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  1. Thanks for the info! I'm shocked the class is restricted to 2h maces and axes only. The myrmidon dual wields weapons only correct? Or can they also use 2h weapons?
  2. Hello fellow Champions! It's been a while since I played Crowfall and was curious on the state of the class so far. Is the champion turning out to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield or are they just a nuisance most other classes can handle? Can champions wear plate armor and pack a two-handed sword or are they still limited to axes and maces? Thanks!
  3. Appreciate the info! So what's the best race for champ? I was leaning towards Minotaur for the better max stats and frontal immunity to stun.
  4. I'm trying to decide between Champ and Myrmidon. I've typically always played the slightly slower but big burst damage classes packing the heavy armor and using a 2h weapon. In Crowfall you can pick up the discipline to wear plate and I haven't confirmed all the weapon options for Myrmidon. I like the idea of a berserker that starts off slow then picks up to a fast pace unstoppable machine. What are the main differences between the Champ and Myrmidon up till this point in 5.7? Thanks!
  5. I like this idea as well. They could give the cleric an offensive stance and a support stance. I don't see why not if the druid has multiple stances as well. Unless the cleric is just that much stronger than the druid in healing or DPS that they deemed the druid worthy of having multiple stances. Just toss a 5-10 second cooldown in between switching stances to avoid it being overpowered. Survival Stance / Redemption Stance / Retribution Stance
  6. I haven't had much of a chance to play Champ fully. Are they slow but hard hitters?
  7. Anyone testing any DoT builds? Bleeds, poisons, etc...
  8. Unfortunate. Was hoping they would allow it like how they have added the Mail and Plate proficiency runes. Hopefully they do the weapons as well so I can backstab with a greatsword.
  9. I haven't had a chance to try this yet but is the assassin capable of using a greatsword with the weapon master rune equipped? I heard you could use mail or plate if you had such runes equipped. Just wanted to see if anyone has tried yet. If not, are we stuck with just dagger, rapier, and axe?
  10. Does the Champion have a list of confirmed weapons at their disposal?
  11. Hello fellow Knights, What all weapons are at the knight's disposal as of right now? What weapons are expected to be available in future playtests? From my DAoC days, I played an armsman and was polearm + crushing + shield. I was trying to get the feel of what to expect when rolling a knight as I have played many MMOs where we were restricted to using just our sword and board. I'm hoping we'll have access to maybe a weapon swap function to drop the heavy DPS with a 2h weapon or polearm once we've done our knightly duties of defending our allies.
  12. Sadly I have not had a chance to jump into Crowfall yet and experience the massive disappointment it sounds like most have seen. From what I gathered it seems the Knight has no dedicated way to restore their stamina at a decent rate when everything they do requires that resource. It sounds like they either need to reduce the stamina required since we are Knights after all and have been trained for long endurance fights or they just need to grant us more stamina in general to help with stamina management. I currently play Black Desert Online right now and the warrior's way to replenish WP (t
  13. This sounds more like a management of stamina and gitgud issue.
  14. I think the female armor can stay pretty close to males with some slight variation. After all, it will be the posture and animations that should distinguish if you're a male or female under all that plate.
  15. Cooldown, proximity to enemy targets, and reduced movement speed (trainable up to a certain level to reduce Cooldown and movement reduction only). I wouldn't mind if there was some blinding mechanic that could be used on a long Cooldown to either keep pressure on your target with another backstab or to give you time to disengage but please no vanish mechanic.
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