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  1. Not being able to sort EKs by : ON and OFF - line Just SUCKS
  2. When a stealther dies .. Then rez At times they aren't able to stealth, that is they can enter what looks like stealth on their screen but opponents can see em.
  3. Turn off “Clouds” prob the biggest fps sink atm
  4. Patch of Darkness

    Was playing aorund with various builds and fighting another Sin I was standing too close as he used his Q. So I got blinded... That made me think. What if the assassin had a discipline called Patch of Darkness, creating a field of “blind” - scalable with how many pips are invested. OP or possibly viable?
  5. Looking for guild

    EU or US?
  6. Bring back the old Health boX!

    I would really love to get the old health box back.
  7. State of the Assassin

    Not asking to leave the Sin broken at on any account - jsyk.
  8. State of the Assassin

    This post will most likely derail the debate a little but I wanted the point mentioned tied together with what has been talked about. There is no questions that the Assassin is an interesting class that bring a lot to the table, everything from changing "Curse Weapon into "In the Zone" to the changes to Disease Toxins. I just can't help thinking… All of this is being done and thought out without consideration to what other classes are prodominently played on the servers : Thinking specifically of Champions and Myrmidons. The Anti-Heal specs were mostly thought up cause exactly these two classes (as the only ones outside healers) have so much self sustain and heal that they don't really need a grp (over exagurating (sp) here). Fact though is that a lot of groups looked at how to counter them and that's when we started to see more and more assassins. Changing the assassin and mechanics around it and -not- also looking at the other classes and how it effects the game is imo a mistake though. The Champion is ATM a front liner, a DPS and tank. The Myrmidon is likewise a front liner and even with the bugs to their crash they are still very viable. As is their damage. So what I can't get my head around is why on earth a DPS, as the Champion, is getting -so- much self sustain and why the Tank, the Myrmidon, is getting so much DPS. I my book these two classes are dipping into entirely too many baskets and left with no real drawbacks. They have the sustaining power to go balls deep, or the mobility/catch abilities to boot. So what will change the changes to Toxins, that you will once more see Champions and Myrmidons carelessly just running into groups. We already see them as the only 2 classes just charging into the forts and facetanking the guards as the only classess, without any concerns what so ever. Yeah I got into a balance debate, out of concern for the effect of taking one Domino and not looking at the result of removing it from the line......
  9. Overflow bug

    Having minor : - Mail - Plate. Putting on Plate. Then removing the disc. Should not be possible, yet it is and people are saved by the overflow - instead it should imo just delete the item.
  10. When a stealther dies, and runs back to reclaim their corpse… Setalth doesn't work for them anymore UNLESS they relogg… Please patch asap.
  11. Since there is no new content as well as no real reason to log on - it's just another day. That being said I've got extremely high hope for 5.8 changing the scene and presenting something which will bring players together. Even if it's through combat.
  12. STOP NERFING (start buffing)

  13. STOP NERFING (start buffing)

    I agree - buff rather than nerf. Try something different.
  14. Been noticing this as well. Plays a really big role in grp fights.
  15. State of the Assassin

    Just like LMB on the Druid Electric tray?