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  1. The new assassin/myrm mechanic (the changes u wanted us to test) they feel super bad tbh. Even the smallest latency or desync make u not hit now.
  2. I think some people are waiting/put off to dive in knowing that if they don't have preset characters that they will be facing optimal teams composed of players whom have been making the effort to get legendary vessels... whilst they will be running with sub optimal vessels in sub optimal archtypes. While the gear you find does make a huge difference in balancing things out - there really is a huge gap in composition between archtypes and player composed groups. Pretty much waiting till it's just the Archtypes that will be played is a general concensus from the people I have talked to
  3. This needs to just be DONE, not tested to see if it works on the Myrm nor the Assassin. This is something that is so influential on the game that it doesn't matter if the Myrm or the Assassin are fluent in their game play, it's about all powers landing on the ANIMATION... not the key press. Why else is there an animation? To mock us? The principle behind this needs to change. It's been like this for way too long and a slow roll out of "lets test the water first" is just a way too leniant versiou imo.
  4. When does damage occur! With the current system Crowfall is using - damage is applied to those in the area of effect... at the time of the button PRESS. Not when the ability lands. This is a super broken and frustrating mechanic that makes some classes super OP and other classes super squishy. You can't outplay. You can't avoid damage purely by being a mobile and agile player/character. Is this -seriously- how you want this system to function? @Tyrant @jtoddcoleman
  5. Just noting that there are no Cutthroat nor Vandal Assassin buildz. Complete troll builds anyways.
  6. Harbingers Harbingers are a Mercenary group, offering our services to the guilds of Crowfall. There is no permanent banner which we claim to be ours. No faction that prevails nor reigns supreme above the others. No Deity which whispers in our ear. In other words, we will roam in the direction of whom ever pays for our services. As seasoned players, whom have set their footprint on Crowfall at a very early stage of its development. We know exactly how difficult goals can be to achieve, with this understanding we are very capable of providing assistance. While there will
  7. Assassins : When Zoning = you loose all your pips... ANNOYING!
  8. Master of Daggers. Animation time vs other abilities from other abilities is slow and has a delay between combos please take a look at it
  9. Ice of Endurance : The extra health isn't applied to people as they enter/leave the field on the ground. Sometimes it works but for the most part it doesn't. You asked for more information... I'm sorry but just try it out. Get a Frostweaver toss it on the ground run in and out of it. Buff is not always applied. Asking for more information what do you expect?
  10. Ice of Endurance : The extra helath isn't applied to people as they enter/leave the field on the ground. Sometimes it works but for the most part it doesn't.
  11. Moving to flip faction in infected with the flag at the tree.. does nothing.
  12. Stealth SFX sound was lowered... But you still seem like you're in a sound bubble and can't really hear the world around you. I'm stealthed, not deaf.
  13. Assassin Powers: Even though you have PiPs everthing is still grey - using LMB makes it grey.
  14. Disciplines in general. Since disciplines 'can't' be removed safely presently instead of using the disicplines they are just sitting in the bank. Providing a really bad experience. Disciplines should be -soulbound- like Badges and Epic mounts once used, but should -always- be able to be removed without them being destroyed. Further more.. Acquiring Disciplines .. there are some you see an immense abundance of and others you just don't see at all. Weapon Finess for example, out of all the disciplines we have gathered as a guild, not a single one have been retrieved. It's too random
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