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  1. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    I feel relevant cause I’m not “weeks/months/years” behind in skill training cause I’m unable to log on and continiously grind to level up things. It was the propect of “no-grind” that made me invest. Where as for you that may be punching a button.... for me that is planning ahead. That is making concious choices. As for your attempt of making logic of what I’m saying, and failing miserably I might add, your approach to the game is imo : attempting to change the pitch. Your approach is taking core elements of the game, then trying to change it “for your personal views”, yet you (as I read it) in a demeaning manner slander me for contradicting your view due to my personal reasons. Well apparently if anything you have a double standard and I just can’t/nor will I debate with that. So basically to the issue of : Removing the passive skill system - HELL NO!
  2. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    You want an active skill tree system - go play one of the many other games in which this is an option. For those of us whom have a family, job, responsibilities which makes it impossible to be in game as much as we’d actually wish we could - thus still have a chance to feel relevant and can still pose difference in the game. Those with zounds of time got their sacrifice system - woo hoo (hate it!). They will already be ahead on gear. They will be ahead on social relations and thus possibly also the amount of ppl the surround themself with (unless they are complete a**holes). Persistantly trying to change the game to resemble all the others out there.... not smart.
  3. Bleed is having FAR too large of an impact on damage, all other mitigations can be dealt with but for some reason bleed is the only one at 0.37%.. vs nearly 10% in everything else.
  4. Rogue Skills aren't being applied. Many disciplines aren't placeable in the stealth tray. Like : Glass Cannon and Sparring. Rogue Sprint Modifier (Bottom blue tree) 412 error
  5. In the Harvesting video u dont tell ppl how to open the crafting menu (J)
  6. RMB unusable in Harvest tray The Pips appear but u can't use em.
  7. Rangers (regardless of race) - When using a bow the arrows aren't alligned visually with the bowdraw. Arrows look like they are comming out from behind his left shoulder. Especially noticable when strafing left.
  8. Wood Elf RMB in Harvest Tray doesn't trigger.
  9. A question for those that play this game a lot.

    Relating to your character.. That's a good question. In previous games I have definately felt a need for a strong connection to the characters I played, from the Sith Assasin to the Worgen Hunter. When starting out in Crowfall everyone was playing Confessors or Legios. It was an indifferent mess, everyone were pretty much the same - except no-one played the Ranger. So instead of relate to the character and race, I tried to define myself by being something that broke the general trail of thought. Something that made people stop up and pay attention. It was then that I started to look for others doing the same thing. Since all classes looked the same back then, it became their playstyle that defined them. They are still around. They are dedicating themselves to making the classes special. Making it possible to be more than just another in the crowd. Some call it "the Meta", to me it's being part of the "crowd" in which you disappear and become indifferent and unable to influence things. If the meta dictates what you should or shouldn't do... then you're not playing the game.
  10. The UI

    SW-ToR has a 100% customizational UI there are several out there.
  11. The UI

    After a few fights yesterday, I have to admit that frustrations hit the roof. It wasn’t the FPS. It wasn’t the skill tree retraining. I’m not going to blaim the lag nor the servers stability. It’s the UI. There are so many issues with it that just isn’t pleasing to the eye, nor does it carry over well into the game. Number 5 : Character Screen : - It covers 50% of your screens real-estate. When you on top of that open the crafting window or skill window you loose 30-40% more. It’s absolutely unnecessary. On the contrary it’s quite annoying and irritating. - Suggestion : Cut it -all- by 50%. Make it half the size it has now. It will still have the pleasing visual you are looking for. Number 4 : Target Frame - Top left hand corner looking at your target for debuffs/health/buffs and so on moves your view -away- from where the action is at – counter intuitive and quite annoying. - Suggestion : Make it moveable -now please- Number 3 : The Health Bars : - Looking to the top LEFT hand corner to see your health/stamina and resource takes your attention away from where it’s suppose to be at. o ( - We use to have this information at the bottom of the screen. o - Suggestion : Make it OPTIONAL if you want to see the XP bar from 5.4 or this health/resource and stamina bar – please! Number 2 : The Targeting Reticule : - Offsetting the character to the left of the reticule is by far one of the most annoying and frustrating things presently. It makes my number 2 on the list. Move it back to over the characters head, yes I know that this brings in issues with the Myrmidon and the Elken, but you just have to work on it. - Suggestion : Move it back to where it was, to match the classes differently depending on the height of the race. So no matter what race u choose the offset between the head and the reticule is always the same. I could bring in a few honorable mentions but I’m jumping directly to number 1 : The Damage numbers and Condition indication! - Here I hope my video says it all : - Suggestion : Scale the numbers according to distance to the target hit. By god move the text out of view of the target, not just by a little but by a lot, as you can see in the video, a ranged character will shoot and fight by feel, not by knowing there is a target. It’s a random toss of abilities at the cluster of enemies. There is absolutely -no- precision nor skill involved… Well that’s my 5 cent at least.
  12. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    That's a huge NO
  13. Harvest Tray - When you move your mouse over a ressource it lights up. Perfect. When in the Assassin Stealth tray ressources ALSO light up. Sucks.
  14. Rangers : Somehow at times you can place double melee bombs. Once caught by the bombs you will take fall damage as well as normal damage. Sometimes they will just "fling you out of orbit".