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  1. Campaign of Satayn Metauriel "For Caldera and KDS, our contribution to this campaign was not as much to fight but to empower the Russians in our faction. These efforts culminated in them bringing us a truly Siberian Winter. While balance had started out strong in Spring, in the end there were not enough people still fighting to stop them, and they turned the scoreboard on its head to bring victory to Chaos. We are looking forward to seeing them continue to become a force on their own in Europe to bring more variety and activity to the European server." Satayn Campaign Overview. Speaking of helping others… Caldera Necromancer : @Used did an amasing job gathering together a crafting tool, for everyone to use. Used " I started making a calculator for weapons but some of the base numbers are so small that trying to get the accurate, non rounded number is very difficult which then also means that the entire calculation is not 100% accurate and I will need more test crafts to get closer to the numbers or the devs telling us all unrounded base numbers and modifiers. However despite not being able to give a fully accurate calculation Caldera Crafting Assistant New or old to Crowfall we welcome applications. Apply Now
  2. No one with 10 ability slots either so doubt thats a finilized pic
  3. Toggle would be work as well
  4. Can you -please- remove the function that when you press the try you're in you goto harvest tray? For example : If in Ranged tray (U) and I press (U) I then enter Harvest tray. It would be really nice if the only way to get to the Harvest tray was (H)… or what ever other hotkey you bind.
  5. The Trial of Perstilyn It's been a while since Caldera has spend as much time inside the keep as we did in this particular trial. Taking a somewhat different role this campaign, the guild spend a lot of time trying to help out the others on the Chaos faction progress in their gear. Most on the Chaos faction started the campaign out with no gear, and little to no experience. The weeks would change things, with Caldera's help the different groups under the Chaos banner got setup and have become pretty much self sufficient. Unfortunately this wasn't enough to win the campaign, as the numbers of Balance were just too strong and well geared. It was how ever enough for the The Umbressa Keep to stay under the control of Chaos for the entire campaign. Regardless how many numbers Balance acquired. Regardless of how many times they stood knocking at our gates... this didn't change. When at times you loosen your grasp the other factions will take advantage of that, one such occasion in Perstilyn - @Aurellius, leading a group of 4G, ninjaed 2 keeps from Balance, giving Chaos all three keeps for a short time. Caldera - Recruitment : Open With patch 5.110 not arriving till early 2020, we are still open for applications. Anyone looking to persistently test the Alpha, and work on how to improve as a player and as well as be part of a team. There will always be other guilds, groups, factions around, some more successful that others. When choosing to fight under a certain banner it wont always be smooth sailing, there will be problems The persons we seek want to be part of making a change for the whole guild, they want to help others. They don't pick up and leave, when promised glory and glitter by someone else. Pure and simple: Reliable and active players. New or old to Crowfall we welcome applications. Apply Now
  6. Just make them only able to capture -out- of combat. The armor issue isnt solved - I agree we are seeing many spec with only the plate users actually viable.
  7. Confessor and Druid LMB. Not only does it lock on target so they dont have to aim to use it.. it also means you can't LoS to break it
  8. Most of these suggestions are rather good… On number 3 though I disagree. I think it's actually a good part of the game that you have to orientate yourself using the camera often, since its also your to hit then it's a choic eyou make to keep on target and thus have the danger of "tunneling" or orientating yourself.
  9. Rare mobs? Well you already got that, Chiefs and Kings. As for them dropping finished gear. IMO through be limited to dropping ressources, rather than items.
  10. If Ballista cant shoot inside the keep - what use will they have. Catapults will not be used. Trebs outdistance Ballistas. Leaving Ballistas with a narrow use in the breech that is created. Where the attackers will just run though if they know they are safe from ballista fire once inside. Mind you - Im not saying things are optimal with how they work, changing where they can shoot isnt what I think would be the right solution. They are easy enough to take down if not accompanied with a siege engineer.
  11. The campaign of Perstilyn. Since Perstilyn Campaign started Balance has been pounding away at the Chaos Keep walls. Saturday evening was no exception. Over the course of 40 minutes they presisted to hammer away at the Keep Defences. In the end, only a few walls remained, as they made their advance to the Tree of Life. A lot of rotation positions went into the defence of the keep, and boiling down 40 minutes of Siege Operator gameplay becomes rather blurred. So I've tried to show the important moments of the fight, where Balance does so pushes or Chaos rotates on the map when needed. The Keep with no walls The players of Chaos are mostly a large group of 4G players, KDS and Caldera. If interested in joining either of these groups contact : 4G : Through Discord : BlackCanario#4693 Caldera KDS
  12. Deserves a lot more attention that it’s getting. GJ mate.
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