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  1. Anyone starting F to decap a target - should imidiately prevent the dead from pressing F to release. So pressing F on a corpse whom is half way through releasing should stop that release and instead allow the decsp. Effectively giving enough time ...
  2. Time to kill, should effect time to respawn.... on Chiefs and kinfågs as well,
  3. Will only be an issue till skill training catches up. Once the skill training takes over ppl willl want better ressources than what the carvans can provide and at that time their use will be different once more.
  4. Ice Aim You can't hit people above you cause the ice just goes through them and there is no terrain to stop it.....
  5. __Food Meter__ Dropping extremely fast.. can't go 5 min without having to eat something
  6. Is it then please something you will look at for : Future campaigns, cause for the rest of the testing period of Crowfall this issue -will- persist to present a problem. There are plenty of choices to choose from to accomodate both NA and EU gameplay, and both NA and EU players want to be on the same server.. but with the same "options available" for gameplay. We realize that opening a 2nd server is a here and now option. Thank you.
  7. A lot of 500+ SVR message returns spikes ... Net stable at around 100.. FPS stabel at 75+.. SVR bouncing up and down from 50ish to 450+
  8. PIP Users As a PiP user at times PiPs are shown incorrectly. At times you're even locked out of being able to use PIPS.. meaning you have no PIPs, and your LMB doesn't generate new.
  9. Stealth Tray Lost it's visuals .. the UI of the stealthbar becomes transparent.
  10. Stealth SFX Loud and annoying. If it was more underlying the other SFX of the game I could understand, but entering stealth means loosing my hearing? I don't get it. Even if it's a desgin issue where you want ppl to "loose their hearing" in game, you don't need to do it but overlaying the game sound with an annoying "swoosshh" sound.
  11. They should have fixed the bugs which were already pointed out. Which are quite numerous. At least get that polished off ... so yeah the Test population is low, doesn't mean the amount of bugs that were reported have even been addressed. Now we're facing reporting the same deal over again. Packaged as : The new player experience. So cool and all you think that is a good move, I don't.
  12. Durability: We're still taking a really big difference in durability hits, depending on which class you play. Fast attacking classes vs classes that spend time buffing others, and so on. Can you give us an "estimate" as to how long you expect gear to last?
  13. Toxins and Focus Loose Durability on PROCS, please change this....
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