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  1. Caldera : Under the hood.. Getting things done when there is no guild bank, and guild members run on opposite schedules will always be a challenge. The larger a guild becomes the more logistical work there will be. If you are not mass-producing and having a large amount of waste, an option is doing individual crafting.. which conflict with people being on these opposite schedules. So to overcome these issues Caldera has crafted a tool to aid us. In Caldera we have chosen to sort this out through representing how the state of our current gear is in. The durability of your current g
  2. @Tiggs I'm just going to repeat myself… yet again : You are not listening. @come on already! Ace - persisting to claim that you are reading the forums, that you are listening to the players. Then when repeating to do the same stupid poorly made dergs over and over again must also mean : "You hear what we say and we dont give a poorly made dergs." Yet again another huge disappointment... So if you actually stop pretending that you are listening and want to do something about it... After the next campaign. Leave the infected up 2-3 days. Launch a campaign after the we
  3. <Question> Forts -providing- ressources don’t make any sense. They undermine the harvesting in the game and only further support the ‘Uncle Bob’ effect. Are there any reworks in their design in the works and which? Example - they could provide a harvesting buff for the zone its in - to the owners make more sense.
  4. Then please this in mind for a coming campaign.
  5. With all due respect.. No you don't, creating an EU server/Campaign isn't what we're asking for. We have stated this so many times in the past so for the last time : the EU players would prefer to play on an NA hosted campaign, -WITH- Siege windows that are suitable for NA -and- EU players. We already had this talk/debate, we already had it implemented in the past campaign. Why do we keep having to return to these debates?
  6. Funny enough I live in EU, Denmark as well, and while the "siege"-time doesn't prevent me from joining the campaign - nearly all the PvP are funneled into those siege-windows ; which obviously will be around a RL time frame where 90% of the EU population can't participate. This isn't about being able to -join- the campaign, it's about being able to -join- the sieges. So : @ACE-Tiggs please do return this feedback to the other Devs.
  7. All I can express is how huge of a let down this is - an NA siege schedule won't give you a larger player population, nor player participation. All it will accomplish is creating an even larger antipathy towards the game and development from the playing - non-NA part of the community. The amount of feedback and hard work trying to get just -one- campaign, where there was NA -and- EU siege times, has just been flushed down the drain. It's not just the NA community that has been waiting around for weeks to get a test of the Dregs, it's also a decently sized EU/Russian one. Instead of learn
  8. U obviously then don't really play vs players that know the game.
  9. Same old rant : Frostweaver broken - Ice placement pauses movement and is super wonky. - Frigid and Volatile Ice effect not happening within the ranges listed. - Building ice when u already have ice is annoying. - Frost Armory consuming more stacks of ice than they give armor. - Mana issues Assassin - Dont even know where to start...
  10. The first time spend becomming good at something is a time investment in the social aspect of the game. Also forcing you to seek allies. After x amount of time you will always be able to craft everything you need, and this wont be something worth talking about - so instead of being impactient... lean back and spend the time smart, waiting to reap your reward of being able to make better stuff than what can drop. The urge to constantly speed things up and get instant gratification for playing a game... there are plenty of games like that around. Its good that there is also a game that
  11. Toxins and Focus They loose durability on procs.. which means they die out really fast. Please change this
  12. As so often before they went completely overboard - which is quite frustrating.
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