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ACE Development Partner & Investor
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About Me

Been here... done that :



• In the downtime of raiding I did a lot of PvP holding several Gladiator titles.



• Joined during Beta, as the Inquisitor. The game content came along slowly and I switched to PvP. After a few years my main was changed to the Assasin.

• Which is where you will find me from time to time now.


Guild Wars 2

• Lately while waiting for Crowfall to come out I've done a bit of PvP In GW2, making things unsafe on a Ranger/Druid, when I'm not In SWToR that is.



• Just resently got into Alpha, and have high hopes for the future of this game.

• Presently working out how to make the Ranger enjoyable.



"Role" Experience with PvP :


• The classes which I 've played In PvP range from the trinity of Healer / Tank / DPS. I've had a ton of time as ranged DPS, but trive with stealthers and tank/melee DPS.

• Knowing that Crowfall will move away from the trinity consept and instead fokus on specialist classes, that is most likely where I will experiment a lot.


Community Participation :


• In practically all the games I've played I've been part of a guild, often service as a Class officer/councilar. I strive to spend my time best possible, I dont have unlimited online time due to also being a full time father.

• I'm active on forums, and very active theory-crafting.

• I'm skilled at reading others, and learning their intentions.

• I value integrity and loyalty a great deal.

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