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  1. Write to them instead send a “guild request”. The guild forum is really helpful in that regard
  2. Melee is struggeling in 5.100, mostly because of the changed melee range. Effectively the 3 m range in combination with desync of the server makes it near impossible to actually hit your opponent. At the very least makes it extremely easy for the target to kite. In comparisen ranged will be able to hit you from a mile away (over exaggeration) with a huge hitbox. You literally dont even need to have the reticule lit up, you will still hit. In addition one of the big reasons to take an assassin would be the anti-heal. Unfortunately this has been nerfed to being useless, instead everyone takes PlagueLord for the 30m 1hit 1application ability. Something the assassin needs 6 attacks to match... just from melee. So ATM there is really no “best” assassin build, cause the class is broken. You can make it work, but its not effective compared to other classes ... Best of luck
  3. Trial of Arkon… Caldera has throughout the Trial of Arkon made their presence known, be it capturing forts or defending keeps. Most notably though we have ensured that all our harvesters and crafters have been geared up to provide us with a well-oiled supply line. You can focus on an individual’s score or that of a group, a faction, a guild. That won’t really tell you anything about the guild, nor what it’s like to be in it. So, what is Caldera? A group of dedicated players, persistently testing the game in order to aid making it as good as possible. We go out of our way to help players in the guild be the best they can be. Does that mean they will be the best in the game? Possibly not, our goal isn’t creating a forum for the “selected few”. Our goal is to aspire for success through the trust and aid we lend each other. Others can rant all they want, in the end it’s the result of the campaign that matter - did you reach the goals you set, or didn’t you?
  4. The Trial of Gaea What isn't yours... As the Trial of Gaea takes off, both Chaos and Order proceed to defend their Keeps. Since Balance keep is left open, both factions proceed to lay siege to it... #Warstories #Crowfall
  5. Instead of giving Melee 3m range, they should have tightened the barn size hitbox for ranged. Melee 3m range and desync is a huge problem especially if the combatants are moving the same direction. Btw. @Balathan Good video, shows pretty much also a second problem. Ranged players have no need to see ally healthbars, and when looking at the ... “group” of targets, they can often not see/find the right target, purely because of the clutter. It’s an issue which would be nice to in some manner see adressed.
  6. I was generalising (sp), mostly to make a point. To which there will always be exceptions. @DarthBunBun well played mate, have a sneaking suspision that you also had a good grp covering your back - so cudos to them as well.
  7. Mostly Counting PvE deaths in a PvP caculation is just... well -not- optimal imo. In fact it's really annoying. If you then also add to the equation that not every player kill counts and that melee vs ranged vs healers is a very different scenario there is too larger of an imbalance to the score. The top scoring across the board are : Ranged… The Lacking : Healers The wrecked : Melee.
  8. Indeed. Also punish the group composition since anyone breaking off to deal with ballistas have to be able to recover while taking it down and making their way back to the grp, requiring mobility and self sustain... Selective few builds..
  9. Representing Order, KDS and Caldera faced the forces of Chaos and Balance... using the defensive capabilities of the keep in an attempt to defend. Attacked from two fronts #Warstories #Crowfall
  10. Been there and done that far too many times! Just as order faction though! *smirks* Oh yeah!
  11. The off hours in the Trial of Arkon 10 things to do in a Campaign for a PvPer Often a PvP player will be tasked with assisting in harvesting, or have an off hours interest in crafting. If that is not the case, then here is an example of what PvPers also can spend their time on. While most of it is actually nothing to do with the act of PvP itself - it's a build up for it. So here is my view of what a days work looks like. #Crowfall #Warstory.
  12. Trial of Arkon - First Siege. First Siege of the Campaign - Assassin Gameplay. For the past 2 Campaigns Caldera has been stuck between restructuring and getting new members - and - holidays and vacation! So for Trial of Arkon it was time to get back into the fight, and though most of the players here are first time raiders, with just off the rack gear it was a fun evening. If you insert : https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_co... at 1:19 you have the full flow of the evenings raid.
  13. Even the most enduring need rest, or in this case vacation! As the Trial of Cybele started, practically the whole "Order Faction" on EU geared down and getting ready for vacation, those staying behind used the time for random encounters and testing. Caldera was no exception. We’ve been messing around with discipline builds, theory crafting optimal setups for a crafter - stat wise, doing some random roaming and just enjoying a couple of weeks where evening siege windows wasn't on the agenda. Caldera - Recruitment : Open With patch 5.100 just around the corner, we are still open for new players. Looking for new and old, minded for the fights ahead. Looking to persistently test the Alpha, and work on how to improve as a player and as part of a team. Pure and simple: Reliable and active players.
  14. There are increasingly number of spots where u are falling through the world and dying. Literally holes in the ground so unless the Ranger bombs are new kind of traps that take u out of existance then please fix
  15. The removal of the Demon / Expansive / Hand and so on Why? To make races seem more attractive? I get that. My problem with it is that the non-races already “paid” a passive slot so a “price” was paid. The races which needed some attention imo should just have gotten it in some other fashion. The removal of these two minors is removing ideas/choices/options. Its gating builds and diversity - removing options and versatility. Instead of removing these disc look at other options please. Note - Same goes for the removal of Surging Spirit.
  16. Make the Promotion class passive just something that is on your character - not something you have to slot. Having to slot it as a passive is just annoying and tbh horribly by design
  17. The new targeting ui/reticule is a -horrible change. This auto targeting is horrible due to body blocking and so on now means that you cant target the right players cause the target will jump all over the place and u can't anticipate things. This reticlue change is taking the randomness to a whole new level. This is a grp pvp game and now I have to guess who to hit
  18. @DravoiX October 2016 - Man this is a flash back.
  19. War is an incredible teacher - a brutal instructor. The Trial of Kronos came right after Maeve. Though we could have used a break we tossed ourselves into the fray. It quickly turned into a 2 faction war - where most of the campaign were fought over the keeps, with some epic Siege defences from both sides, ultimately our energy ran out and Balance prevailed. Some of the sieges can be seen here : In honor of Kronos Battle of the Siege Engines A new trial will come and we will rise again to meet it's challenge! The old and the new Caldera is still in the process of building up its new roster, which of course means there are a lot of things which needs to fall into place. It's a long process, and one we welcome. Having people around of all paths in life regardless of their background is something we cherish. It also means that we often have to go back to the drawing table and rework things - in order to get them right. So while we at times stumble and fall, Caldera is also about getting back up and preparing for the next battle. So if you wish to walk this path with us… send in your application.
  20. The shoutout was added later, it’s an oversight on our part that we of course should give you credit for the work you have done. The spreadsheet was out of date and Sonic took the time to update large parts of it - Which is why its named : Updated Crafting Combinations.
  21. Im intrigued to the answer as wellz
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