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  1. It's not that the keep should be safe, keep it interesting. It's the "manner" by which the keep is entered that is the issue. When players can enter on Nethari and use the Fae "flying" to reach areas on the building that aren't otherwise accessiable then the issue arise.
  2. New and still getting the hang of things?? Finding some of the tasks in Crowfall intrigant and not especially intuitive? Lacking content and things to do? Tired of constantly feeling you're fighting an uphill battle on your own? The Harbingers are still very much an active part of the Crowfall scene, and we are here to help! When not assiting other guilds with their endavours, you can find us roaming the maps to achieve goals on our own. As the Neriyan Campaign came to an end our crest was also on the scoreboard as can be seen in the image above... Not only are we always looking for ways to help others! ... For a price of course, but we are also looking for more to join us. If interested message soulreaver#1118 on Discord.
  3. We held forts in fall and got 0 points. Cause the card counted us as having 0 keeps. Where is the card stats in that situation it should have counted as having 1 keep. Acknowledged issue by the Devs. Just also a case of the Devs not wanting to change the points in this case, even though they did it the last time, cause it causes problems. Well it causes problems for us as well ... we're fourth place in Dinvine favor rather than first. Choosing to -not- correct the issue due to it being a "host of issues" is just not ok.
  4. The point is ; We played -all- of the cards and due to an acknowledged bug we didn't get points. Then because it's -a hassle- there will be nothing about it... If no one got points -fine- but that some got and some didn't... Not ok
  5. I whole heartedly agree. The fall card read : "+1 to +5 to participating factions which have the most captures forts per owned keep. Factions without a keep score as if they own one keep." @Tyrant has acknowledged this as being incorrect - a faulty card. It doesn't state : At the end of the season. Neither does it count your points -if- you don't have keep. So on several levels it is bugged. When looking at the points scored it shows that -all- whom did hold a keep -did- all get 5 points... Not 1.. 2.. 3 nor 4.. but -all- got 5 points indicated that the card is completely screwed up. Just not the ones that didn't hold a keep. This is where you step in and -FIX- things, you don't just ignore them, the game has gone live - that was -your- choice Ace. Choices matter remember? When you choose to make something permanent you also own up to that and correct mistakes that are made -as- you have done in the past. It is of course unfortunate that a card needs to be corrected, and that it's a hassel - I can completely sympathise. It is part of how things work. When you screw something up, you have to fix it. Just because something is a hassel doesn't justify you -not- doing it, it was a hassel getting the things done to accomplish doing the card as well.
  6. Or expecting players to actually make things happen rather than waiting passively for someone else to do it for them. Lazy approach.
  7. All the smaller guilds saying PvP doesnt matter just doens't se the oppertunities that is right in front of their faces. The simple fact that smaller guilds have it rough, well what did you expect? For a smaller group to have equal oppertunity of winning as a large group? There is so much moaning and groaning about the game, mostly from people that doesn't even play it. I'm part of a small group and it's working pretty much as expected. We're having a lot of skirmishes, and fights of all kinds. If you seek only one kind of gameplay then you will be bored.. if you on the other hand adopt to being diverse on activities and gameplay you'll not be bored... If you are, then its your own fault.
  8. Try Rupture Barrier and Black Mantle builds... @enjoy
  9. Quality of Life : Disciplines : - Getting major and minor disciplines is a huge frustration. Please make it possible to change 1 Major/minor disciplines to another of the same domain through a runecrafting method. Chests : - Right click to place items into the chests – and have them auto stack! - Better search function for chests : armors, weapons, sacrifice, ores, wood, stone, body parts,hides, quality, disciplines - Make them “viewable” but not “touchable”, meaning you can see and deposit things into a chest but not take something out. - More compact storage in ek, warehouse building with huge inventory Guild/Group - Guild Tab : Filter online members and make u able to invite them to group. - Grp : Do not kick from group on logout in order to allow switching character Crafting : - Crafting from your bank or a chest attached to a workbench Inventory : - Chest inventory: stack all, sort all by name quantity quality - Event sacrifice items -> add simple tag to show they are SunElf, Enbari etc and are eligible for the event sacrifice General : - Joining and leaving Campaigns = Your gear stays on your character!!! - Indicator that players has anti-stealth running - The marketplace parcels they have at the temple: either have them nearer or have a bank access on the parcel EK - Option to select the groupsize in eks. So you could possibly train for dregs or maybe future worlds
  10. It's not as bad of a mess as people make it out to be, it's purely the ultimate and recon that is causing some problems. I can imagine that they have a hard time making sure they get the right information on what is -really- going on and filter out those whom are just blowing this out of porportion. I also think that the tone by which they are being adressed will definately not make them rush to respond.
  11. Due to the new Toxin application / refreshment you loose durability on your Toxins SUPER fast. PLease make Durability on Toxins a lot larger or change this mechanic.
  12. That would be super interesting!
  13. I think they did… All the bashing of the Devs got to stop. Get real people. They have done a good job and just cause they “oversee” things as we all do, doesn’t mean it warrents a reaction they are getting. Trying to see every single chain reaction when changing 1 factor is huge, they had the guts to change a whole class. I just applaus it cause it’s give the assassin class a new twist.. that has to be tweaked. What happened was - I just also think the community as a whole used so much salt about stealth that they gave in finally. Fact is that 90% of those whom complained about stealth also refused to change their spec, nor run with anti stealthers. As the community has grown though we see a LOT of Brigands/archers and their anti stealth capabilities from 50+m is making life for a sin much harder. I don’t see that nessarily as a bad thing though… -BUT- as long as the Sin Ultimate is STILL failing to take you to stealth. We aren’t getting a real indication of what it’s like on the battlefield cause we’re more concerned about what happens when we -have- to dodge a bullet -which- we all know will happen. This is also the reason many are choosing Envenom - just saying “fck” it and going ham on a target works cause of the pressure you can create. All this being said I do think the talent tree is super good, and make a lot of things possible. I can’t think of a single bad ability in it. I feel the Domains are a lot more interesting with the choices that you are given because of these talent changes so overall I’m exited about the class. I do see some problems especially : Recon is just horrible being tied so heavily into a class, which has a short up time, and no reapplication chance unless you’re a Blackguard. However I also do like the playstyle : Make it count.
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