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  1. I feel like while the walls have a lot of bricks / pieces and physics attached to them, I think the tunneling should work on the basic voxel system. Just allow you to take chunks out of the ground and leave it pretty static. Trying to create a whole ground level in the same level of detail the castle walls would be nearly impossible. If they went with the type of voxel they showed in kickstarter, and the FAQ, then I think it would be achievable and at a level the players would enjoy. No one wants to be digging a tunnel and constantly getting cave ins. The chunks disappearing, not breaking
  2. Can you tell me around what time in the stream this was mentioned?
  3. I saw in the store that you can buy the fort - castle and their approximate sizes / greyscale outlines. Has anyone seen what the other two large parcel structures look like / size? Do we know if these will ever be available in the store, besides being a part of the diamond and bloodstone pledges? Thanks
  4. I guess I just see it being hard to punch a small hole in it because the bricks above will most likely fall down right? Just feel that gravity will start to pull everything down and sealing the hole as you make it. With that many bricks and the size of them, just from looking into the video, makes me feel like that.
  5. So I guess this won't be happening anytime soon now? Also, does anyone know how the new system will impact the digging under the walls idea?
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