3. that was pretty nice. Cant wait to see a 20 vs 20 or even 50 vs 50 slaughterhouse On another node Caldera is still looking for harvesters of both kinds. The one who harvests ressources out of the earth and the one who harvests ressources from other players. ( Some also call it "asking for donations").
  4. an idea for Whirling pain would be: increase the radius and give it a CC effect depending on the number of hits on your enemy. (maybe with a dbuf stack on hit) 1hit dizzy , 3 stacks stun , 5 stacks knokdown , 7 stacks (serve bleed) as said allready by the others the Rend bleed attack is near impossible to hit. Leap using charges sounds pretty good. I think 12 sec CD per charge and 3 max charges would be ok. Surpressing shout and the Sand blind need to be AoE again. It was balanced befor and now its total garbage. Nearly every combo of the champ takes arou
  5. Discord for now. But that might change if we cant make a good voice command chain in discord in the future
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