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    Er no. The Cutthroat is yeilding a huge burst. The class promo that could use a look at it the Vandal since retaliate pretty much negate why you would choose it as a class.
  2. As the Trial of Zaleena is drawing to a close, the Sieges are getting more and more intense in the fight for points. This evening KDS, some tough Russians and Caldera pushed in to acquire all three keeps. the following is my view of those fights that followed. We are still looking for players : - Young and Old. - Unexperienced and experienced. Be eager and strong. Be willing to join a community where we help each other when able. We go out of our way to have a laugh, and when things get rough we take the time to try and sort things out. It's a mature enviroment (with a lot of Immature people :P) - but when it comes down to the clutch moments... we play to win. Look us up on : Caldera Website
  3. After weathering the storm of yesterday and keeping the Order keep from the grap of Balance, the guilds of Caldera, KDS and a group of eager Russians went on the attack. First sieging and capturing Death Keep. Defending the Order keep. Then racing to prevent Chaos from taking the Balance keep. It was a mad evening and one that gave Order 3 Keeps. Thank you to all those involved, those unable to join were missed! A huge respectful "Good Fight" to the Chaos side!
  4. The season has changed, and from a quiet spring it has become a rough winter. Here is my view of how Balance attempted to Siege Orders Keep. https://youtu.be/ykA5XIHszpc
  5. When u use Basic - High Tension - Arcane Bows.. The speed of pulling the bow (LMB) doesn't gain the speed of Call for Fire.
  6. That is cause Rapid Fire damage is over tuned, it doesnt change the fact that LMB charge time vs damage done - in no way reflect melee attack speed vs damage done.
  7. Cap - press F on a 1 min channel to cap. 10 min recap timer before the camp starts to count on the scoreboard. Indications where cap is happening. Dunno just off the top of my head.
  8. Archer: Placing an ability on a class that only works when rooted, and efter 6 seconds .... makes this class very prone and being as squishy as it is makes it mear impossible to be viable. Call for Fire - Only works with Recurve Bows... please make it work with ALL bows if proberly applied. Quivers dont influence the damage caculation resulting in Ranger damage being VERY low.
  9. You apparently enjoy our company so much, since you keep joining the EU campaign, does that also mean you want us to join the NA campaign in numbers?
  10. Well as much as I'd love to say that was the truth @Ble, but it's not. I just took the time and looked through the whole list of US capping and there are 3 Caldera Members present... With 2 of them having 1 cap and one of them 0. I stand corrected : 3 not 2 players were on. Any backcapping on the US server isn't from Caldera. Sry but your sources of information are incorrect, either that or you need to work on your propaganda pitch.
  11. Just to be perfectly clear : 2 3 Players from Cal. On the flip 20+ from US went EU.
  12. On behalf of some of the harvesters in Caldera : The rank of the animals is extremely RNG. Something that never happens with ore. Ore and trees will always spawn around the keeps, you have guaranteed R9-10 single nodes and motherloads every campaign. While you might be missing one certain type of ore, the chances are a lot lower than for hide. Soft hide is impossible to get. Finding a high rank Auroch is almost near impossible and if you find it, the spawn will have between 1-3 Aurochs. Not only do you have to spend around 60% of the time you spend waiting for them to respawn but you also get less hide during the nighttime when the animals change into their Hunger forms. The same thing goes for elks. They are impossible to farm due to their long respawn times/low number of animals at spawn. I wouldn't complain about the respawn time of the pigs and the respawn time of the wolves. When killing and skinning alone, you are not limited by the pig respawn time, when skinning wolves, even if someone's is helping you, even if there are only three wolves, you will perma skin. But the guarantee that there will be high rank wolves and pigs is so low. We can ignore the fact that without wolves, aurochs (crafting armor), elks and pigs, I can't make most of the gear. But pig skin is needed for treated leather which is the part that boosts HP on armor. I think it's unfair that a harvesting profession that has to travel 3 maps to get to rare high rank animals has to spend so much time killing them and bothering with bugs such as animal corpses teleporting, has to farm dust separately/rely on people to bring it to them, is more vulnerable to ganks because they are sitting in one place and losing health, is losing durability on armor and weapons while harvesting, can't make use of Beneficial gear if farming alone. The least we could get is the hunger forms of the animals removed, more mobs per spawn and a guarantee of a high rank spawn of each animal every campaign. As for the "corpses disappearing", he just has to loot them before the day-night cycle changes and they will stay on the ground.
  13. Soulreaver


    Backstab is extremely strong atm and further buffing it would make it overly strong. You can stack damage buffs and debuffs prior to the attack .. So please test a bit more
  14. The current state of the game is a misrepresentation of what it's going to be like. - U wont have the spirit bank to save your butt. - You won't have the carebears watching over you unless you have build up a social network/guild/group. So we can take the debate now, or wait till Beta when everyone has gotten use to the current system and see how disgusted and disappointed people will be at that time.
  15. That is your intrepitation. Thank you for trying to communicate my oppinion but since you're -far- off (as usual) I'll elaborate a bit more. Presently there is -no- reason to get protection groups for your harvesters. There is no need for a large network. There is benefit to it, since the smaller groups have more ressources to play with cause they don't have to take a risk in getting it. So if we go down the path Mandalore painted, easy ganks. Well ATM there is no difference between a harvester and a combat player. They have all the disciplines and all the tools available to prevent these ganks… they just don't have an incentive to use it.
  16. Having a keep has the perk of having most of the crafting stations located in a central location. Noted, no issue there. Why on earth are ressources the best right next to a keep? The safety of a keep, short run distance. Little to no need for leaving that parcel... But Why!?!? Where is the need for protection!? Why venture out in groups!? I think the idea of having so valueble ressources so close to the keeps ruins a lot of what I thought this game was to be about - fighting our ressources. ATM there is just running and spirit banking. Speaking of which - Make the Spirit Bank ONLY USABLE IN THE BEACH HEAD.....
  17. Ranger : Archer The FIRE FOR EFFECT doesn't work with a High Tension Bow. Ranger : Quivers Quivers aren't factored into the equation of damage, mentioned -a ton of times- and by -a lot- of people.
  18. Lets try again.. Quivers dont apply damage, meaning u can use which ever quiver u want regardless of quality and get the same numbers in terms of damage. @jtoddcoleman @mhalashace
  19. Ranger : Quivers are -not- used in the caculation for the damage. Only the bows damage enters the caculation
  20. Vandals are pretty much semi screwed over due to how retaliate works ATM. Their chain of CC never takes effect cause Retaliate is up sooner than they can reapply the next CC. So either Yags gift is on a too long CD or retaliate needs a change imo... Regardless.. Leather users are rather punished compared to especially their plate counterparts. The damage bonus they get is pretty much negated vs a plate user, where as the leather doesn’t really hold up against the damage of which any the plate using clases can toss at them.
  21. Quiver are also still linked to disciplines, so it you dont have a disciplines on you cant use a quiver
  22. They still dont get the damage from their Quiver though
  23. Ranger : Bow effect damage. Working as intended. Quivers on the other hand appear -not- to factor into the damage equation.
  24. @jtoddcoleman Rangers need to be able to use quivers regardless of what disc they use. Being forced to take a certain disc just to be able to use a quiver doesnt make sense. Make it level dependent (the node just before the specialty part of the skill tree seems logical). Granted some quivers tie well to the Arcane Archer Discipline - Ice and Fire quivers
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