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  1. The Archer [Call for Fire] does absolutely nothing.
  2. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Capping has in its own right become an artform. From stealing a win with but an apple, to letting others help you cap. So -when- you cap, don't be so certain you're the one doing the capping mates!.
  3. The 5.8 Assassin

    With 5.8 all the different classes have received a new skill tree. It brings a whole new dimension to builds and how to play a class. So what I would love to see with this thread is for the sin players to toss up their thoughts on aspects of the tree that could use some attention. Ideas and thoughts.
  4. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Even though the campaign is close to ending, I just wanted to highlight the hard work of the Chaos Faction. A lot of players have been showing up this campaign for the EU server, and even though the Order players took a vacation on Balance it was still possible to snag the campaign. The players of Caldera still play a large role in the eventual outcome. At times even with low numbers we will snag small parts of what becomes an overall win. Even if "that small piece of the larger picture" is something as simple as an Apple...
  5. Confessor Tornadoes : The knock up into fall damage from tornadoes : starting to get old @fast. Even the smallest elevation means that the Tornadoes does an insane amount of damage, not from the tornadoes themselves but from the height of the knock up which is then related to the fall damage u take. Can you please revisit this asap. @thomasblair
  6. Will the Discipline hunt and how you described the use of these disciplines, mean that u can remove Disciplines from Vessels? Cause searching for the right disciplines, and once you get them, then have to redo leveling on a new vessel etc... sounds rather clunky and not really well considered.
  7. Ulti feels underwhelming

    U get to use it twice at a very short rate of “charge”, sins in comparisen get it once. Just being able to use it twice is good.
  8. TBH just not in the mood for yet another skill wipe. Could survive on all basic trees being full, but a full? Just @sigh, done it so many times now.
  9. Also : When ever a GUARD is attack set off a warning (attacked by a PLAYER that is ofc) As is when a fort/camp/keep is attacked we're notified when the capturing starts to take place, but that isn't really enough time for us to get from A to B to defend that place.
  10. Make camps connect to forts, meaning in order to take a fort u need to fill in the missing camps from your beachhead and onwards.
  11. EU - When uding any runegate u get ported to the character select. relogging in makes u appear in the location the runegate would have taken u
  12. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    Depending on how u define snare - in what I lean on as snare being a “Slow” - Then Assassins do have it - Diffusion with Poison Toxin is just that.
  13. Horizon | [EU]

    Was an intense 7 hours. Even though u had a lead, we were able to snatch a win of another "unsanctioned" campaign. Hope to see u for more.
  14. Blackguard Opener. @thomasblair The Blackguard spec lack a stealth opener, atm it's very clunky to get into combat from stealth since it's like being in the survival tray and there is no real way of getting aroudn this other than use the Z button. What -could- solve it -very- easily is : Allow assassins to use DIFFUSION from stealth tray. It will take the assassin out of combat, and since the Blackguard -has- a Toxin application as the only class it seems natural to do so... The other 2 Assassins being able to use Diffusion from stealth would mean they need a toxin preapplied… so I'm not sure this would be balanced. If it's "just" the blackguard and if that is a possiblitily then I'd love to see it happen.
  15. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire\
  16. Make a 3rd opener for the Sin... Ambush for Cutthroat ... The Stun one for Vandal .. make a 3rd with a different effect for the Blackguard
  17. Well Makkon I was in basic stuff as well *shrug* and notoriously you never run anti stealth nor Warden Ranger so I'm wondering what you're expecting. I'm not trying to be an unpleasant person Makkon, but I think you're taking things out of content.
  18. 8% lifesteal

    Dont disagree... u suggest it in the bug report
  19. 8% lifesteal

    Psn damage only. Weak
  20. Improvement to the camp/capture system

    Main issue is really : Lack of warnings. We only get one when ppl are already capping and that is too late. I do though agree with the idea/concept of this post... Well done
  21. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    100 Attack Power negligent? Only subtree to bypass 200 AP is Cutthroat. Meaning 100 AP is doubleing up on your AP in some trees.