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  1. Just tested it... The Elken has te exact same range as everyone else. Wood Elf and Elken both hit from 25m
  2. I thought they removed it since it didnt show there anymore.
  3. So Balance and Chaos flipping keeps on EU is pure coincidence? *smiles*
  4. Hello Crowfall Dev Team, In regards to campaigns and the Uncle Bob mechanic. What I've found troubeling with the points system is how easily it's manipulated. First : Imaging you are Balance. You are somewhat behind. You want to catch up. So what you do is, cap a fort. So far so good. Working as intended. When it then reaches a rather high cap bonus then you get an "ally" on a different faction. Flip that very fort to -neutral-. They dont cap it. Just set it to neutral. Your Balance character then swoops in and cap the fort to Balance faction once more. U get the Cap Bonus, and the holding bonus. Second. Flipping of Keeps. Something which is presently happening on the EU server, between the Chaos and Balance faction. They get the daily KEEP Catch Up bonus They make sure that Order can’t catch up cause the bonus is being cashed in every single day And in the end when our Keep is fat, they will Slaughter it. TBH. Fun fights. Horrible point system … which truely doens't award effort invested. Regards Soulreaver.
  5. The weapon Disc removal was yet another Ranger nerf. -5 m range. On top off the “dps” hit that everyone else got
  6. That fort guards dont attack and defend the forts makes the fort capping even more mindless.
  7. Super annoying that the “warning system” when forts are attacked isnt in. It is mindless running from fort to fort where things are left to guesswork rather than tactics
  8. @thomasblair @mhalashace Assassin Toxins. The disc Poisoner. When u apply the Poison Toxin it is overridden by the Poisoner. What this means is that if you have a toxin on your target poisoner actually replace it. Effectively removing the original toxin. So while they are both Poison effects, the lower damage on the Poisoner is what overrides the higher damage of the Toxin. Intended? also : If you put on the passive : Poison on the last hit...Then you don't even apply your Toxin what so ever (Disease or Nature toxin)
  9. @thomasblair People are using and @abusing Campfires to heal the "Tree of Life" during sieges. Can we please get a @hotfix for this ASAP.
  10. So pointing out the benefits of the other races is being partial. Riighhtt gotcha. I was in no way stating the Fae isnt a strong stealth class - just that there are other viable play styles. Its all dependent on the role you’re assuming. As for staying on subject -chuckles- whatever dude. I’ll save u the trouble and tjek to see if I dont have that clip of what happened when I get home then toss it up for u.
  11. Apparently it seems the truth of what happened disappeared in all the salt. Thanks for the hands and gold btw.
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