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  1. The ability to outplay your opponent through reading what they do is gone. It's just facetank and really no real mechanics involved.
  2. Melee does too Hit Location/Timing - YouTube Dodge to avoid damage -use- to be a thing, it's just not anymore. Now it's just a gap maker/closer. Which doesn't make sense.
  3. I have a much harder time understanding why some classes have near invulnerabile buildinto their kit. On top of damage and mobility.
  4. Still issues : Toxins and Focus loose durability on : Procs. Feels horrible. Amulets and Rings have a really low durability score, compared to how challenging it is to get these items it's frustrating to see them disappear so fast. Frostguard : Ice Block .. absolutely worthless Ulti/node. Standing still for 10 seconds while your team mates try to survive.. what is it you're trying to accomplish with this "passive" play. Should have kept the old Armory on the guard. Frost Armors : Last 6 seconds on a Guard and even less on the Caller and Arch. You're better off taking nodes lik
  5. Yes that is how many feel And Yes that is how many perceive it.
  6. Sherlock. Create your first vessel and find out as you get to level 30 that it sucks and want to flip to another race on the green vessel.
  7. Split campaign again - are you fcking kidding me. What do we have to do in order to get you to -actually- listen.
  8. Invented a problem? You should look at the forum more, as well as talk to people. Then you would see/hear the annoyance with -having- to level in the first place. Maybe the leveling isn't a problem to you, but then again perhaps you're the minority here. The problem has been presence since the "leveling" was introduced. It wasn't part of the initial concept and it was made so ppl could connect to their "character" as well as give people a "new player experience". As for the idea/proposed way to go around it. Not by far saying it's ideal, but sure as hell is better than what we
  9. Re-Maxing out character - and switching race. Tell me again where the fix is at. Edit : know it's the maxing out u mean I just call it leveling cause that is what it is.
  10. Level an Elven ranger, only to find you want a Mino ranger, and then have to level that anyways. Right the current proposed solution to leveling is sooo much better. With the proposed solution you still have to grind and repeat everything it solves nothing. Upgrading a vessel.. Gotcha, so you get the extra points from the vessel (like I already stated) yeah, but having to level to get those points even one level is still pointless. It will be even worse if they have made it so you have to go through each vessel to be able to level up. Deleting a character only feels bad cause the conn
  11. With the announcement of an incomming wipe, you can forget about getting players returning now... A lot of people are not playing the game, more and more are notifying that they are going to leave till live or for good. The amount of testers leaving because of the course you are plotting is just ridiculous. The scary thing is this doesn’t even seem to be something you’re aware of. You refer to Vessels and character progression: What if I want to change race on the vessel? Then I must level again anyways, and what's the point then it makes absolutely no sense?!? What do you get is a n
  12. So play another - a lot of us like exactly this style.
  13. Err some of us actually paid to get that, just cause we wanted 'exactly' that parcel .. U saying it's gone?
  14. Gold sinks... are good?! Are you kidding me? Its an outview like this whih will encourage even more stupid grinds in the game that isnt needed. Throne War PvP... Not fcking Grind War PvE
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