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  1. Try using your Q as an assassin -while- in stealth ehehehehe That one is also curious. I got poped out of stealth
  2. If the bars were so opaque it wouldnt be as bad - youd quickly get accustom to the sense of a redish bar vs the brown telling u what tray you’re in. but with the opaque bars we have right now - try going near a hungershard and then tell me what bar you’re. Its impossible
  3. Assassins get stealth same level (gah)
  4. MrMoneda said it best :
  5. Can you please add a target dummy to our EKs?! Testing is extremely hard and frustrating, since getting the data requires several people, attacking through 3-5people killing them to see if things proc, how pips work with procs and so on.Having a target dummy would just make this whole process so much easier!
  6. Assassin : Nice to see that the specs get a damage bonus : Why though are they limited to a specific damage type, goating you to take a specific weapon type with that class. Daggers on the Cutthroat, what's wrong with them having axes or maces? Why is the Blackguard limited in this capacity to Slashing.. The Vandal only getting a bonus on Maces weapons? It's this kind of "goating" the player that we wan't to get away from. You are creating multible specs, thus providing choices. Only to see those choices gimped if you want to play with a certain weapon. That is imo counter productive. Please revisit.
  7. Inventory : When you have dual weapons equipped, and your talents reset the off hand weapon disappears and is gone. Talents : Often reset when yeilding your offhand weapon.
  8. Ranger : - Brigand Aero Spin Buff - Once stacked doesn't disappear, working as intended?
  9. Mounts also makes the Crowform speed feels ... well like @snail speed.
  10. Ranger stealth

    Stealth specialist? Well they full one whole ability into their stealth bar. Their stealth is potentially lower than Duelist and Assassin (No talent to aid them). Their usefulness remains to be seem.
  11. Makes the Out-Of-Combat movement speed of many races worthless.
  12. Inventory Screen: Would be nice if the name of the current vessel we are using is displayed here ..
  13. Vessel/Crow Removed my ranger from the campaign. Level 30 ranger. Now it cant enter EKs and is listed as a VERYLONGNAME level 1