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  1. not too bad. been away from MMOs for a bit after Darkfall was a train wreck, but this one is bringing me back lol
  2. squirrel


    glad to see you guys here
  3. squishy? there's a name i haven't seen in a while
  4. squirrel


    give it time. he's near a PC like twice a week
  5. spent time on mourning. first with black knights (lol) at launch, a guild i forgot the name of that my friend got baned the day we joined for killing someone at BH, and later prozak a few times, but mainly on test.
  6. holy crap Xanten. Day 1 i was one of the defenders (was in a carebear sub of denied then lol). That was a LONG day. it was between the 10-12 hour mark the nation leaders told us fight was over to let it go. that day hooked me on SB. total chaos, awesome fights, so much lag. lol.
  7. anyone remember when targeting a player and casting "fear" with 1 point in it made players sb.exe? that was fun.
  8. squirrel


    i post more than stubs
  9. squirrel


    stubs has more posts than me? wtf stubs never posts
  10. squirrel


    glad to see a lot of old names, friend and enemy alike.
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