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  1. So your ideal game loop this? Kill someone and take their equipment. (that you will probably have no real use for) Force them to have to farm more resources. Rejoice that you've forced them back into the world as you kill them again. This logic fails because it assumes that a game has a monopoly on a players time. A player losing gear that they worked hard to get doesn't automatically translate to them sucking it up and trying again, especially not after a few attempts, it leads to them playing another game. You could argue that the result of this natural selection process is a
  2. Not a fan of equipment drop. The only way it can work is when equipment is easy to replace, and therefor has little value. People have claimed that full loot makes for better, more meaningful PVP. This is true in my experience, but only from a perspective of the side of dominance. The argument that "winning feels so much better when you have something to lose", fails completely when you're always losing. In an open world with no restraint, dominant groups are always formed and ultimately all equipment will just flood to them. The rest of us will be weeded out from the bottom up. The
  3. @Nyamo 死んだ馬を打っていそうだ。
  4. I'll agree with anything you say, just make it better.
  5. For some reason this made me smile. Sounds like you've got a lot of gaming experience but not really in this type of game. Even without that experience you've realized one of the biggest challenges, and possibly downfalls of the sandbox PvP style MMO. That alone should give you some extra respect for the challenges they are facing in attempting to make it work despite what seems like a crippling flaw in the design. I think you're barking up the wrong tree with this idea, but I've spent a ton of time trying to come up with a system that would be a viable compromise. I encourage the br
  6. So an alliance of 120 is ok as long as it’s broken up into 4 guilds? How is that any different then just allowing a 120 man guild in? I could formulate that team right now.
  7. That includes you right? That part of my suggestion is more of a brainstorm. I knew it was controversial when I suggested it, pretty sure I’ve been convinced that it’s better to not have it, though I still have concerns that don’t have any attempted solution.
  8. I don't want to keep on this path of 20 questions but don't you feel like you went from "Free world, do what you want" to a lot of very specific restrictions? Is there going to be a tribunal that presides over cases of a 3rd party guild coming in mid fight and wiping one team from behind? Whos to say that they werent working together?
  9. Seems like a lot more assumptions then I feel comfortable with. How do you stop a 60 man guild from splitting into two groups and dominating by working together?
  10. How do you account for the difference in activity between guilds with very active players and guilds with lesser levels of activity?
  11. Truth, above all I've learned that population is everything in an MMO. The best game mechanics in the world are worthless without players. When it comes to PvP when there is only one P left, it doesnt really work.
  12. I still think you're missing something here. There have been no real decisions announced and the majority of playtime will be doing things that are not within a window. I'm also going to be overseas for a year after CF launches. No big deal man, if you need someone to run with hit me up and I'll make sure you get your fair share of the action.
  13. I mean the cap of 300 is likely an arbitrary number and its not really worth using as a point of reference as I doubt they put much thought into it at the time and its likely to change. I guess my question would be, if there is a server that is made for 30 man guilds, how do you stop a 150 man guild from playing on it? If you can solve that problem I think you may be onto something (though I think most of the people in our community would revolt against any attempt at restriction).
  14. Fair point, I take back what I said. Sorry. Again, scream away. I know you dont see it the same way, but Crowfall is one big community. The more people that play on your server the less will be playing on mine. I'll grant you that you will also attract a few more players only interested in what you're talking about. What it boils down to is that I only see epic failure coming out of the server you're suggesting, you're trying to repeat so many mistakes that have lead to the downfall of previous play to crush style games. There is some grandure and romance in the ideas you sugge
  15. All, probably just some arbitrary number made up on the fly.
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