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  1. Removing the effect of Mantle will just make ppl stack heals again and we will be right back to when : 2 Champs 2 Clerics and a random ruled the game. Cut through the BS and leave Mantle - change the extra DoT and focus on making Anti stealth work.
  2. Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Even when 5.7 isnt the most active patch - we’re still around
  3. Rangers: Animal Companions

    @drop taming and animal companions pls. Just another complicated stat stick requiring its entirely own coding - waste of time imo compared to the investment needed. If u want a pet and run around being “Mary” woth her little lamb look towards WoW. Hopefully Crowfall will sticl to their spin on what a ranger is and should be : Anti Stealth.
  4. Ranger bows 3

    Bows aren’t the same. Damage on them is the same for some, not all. Which quivers they unlock is different as well

    Been able to join this crew on all of the servers under the Chaos banner. Can’t recollect how many times their aid have made it possible for me to enjoy the game - be it combat/crafting/roaming/messing around - u name it they got it. If US give this guild a second look if you’re looking for a strong grp to run with.
  6. HoA set a high standard - if u want to join this crew be sure to be on top of your game!
  7. Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    Difference is Im ok with the game at times preventing u from progressing and forcing you to act on the map going for poi etc. Ot doesnt have to be a linear progression
  8. Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    So don't level -edit- This game isn't about getting levels, that is a "sub-game". U need to explore the game and the world and learn about it and in 2 days you've found leveling. Ok. Now go find the real game. You don't need leveling to make things work, you need skilling. Having good gear (which is what you're suppose to be looking for) will beat having levels -any- day of the week. So once you do have gear, once you do have skills, then pursue 20-30...
  9. Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    Kick starting the economy is something which -of- course is needed. Something the Devs already have stated they are aware of and will deal with.
  10. Making a truly impactful day/night cycle

    What about staring at the sun gives a -10 range as well!? (Scarcasm) Make it a lot darker. If u hit with a more narrowed hit cone.. shrug. Dont remove range - just narrow the hit cone.
  11. Arrow Effects and Toxins

    Not really… they can do it from range, which is the reason I'm questioning this mechanic. Seems like over the top imo. Just wondering if I'm the only one thinking that or if others are on the same train.
  12. The bow users LMB has an effect applied on every 3rd shot - if that third shot is a fully charged one. Piercing will apply a bleed, Crushing a stun, Ice a slow and DoT etc. In the hands of an Assassin though Toxins are applied even from tap shooting. Their attacks have an application chance on every attack which on top if everything also will apply the 3 rd shot effect mentioned above. Intended or dipping into just a few too many baskets?
  13. Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    The payback for playing shouldn't be your skills… it should be the ressource you can accumulate and aid u in winning the campaign. The Skills imo have nothing to do with that. That is a personal character progression set of stats. 2 different things which imo shouldn't be mixed together.
  14. Leveling and Skill system suggestion

    Instant gratification. Minimal time invested. Spunds like so many other games. This is so far from the pitch of the game. Things should take time. It should mean something down the line not a day or two later.
  15. Utterly agree. Once in a tray only a new key should move u to a new tray.
  16. Just cause it keeps being an issue : if a stealther dies - once they get their corpse back they are visible while in stealth.
  17. Weekly Newsletter

    How can EU players get this again? @Pann
  18. Run Speed(s)

    Different run speeds out of combat is ok in my book. It makes sense that some are faster than others. I'd much rather see an investment into "Attacking while sprinting (shift)" and "Sprinting while in harvest tray", this would open up for choices - Do u really want to blow your stamina on sprinting or save it for retaliate.
  19. Not being able to sort EKs by : ON and OFF - line Just SUCKS
  20. When a stealther dies .. Then rez At times they aren't able to stealth, that is they can enter what looks like stealth on their screen but opponents can see em.
  21. Patch of Darkness

    Was playing aorund with various builds and fighting another Sin I was standing too close as he used his Q. So I got blinded... That made me think. What if the assassin had a discipline called Patch of Darkness, creating a field of “blind” - scalable with how many pips are invested. OP or possibly viable?
  22. Turn off “Clouds” prob the biggest fps sink atm
  23. Looking for guild

    EU or US?
  24. Bring back the old Health boX!

    I would really love to get the old health box back.