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  1. im all for double digit normal attacks and trible digit crits. Easy to read and easy to follow. On their part it should not be any difference between 1879 dmg and 18,79 dmg the play will just see 19 dmg on the screen and 18,79 in the combat log.
  2. i also remember the devs saying that craftng currently is highly speed up and that it will take a lot longer to craft in the final game. My gues is that in the future an entire group can craft a singel item together to decrease the crafting time. Otherwise the Leadership crafting tree would make no sense.
  3. Welcome to crowfall. There is still harvesting as group activity and crafting may be a group activity as well in the future. While you most likely wont get around without PVP by choosing one of the two with a good guild should reduce your PVP time.
  4. If my memory servs me right you only have 1 chance at changing it for now otherwise people might spam the support for name changes. So make sure to pick the right one.
  5. For every game i played in the past was a different option menu. While some options ( like the audio slider) are allways found, there are a lot of options that go missing. Needlessly to say that a good options menu means good critic and makes the gaming expirience so mutch better. As the saying goes its better to have too many options then to few. So in this thread im planing to gather what kind of options are needed or nice to have for the options menu in crowfall. Feel free to add what you think is needed or uneeded. Audio: Needed options: Combat Soundeffect slider (any combat related sounds including footsteps) Ambient soundeffect slider (noise from windmills or weathereffects) Harvesting/crafting soundeffect slider (as a ganker i may not want to hear the ambient/music but the combat and harvesting sounds) Music slider Sound quallity options Nice to have: Soundreduction on soundeffect. (example: if i hear music and a combat sound is played then my music should go silent) Import music / Music player ( import your own music to hear instat of the game music) Song slider. ( sick of this song? then select the next one) Play sound on Quallity drop from or higher: Green / Rare / Epic / Legendary / all / off ( allready have the 2 of those) Video: Needed options: Resulution Screenmode Windows / fullscreen Field of View slider ( up to 100 is good up to 120 would be perfect) Render distance Objects Render distance Players Render distance NPCs Motion Blur Quallity Water surface Qualitty Texture Quallity Shadow Quallity Reflection Quallity Hud Size Collor Blind mode ON / Parcial on / off Nice to have: Minimap On/off Rotate minimap on/off (rotate with the character movement) Objects Quallity Physics Quallity Shaders Quallity Particle effect Quallity Volumetric effects Quallity Post processing Quallity SSAO AA MSAA anisotropic filtering Flora Density Gama Brightness Gameplay: Needed options: Skill tree alarm On / parcial on / off ( the windows that pop up when you level up either: ON ( like they are now) Parcial (only on skill lvl 100) and OFF(never show)) Health / Stamina / combat ressource numbers On / % / Off (if possible seperate for each) Nice to have: Show character info: Allway / on mouse over / never Show health bar: Everyone / only Allies / only enemys / only me / only enemys and me / only Allies and me (maybe a checkbox for each?) Ingame Clock on / off (with day night cicle it would be good to know) tutorial on/off (if we ever get a tutorial) Dmg / heal numbers. alarm on wisper on/ off RL clock on / off tooltips on/off Controlls: Needed options: Keyboard: Keybinding General (open inventory obvios stuff etc) Mouse: mouse sensivity Nice to have: Keyboard: Keybinding per Archtype Mouse: Crosshair ( Size , Form , visibility) revert axis controll Did i forget anything? We allready have part of the stuff listed but for the sake of that a complet options menu should look like i added them anyway.
  6. 1.) yes we need real leather. In PVP worlds that is. 2.) What do you mean with the PVP world is slow to deploy decent numbers of pathers? ( I have no idea what this means) 3.) If they have t5 animals then they will be deployed to the PVP zones. Reson is as you stated, Sanctuary is meant to be safe but with crappy ressources. If you want good res go in the CWs.
  7. Xenotor


    dont hold it to us and welcome to crowfall. Most people dont check the introduction forums often. I do maybe 1 per month
  8. would also be nice to be able to sort it by guild size. I only saw 100-150 but there may be guilds aiming for max 30 members etc. Scree allready said it all. On another note good job and thank you for doing something like that.
  9. (P)oint (o)f (I)nteresst For example the jumber mill or the stone quary are PoIs. As a "how do they work" example take the stone quarry. It will produce 1 very large stone / set time. As a player you can chose now to either haul it with your pack animal and escort it back or to break it appart and get less small/normal stone out of it. Most likely will similar ressources of the same type spawn around the poi. Basicly they act as player gatherer. Everyone will want the ress from POIs so PVP will be focused around them. Thats at least my latest info of them.
  10. Dan auch hier mal ein Deutsches willkommen im Crowfall team. Gut zu sehen das, dass team weiter ausgebaut wird. Ist das dein erstes mal als Community Manager? Wo hasst du vorher gearbeitet und als was? 1997.... da wurden die daten noch per Rauchzeichen übertragen. Quatsch beiseite das müsste 28kb/s gewesen sein richtig? Mit einem gut gefütertem Hamster warens auch mal 29kb/s. Hab selbst vor 15 jahren mit MMOs angefangen. Was für MMORPGS waren das, die du gespielt hasst? Und wenn wir schon bei Fragen sind. Wie siht es mit dem Gildensystem aus? Ist schon ne weile her seit es news dazu gab.
