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  1. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Caldera is ready for the approaching winter and the hunger that follows in its path, are you!?!
  2. RIP - Forest Step.

    Thanks FRip. Yeah my FPS isn’t much to boast anout - that’s gaming on an iMac for ya.
  3. If we had no potions a more realistic picture would be painted of how crafting works. Because we have pots crafters arent needed and we get annoyed at failures.... Remove pots - get use to how things are going to be. Remove spirit bank and lets see whats its like when you got what u can find. Remove @easymode and lets start to climatize to how the game is going to be.... Of course sry about the item Anth, but u are so old in crowfall terms that u should be use to it by now
  4. RIP - Forest Step.

    Patch 5.2.10 - Pre Forest Step Changes : Knowing all too well that Forest Step is about to change, thus leaving the Ranger without a working disengage - I tried to get as many kiting chances I could get in the Community Even yesterday... In particular this video shows how vital of a tool to stay alive a working disengage is for the Ranger. Not a disengage on a chain of melee abilities, just a prober and working disengage. So fully well knowing that this -isn't- what is intended of the skill set of the ranger... this is IMO how a ranger should be played.
  5. I have an untrained and I have a fully trained. No where -near- a factor of 5.
  6. Fully trained x5 damage? Makes it even more important to look at the ability or skilling related to it.
  7. Not argueing that... Just saying : Chain Pull as a non-telegraphed move on an instant cast is hitting damn hard. That's all.
  8. I know I make these things up... I can find at least three time where Chain hits for 750+. If that isnt a hard hitting ability on an instant cast then I don’t know what it is. As for the difficulty hitting with it. Noted. Should it be easy cast though? Don’t know, isn’t taking that into account atm.
  9. When reviewing the Chain Pull - Please also review the damage it does. An instant cast that lands between 750-1k damage is a bit over the top.
  10. State of the Knight 5.2.10 (Oct 2017)

    Dodgepip removal from the knight should come into play, and if anything the amount of CC the knight brings to the table should placed on the table as well as a factor that plays into the fact that Knights are strong, very strong. With the chain working they are capable of becomming unkiteable, and thus a counter to all ranged classes. So when fixing the Chain please also keep this in mind. That being said I’d also love to see the Chain work!
  11. Blademaster Passive : Blood Price. When orbs spawn boars eat them up. Unsure if they actually eat the orb -or- if they just eat the graphical visual of it. Cause afterwards when running around I randomly heal. Maybe actually picking up some of the now invisible orbs.
  12. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Being part of Caldera, also means being part of a guild that is persistantly active, influencing and aiding the community. While we do take things seriously we also make plenty of room for fun and games... So get your feet wet, join one of our community events :
  13. Community Skirmishes 12th of October

    Bring your date!
  14. Molehunter : Root effect from skills gained not working. Troubadour : Slow from skills gained not working. Ranger : Forest Step teleport on landing enters floating animation and only a RMB roll cancels it. Templar : 1 Ability - Jump n Stun. Stuns you even though you are far away from where the templar lands.