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  1. The Trial of Perstilyn It's been a while since Caldera has spend as much time inside the keep as we did in this particular trial. Taking a somewhat different role this campaign, the guild spend a lot of time trying to help out the others on the Chaos faction progress in their gear. Most on the Chaos faction started the campaign out with no gear, and little to no experience. The weeks would change things, with Caldera's help the different groups under the Chaos banner got setup and have become pretty much self sufficient. Unfortunately this wasn't enough to win the campaign, as the numbers of Balance were just too strong and well geared. It was how ever enough for the The Umbressa Keep to stay under the control of Chaos for the entire campaign. Regardless how many numbers Balance acquired. Regardless of how many times they stood knocking at our gates... this didn't change. When at times you loosen your grasp the other factions will take advantage of that, one such occasion in Perstilyn - @Aurellius, leading a group of 4G, ninjaed 2 keeps from Balance, giving Chaos all three keeps for a short time. Caldera - Recruitment : Open With patch 5.110 not arriving till early 2020, we are still open for applications. Anyone looking to persistently test the Alpha, and work on how to improve as a player and as well as be part of a team. There will always be other guilds, groups, factions around, some more successful that others. When choosing to fight under a certain banner it wont always be smooth sailing, there will be problems The persons we seek want to be part of making a change for the whole guild, they want to help others. They don't pick up and leave, when promised glory and glitter by someone else. Pure and simple: Reliable and active players. New or old to Crowfall we welcome applications. Apply Now
  2. Just make them only able to capture -out- of combat. The armor issue isnt solved - I agree we are seeing many spec with only the plate users actually viable.
  3. Confessor and Druid LMB. Not only does it lock on target so they dont have to aim to use it.. it also means you can't LoS to break it
  4. Most of these suggestions are rather good… On number 3 though I disagree. I think it's actually a good part of the game that you have to orientate yourself using the camera often, since its also your to hit then it's a choic eyou make to keep on target and thus have the danger of "tunneling" or orientating yourself.
  5. Rare mobs? Well you already got that, Chiefs and Kings. As for them dropping finished gear. IMO through be limited to dropping ressources, rather than items.
  6. If Ballista cant shoot inside the keep - what use will they have. Catapults will not be used. Trebs outdistance Ballistas. Leaving Ballistas with a narrow use in the breech that is created. Where the attackers will just run though if they know they are safe from ballista fire once inside. Mind you - Im not saying things are optimal with how they work, changing where they can shoot isnt what I think would be the right solution. They are easy enough to take down if not accompanied with a siege engineer.
  7. The campaign of Perstilyn. Since Perstilyn Campaign started Balance has been pounding away at the Chaos Keep walls. Saturday evening was no exception. Over the course of 40 minutes they presisted to hammer away at the Keep Defences. In the end, only a few walls remained, as they made their advance to the Tree of Life. A lot of rotation positions went into the defence of the keep, and boiling down 40 minutes of Siege Operator gameplay becomes rather blurred. So I've tried to show the important moments of the fight, where Balance does so pushes or Chaos rotates on the map when needed. The Keep with no walls The players of Chaos are mostly a large group of 4G players, KDS and Caldera. If interested in joining either of these groups contact : 4G : Through Discord : BlackCanario#4693 Caldera KDS
  8. Deserves a lot more attention that it’s getting. GJ mate.
  9. Confessor and Druid LMB - auto lock on target so once they have pressed it and hold it down all other LMB shots will also hit.
  10. I think the definition of “justify” and how it was used was out of context, I honestly couldn’t take the reaction serious But what ever
  11. The Trial of Yaga.. A campaign where old alliances split to give the EU server a breath of fresh air - in an attempt to fuel a 3 faction campaign. Much of spring was exactly that, with Balance pushing ahead for an early lead. As the seasons passed though Orders started to get a decent stride going. By the time we reached winter The Nordic Marauders, a band of 4G, and Caldera had been able to sway the points balance and Order was in the lead. Though fights were mostly focused around the forts, there was no absence of fighting for large parts of the campaign - often at the most unexpected moments. One such moment was the capture and defense of the Maggas Fort, where 9 stood strong against the onslaught of 2 factions. Defence at Maggas As tides change.. How the game is played will always be a personal choice… Do you play with respect for others or do you mock and make ridicule? Regardless of which you choose it's always a choice - one that defines how others perceive who you are and what you stand for. Caldera always aspire to respect allies and enemies alike. There will always be situations which influence these choices, some that are beyond your control and some you may choose to try and influence. Due to recent events, Caldera has chosen to return to the Chaos faction, reuniting with our allies from KDS. Players whos efforts stand out.... One of our pillars we lean on is @Udienow, a gentle nature, loyal, and positive attitude is often what makes us push on and exel to be better. Caldera is of course also always looking for new players. New or old to Crowfall we welcome applications. Apply Now
  12. Winter draws close… And the fort fights are becoming a lot more frequent. Nordic Marauders and Caldera, small randoms from the Europe Region make up the bulk of the fights and engagements. At Blacksilks Fort and The Salty Maid, the most numerous fights took place, so as a day in fall comes to a close… The Salty Maid Blacksilks Fort Personally I changed to a Ranger for these fights, just to something different. So it's a different view from the Assassin I usually play. Caldera is still recruiting and looking for members, so take a look at who we are, and if joining our ranks could be something which could seem of interest. Read More! or Join our Discord and ask questions #WarStories #CrowfallGame #Caldera #Ranger
  13. The "understanding..". Balance lost their keep Tuesday evening, this evening they returned - with Chaos. Chaos and Balance arranged that while Chaos keeps Order busy, Balance take their keep back. Balance got their keep… Order kept theirs… Siege Defence #CrowfallGame #WarStories
  14. Druid LMB - point - click - if u do damage u can now just run around holding down LMB no need to target anymore - target still takes damage when not targeted by the reticule. Just like ranger rapid fire
  15. Just 9 … The EU campaign has been going for nearly a week and the factions and new alliances. Balance and Chaos, have setup fights on the road between the Magga's Fort and the Chaos keep. Order decides to in their confusion, backdoor and steal the fort. Knowing full well that both faction will respond to this. The setup The aftermath #CrowfallGame #Warstories #Caldera
  16. The Trial of Yaga The trail of Yaga is in its early stages, so till people get settled in and the sieges start, roaming is pretty much what we spend the most time on. In the Trial of Yaga, Caldera is allied with -NM- and the evenings roams have been quiet enjoyable. Take a look at their recruitment : Nordic Marauders, in the video below just a new spec, and messing around. Just need a little push to work. #CrowfallGame #Warstories #NM #Caldera
  17. Can we please be able to name/rename vessels in the login screen? @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair
  18. He's standing there so I can then get his position from the target dummy - as it reads on his screen. .As I shoot to his location and he says : Target reads 3m away… There is nothing in reference to how tall the Elken is. Edit : I think I may have misunderstood u Jah.
  19. Exporting Gear When a character leaving a campaign can we please make it so you don't take off your gear, but leave it on your character.. just like when entering?
  20. The new bank While it's -great- we have a new bank and a system that allows us to have a much larger bank. Finding things in it is actually a mess, especially gear. It's not possible to organize it. So different sets/drops items made for different characters are a nightmare to locate and only if the crafter remembers to name things does it become a little easier. I don't have an idea how to solve this other than different tabs with thus also different places, like the old bank, to place things.. but it doesn't really help here I think.
  21. Blackguard The Flytext on Blackguard Assassin bugs out and doesn't correctly show the damage you do, not the correct healing you do.
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