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  1. Plague Lord : Passive : Touch of Rot - doesnt stack as stated, merely applies itself once.
  2. Testing Login Problems!

    5.6.3 : Should be fixed, I've seen the issue as well, but since 5.6.3 haven't had any login issues.
  3. Ranger Specific : Shooting the feedback is off, meaning when you shoot an arrow nearly always, there is up to a second to 1.5 seconds before you see if you have actually hit. Damage done far away (over 40m) done have any feedback at all - damage numbers do not appear. When the appear, they are in the way and u cannot see your target thus not being able to aim. It is a huge frustration! Quiver (and Toxins) effects: Do not always apply. If you haven’t -fully- charge and overloaded the 3rd Ranged LMB the effect isn't applied. Basic Bow + Quiver or Arrows does not make u able to use the 3rd Effect of the arrows because Basic Bow doesn't allow more than the initial step of the combo. Forest Step - Doesn't allow u to teleport -to- the guards nor target dummies. AoE Abilities such as Barrage/Suppression Shot/Ranged Bombs aren’t usable on platforms. Barrage doesn't work at all. Suppressive shot is also often set off above your head rather than at the location of your reticule. Stealther Feedback : Passives are often unable to be loaded to the Stealth tray … Examples are : Glass Cannon, Uniform X/Y/Z, etc.etc.etc. Toughness, when it wears off will take you out of stealth, any "health" related Aura will take you out of stealth. "Toxin Application" on rings will take you out of stealth on the damage tick of the toxin, as well as apply a self-renewing toxin on the target. General Feedback : Bow users reticule does not show what distance they can shoot. When a melee user is within range their targeting reticule, lights up from grey to red while under 5-6 m. When a bow user is over 40, regardless of the range they can shoot, their reticule will always be grey, even if they have a target and can shoot this distance. Assassins and Swords : the Master of Swords says Assassins can use them. The weapons says they can’t. Which is it? Elken Charge : Running in circles and trying to hit your target is... rather well.. in lack of any other way to put it : Stupid. Can we please have it do its final knock up/down on KEY release rather than the full charge? The length of the charge determines this the duration of the knockdown?! Blade Master – Orbs spawn in odd places if they even spawn at all. Burning Hatred – Orbs spawn at locations where u can’t take them. Boars hate being kited. So much in fact at times they just run off and never come back. Cooldowns : Did some testing this morning and was able to reproduce these 2 bugs persistently. First bug : Removing the Cooldown counter all together : By tray switching. Second bug : Making the Cooldown counter -lock- so it won't continue it's cooldown by opening your inventory while it's on cooldown. Leadership buffs fall off when standing around for too long and only reappear when u do some combat abilities. Change it so Teleport isn't your E. When in the harvest tray u will want to use your E for retaliate and not teleport. Fae and falling. When using your RMB at the top of your double jump you will be catapulted forward, and falling from great heights will allow you to cover great distances immensely fast. Intended? Or Bug? Poisoner : Mithrandism - Doesn't remove bleed. Skill training : While VIP is cool and all, not being able to train freely the racial and class is rather odd. I can see why a chain training is bad, but other than that… I don't get it. Training: Pure Blood AND Half Blood... should be possible. Training: Human AND Nethari … should be possible. Training: Human AND Pureblood… should NOT possible….
  4. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    Assassin are only viable as long as they can keep their Toxin of choice on their target. While Black Mask is a good situational 25% heailng debuff. The fact that this exact debuff doesnt stack means you have other sources which are the same but which offer a wider array of usable abilities.
  5. Testing Login Problems!

    They are working on it. It's just not an overnight fix, so chill dude.
  6. Power Efficiency and Pip Classes

    Power Ef wont effect your pip requiring abilities, but all those of your disciplines it will.
  7. Combos worse for anyone since update?

    5.7 should see a fix to this issue... we'll just have to wait pactiently.
  8. Chummer.. they are working on it. It's not something that will get fixed over night, chill a bit.
  9. Summertime!

    Summertime ppz!!! On behalf of Caldera, we hope u all have a great summer! Personally I'll be spending a week in London making it as unsafe as possible Looking for harvesters and small bands of ppz to gank and loot! Looking forward to seeing you on the flip side. Regards Brian aka Soulreaver.
  10. End Game Raid Bosses PVE

    PvE mobs for loot is imo a horrible idea... Disciplines... ok.. but not gear/ressources what so ever unless the corpse becomes a harvestable node (skinning/stone/ore what ever depending on the type of mob)
  11. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    How else are we suppose to find ppl ?!??! (yes it's a joke)
  12. Forts - zero value

    Forts : Places of crafting Somewhat safety when fighting larger Groups. Fun Places to lie in waiting for ppl to cap - serving as an unexpected defender. In all - Quite like their presence and function. Would be nice if theyere were not so many crafting tables there so you'd hve to flid forts more often in order to get your gear done. Transporting the unfinished gear from one fort to another.
  13. ARIA "The Noble House" [EU]

    Welcome to Crowfall from Caldera. Looking forward to seeing you on the field of battle.