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  1. The effort for manking a good ek is huge , and the bonus for for making that are so little. At the start they was trying to incentivize the ek as the new trading/free city for players , but whid the addiction of the free city in dregs now they are worth only as storage. They relly need some buff/more value. p.s. tnx for the "parcel token owerwiew" is an amazing work.
  2. If u sell part of whot you gather to other player, you get gold. Why u think is necessary some trash item whid gatering? 😃
  3. Sorry but your guild is not the totality of the guild, not evryone do the same thing. Btw we here are off topic , cuz we was talking about green disk. No one that i know was sacrificing green disk to the war table, ( maybe your guild does , i don't know).
  4. Some guild have gater enought for sell the surplus , and u are making kind a guess whid your percentage, and theory. The cause for the low tarding rate , is becouse basically evry giuld have the access to gather anything they want deacetly easy, not the other way around. And the point on the green disk , is the fact we don't have a sick for that.
  5. That was most as catch up mecanic , but now the new system don't need anymore a catch up mecanic cuz people are not time bounded anymore. We relly don't want to see later in the game crafter and gaterer depleating there valeu and importance in the game, cuz after some month evry old player have tons of extra discipline to sell. Too many gateres and crafter can lead in a No trading state for the game , and imho is not good for the game over all.
  6. Yeah Krakken i talk about account bound all of them (green too). Is relly important they cannot be traded at any level in my opinion. Disk are the replacement for the passive skill , buying that or trading that , is relly bad for the game in the long run. i'm talking about crafting and gatering disk , not for the combat, Cuz i'm not expert enought in that field.
  7. My suggestion is making the discipline of crafting and gatherting account bound, like the belt alredy is. Is important to feel the disk as your progression , not like something u can buy later whid gold, or a chore for someone else. The non account bound Disk are relly bad in long term economy of the game , and don't improve the trade idea of the game. That's my 2 cent . ( sorry for my orrible english in advice)
  8. For me is fun , i don't wanna whait for 10 guilmate to come whid me if i leave the temple. Try to remove all the survivability in the game (self healing and stealt) so we can incentivize the zerg fest.
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