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  1. Crowfall - What works

    Crowfall while still in a developing stage imo has a lot going in the right direction. While it's very likely that this thread may convert into post upon post of people disagreeing, it's not the intention of why I think we should get it going - simply try and highlight which parts of the game you feel is atm working, and why. aspects you find interesting and want more of. Crafting : The feel of crafters having an important role is in the center of attention. I think they nailed making crafters important and just because gear has such an impact on combat, crafters are at the core of the loop. When the crafters require ressources, the harvesters are activated. When the crafters have gear, the "wolves" cator to their requests. It just makes a ton of sense. The Visual : I absolutely love the feel of the game, the look, the Graphics. I find it satisfying that the game is not going for a "realistic" feel while still making it just looks good. Targeting : No TAB targeting? Perfect, the fact that it's the multible aspects of controlling a character that matters also makes really good players stand out from the crowd. ..
  2. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    @shameless bump!
  3. Apparently I have a stat (dex/str/intel etc) capped out at 300. I'm still able to put point into the stat but it doesn't go beyond the 300, thus wasting the points. Most likely not intended but which part of it? The stat cap or the putting point into a stat but not recieving a stat raise?
  4. Capped at 1.5.. Fae have a natural movement in stealth of 1.5. So does this mean that the skill training for stealted movement speed is wasted?
  5. Burning Hatred Orbs spawned by Burning Hatred are very rarely able to be picked up. They spawn in the strangest places and often where u can't reach them either under groupnd or cause u have to jump to get em.
  6. They are marked to run till 8/5/2018... that time has come and gone. So will there be a new server or will all those of us whom imported/exported have their imports/exports reset?
  7. Testing Heal absorbation/anti healing disciplines etc. The Champions healing abilities ignores anti healing because they apply immunity. Meaning there is no counter for their self healing abilities.
  8. Reasons to stick with daggers?

    More attacks = more pips. Speed isnt in atm.
  9. In 5.4 Anti Stealth didn’t work at all and Stealthers had a ball. In 5.5 Anti Stealth is super strong and stealthers are extremely easily exposed/revealed. Whilst I know that the various skills available which are defined as Anti Stealth exist : - Illusionist - Scarecrow - Molehunter - Ranger - Elken etc... all forms of AoE/damage and even FRIENDLY buffs remove players from stealth... My thoughts are presently that Anti Stealth are extremely strong and that the stealth classes aren’t really suited for group combat in the current iteration of stealth/anti-stealth. First the range of the Anti-Stealth detection removes all chances of restealthing. The expose (see stealthed players) duration is so long that you can have a 100% up time. When used on an engagement to a fight you will gain 30m stealth detection for nearly 40 seconds... making even a skilled/geared for stealth player rather useless... So is this just my observations or are there others experiencing the same thing?
  10. All raised terrain especially indoors like Forts and so on have issues with placing AOE abilities such as Agent Provokateur/Suppress/Barrage and so on
  11. Orbs of all kinds : When ever you see orbs, you can't tell if they are yours/your allies, or enemies. It's a huge frustration running around trying to take the healing orbs only to find out it's not your orb to take. There needs to be a way to differentiate between enemy orbs, and friendly orbs, or at least Orbs that you can take. Burning Hatred Orbs spawn in the air so you can't take/reach them either. So that just adds to even more frustration.
  12. booted from game

  13. Spiders spend time attacking each other... Most likely regardless of how close/far away a person is.... eating up ressources.
  14. Crowfall - What works

    The Crow. I love this aspect of the character creation/management/changing vessels. With a little twitch in my eyes each times it jump - I mean a Crow that jumps... aside from that the whole interacting with vessels through the crow is good. I'd even love to see more of it with respect to changing crows. When u go and change your vessel instead of immidiately being able to choose, in the Crow"world" each of your characters could be standing around in the cave, and you could fly to it to choose that vessel, would also be a cool feel and dynamic.
  15. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Sometimes we're just messing around... But most often you will find us in a meatgrinder! We're open for applications :
  16. Stuck : Authenticating with Zone When trying to get into "Wrath EU" Reset of server makes me able to get in .. but then the problem appears again.
  17. Fall damage : Moving over terrain will at times give u massive fall damage, at times even 1shot u. Ranger Rapid Fire : Animation/sound bugs and makes it sound like a machinegun, repeating the animation even after ended casttime (so to speak). Isn’t usable when on a slope or hill. Mobs : All mobs uses the attack abilities of each other. Keep : Can’t be sieged cause the walls are immortal.
  18. Human Skil training : The Physical Armor - Elemental Armor and Organic armor appear to be doing to opposite of what they are intending. Instead of give you better stats it looks like your stats become worse.
  19. Distance VS Damage?

    Make it harder to hit with ranged! Raycast Cone is too forgiving.
  20. Assassin Worst Solo Class?

    When 5.5 hits - anti stealth is so extremely strong that stealth and re-entering stealth willbe a huge issue.
  21. In its current shape stealth feels rather useless.
  22. The Raycast Cone

    Ever wonder what its like to play ranger with the current raycast cone? There are so many things that just work on the ranger. The melee is just just awesome. Your abilities make sense and give a versatile and fun play style. The ranged though is lacking. My wish is that the raycast cone would get a review. Make it more challenging... I would gladly give time to help out narrow down how easy/hard would make it workable.....
  23. Class Issue Fixed?

    Spend 1 week of 5.4 on ranger the rest on Assassin, but what ever.
  24. Class Issue Fixed?

    @please ignore class balance and don't spend time on doing balance runs now... do so once all the systems are implemented...
  25. Switching from Elken ranger to High Elf assassin.. then switching back = My elken lost his horns.