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  1. Just watched this live stream. I am very happy to know that the Monday work day is spent actually reading and watching posted bugs and feedback. This confirmation is nice to hear. Well done guys thanks and cheers!
  2. ACE: Any word on keybinding changes? The hardcoded Loot key (F) is a thorn in my side. Are there plans to even change the hardcoded keys?
  3. I would love to do a 2.0 version of my Half-Giant Templar from Shadowbane. Any chance that race could be added to the Templar class?
  4. Juggernaut vs Destroyer: It only gives you a max hitpoint and current hitpoint bonus. They do stack with each other. Yes at full rage when you use Insanity it is better but that is in idea conditions. Toughness (Juggernaut power) is always group wide +20% max health and it lasts 45secs with 68secs CD. Base Champion health was 4176. Toughness brought it to 5011. Insanity brought base to 5921 (when used at max full rage). Stacked I went to 6756 (when used at max full rage and toughness already ticking). That all being said when I used Insanity while at 33% of my rage bar full it was well under the +20% from Toughness. I would rather have a stable group wide buff then the hope i am not out of most of my rage and pop this oh poorly made socks button and be let down, but that is personal playstyle. Affecting your group with Toughness is just gravy as this will be group orientated game for sure. Reality Warper: The Warp Reality power had 15m range which is awesome. Ray skill shot style with no projection, the target just got the debuff. it would deal x2 damge AOE style if they couldnt out heal the 500 point debuff (Which is in line with the newly capped 1050 max damage on stuff like reflects). Crazy Pills: this passive was tight. It didnt feel like a display bug. You gained +150 AP all the time from just slotting it and then anywhere from an additional +0 to +147 AP depending on your resource level. +147 at 0 and +0 bonus when you were sitting max resource. (I tested with Champion so it was Rage). I also just realized it was +297 AP total from Crazy Pills not +350 AP. I love theorycrafting btw!
  5. I would like to see the following done for TOOLTIPs of all passives and power tray abilities. Please use a standardized format. Making sure each passive and power tray ability has all the same things (ie Range/Cost/Duration, etc) even if they do not have them please put NA (Not Applicable). This way when you look at any of them the info or icon is in the same spot for ease of comparison and/or comprehension. Oh and allow the rebinding of the damn (F) Loot Key. Hardcoded hotkeys are bad! Thanks
  6. Kirchoff: I agree with alot of points you make and I will provide my experiences as well. REND: Agree with the awesomeness of landing it. HURLBAT: Agreed. This change has not made us a ranged class but given us a skill shot tool to at least do a bit of damage and chase (due to the snare) LOVE IT CURRENTLY! RELENTLESS: This is so mandatory the class cannot function properly with out it. Hence my call for making it baseline. If they indeed go to a 4 passive system by default or add minor runes that give x1 addition passive slot then we could leave as is. MACE VS. AXE: MACE: Melee ranged true stun combined with the Will of the Stoneborn power that reduces you efficiency bonus (a good thing). Reduced resource costs put this disc ahead of axe for me. Axe: Demolish Armor, and the Axemaster Berserker passive are the two shining stars here. That being said our passive slots are at a premium currently, the proc lasts a decent amount of time for +150 AP, but no mention of the barrier no any ICD. Plus there are better passives giving more AP all the time (Hello Crazy Pills!!!!!) No amount listed for Demolish Armor but I will bet they will not allow resists to go negative so depends on the targets armor, and at 23sec CD on the ability you cant spam it. That all being said I LOVE AXES in all games I play. MASSIVE CLEAVE: Agreed the initial hit is decent but the actual follow up cleave hits like a noodle. They should up the damage of the x7 attacks of the second part or increase the cost to activate them or reduce the number from x7 to x5. ULTIMATE WARRIOR: Gives us sustain. It is nothing like being healed by a true healer which is fine. The power feels good to use, you want to use it, and it give a damage bonus for a good length of time. Love it! Kick Sand: They need to look into it as the animation does not play to the end (where the sand gets kicked up if you are running/chasing your target) You are charged the resource cost but the 4 seconds of blind and the attack damage would not land for me. The moment I was standing still it worked perfectly. Favorite Discs: Juggernaut: This disc has CC break, and a group Max health buff. 20% every time vs Destroyer disc's Insanity which is based on current rage and self only. Reality Warper: The active Warp Reality has a 6sec CD puts a healing absorb bubble on the target and explodes after 15secs for AOE damage if you cant heal it off. Coupled with Crazy Pills passive which was giving me +297 AP it was epic!
  7. They just fixed Insanity and it is indeed working correctly now. You gain max health based on rage. Hurlbat the tooltip still shows 24 seconds but the CD in game has changed for the better.
  8. The power Reveal Shadows allows 12 seconds of see all stealthed/invisible. 45 second CD on power.
  9. I had the same issue. Delete & empty recycle bin of entire Crowfall folder. Then download Crowfall Patcher 3.0 from thier website and reinstall/repatch. It was the only solution.
  10. Relentless passive needs to be baked into baseline Champion. Rage decay and starting with zero rage is beyond crippling. My biggest issue is with only x3 passive slots this forces all Champions to use Relentless passive and thus limits customization. Did Hurlbat CD change with 5.01? I used to be 24 second cooldown, now it is 6 seconds. A welcomed change as it still costs a decent amount of rage to use.
  11. Minotaur> Champion> Banshee> Juggernaut> Master of Axes> Hand of Glory> Fashion Statement> Expansive Mind Edited Choices
  12. Kraav

    Judgement Power

    A snare effect attached to the power: Judgement would be fitting. Cheers!
  13. Kraav

    Judgement Power

    A snare effect attached to the power: Judgement would be fitting. Cheers!
  14. For the love of all that is holy let us rebind the "F" loot key. Yes I posted this request one other place.
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