  11. looks very good. Might also bee a solid choice to play between crowfall campains. Cant wait for Alpha testing to start. With Crowfall, SC and CU another possible good game joins the fray.
  12. but you allready have the option to put points in the the combat tree to make CCs less effectiv. No need to waste dev time on making special harvesting combat skills. Complexety is added by disziplins and promotions. Dont get me wrong im all for more options but im against mixing the combat and the crafting / harvesting skill tree. allright i buy a purple +60mining level pick for 1 slack ore.
  13. Welcome to Crowfall. Now you seem to recruit players form all time zones but where will be your focus? I mean do you plan to play on EU , Na or OC servers?
  14. that was pretty nice. Cant wait to see a 20 vs 20 or even 50 vs 50 slaughterhouse On another node Caldera is still looking for harvesters of both kinds. The one who harvests ressources out of the earth and the one who harvests ressources from other players. ( Some also call it "asking for donations").
  15. Well done gathering that data. It would be nice to know if 4 point amazing success gives a higher mining lvl or 4*1 amazing success. Using points 1 by 1 also ups the crafting time by 1 second for each point. Thats not mutch for now but the devs hinted that the crafting time in the final game will be mutch longer. So the 1 sec may trun into 1 min or 10 min.
  16. Why? If you get jumped on during harvesting its your own fault. The entire game is catering towards groups/ guilds. Team up with others and keep an eye/ear out for enemy activity. Gankers should not be punished for doing a good job at sneaking up to you.
  17. I think you are only locked to a deity during the campain. For example if you choose balance at the campain start, then offcourse you should be locked into that faction until the campain ends. Same for the 12 god campain. The dregs are however said to be out of reach of the gods so it would make no sense there to join a gods side.
  18. while i also did campain for mini game style harvesting, im now fully against it. Playing a mini game in the beginning is fine. But after the 100 time you would wish to just press f to toggle harvesting. That beeing said giving people a choice in that would be even better. But i agree on the topic that holding F is not good.
  19. Not only the names but the healthbar also. When fighting a 5 vs 5 or bigger its a total clusterf*** of healthbars all over the place. Feels like WOW UI watching all over again. Had a 5 vs 5 vs 5 vs 5 vs 5. I saw only healthbars and names and even if i wanted to i could not see the archtypes. Healthbars should only apear if on takes dmg and then fades out after some time. The same offcourse with names. The only thing that should be permanent is the Faction / guild logo but that would be mutch better printed on the cape. So i vote for less UI and more fighting.
  20. Did the devs not say in one of the lifestreams that when fighting the winning factor is 1/3 from the pasiv skill, 1/3 from Gear ( including disciplins and vessel) and 1/3 from player skill. Im pretty sure i heard it somewhere but not sure where. Offcourse there are factors like archtype choice and numbers of allies vs enemys. terrain of the battleground etc. I think that this 1/3 rule would be pretty good. Gear needs to matter in a game that has a fully run player eco but not more then 30% in a fight. Skill tree should mainly go for Combat focus vs Harvester. if Combat focused player are around 30% stronger then Harvesters its all good. So if i as underequiped harvester fight a fully equiped combat player, then offcourse i need to have a hard time even if i have the better player skill.
  21. you pretty mutch sum it up. With crafting potions you only have 4 experimentation points to spend while our skilled crafter has 13. Same with harvesting I got all points in the oak skill tree and i get a lot more Oak wood and quallity oak wood then compared to other trees while using harvesting potions. If i get really lucky while crafting then the best i can make is a green +20mining level Runestone pick usally +10 mining level. While our guild crafter can make blue and purple +40 to +60 mining level picks. If i use purple i still get a max of +20 mining level. Or our alchemist. I fail to assemble about 3-4 of 10 potions. Our alchemist fails 4 of 80. The game is finally going towards the direction where dedicated Guild crafters and harvesters are starting to become necessery for those that want the good stuff and those that dont want to waste an endless ammount of ressources. So to answer the OP. Its fine as it is. There may be some bugged RNG cases but game system wise its perfect.
  22. it was more for dev streaming not player streaming. If the enemy has a livestream thats not my problem. But if there was some sort of automatic top down camera then that would be a problem. Even 5 min delay is not eough as some strategie take a lot of time to execude. If the top down automatic camera is only recording and not livestreaming then im not against it.
  23. the problem with livestreaming is the execution of strategies. No point in trying to sneaky flank the enemy with it showing up on the livestream. If the watcher is a programm by that auto records maybe even multiple watchers ( something like 1 watcher per 5 -10 player) would be pretty cool. If its to mutch to programm an AI that does than then maybe something like an Alarm that shows up on the Devs side whenever a large force of oposing players meet. So they can jump in and record that stuff.
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