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  1. This topic is about lessons learned, for good or bad. What do you think has been done right?
  2. Shadowbane was the predecessor the Darkfall sieging and the backbone of both games. As a guild vs guild advocate though, "scroaching" is a terrible aspect to sieging. It started appearing in both games, more so Darkfall by far, as populations had declined and people were desperate to get some kind of fight in. Sieges shouldn't be a server wide affair. They should be between the two groups actively engaging in the siege. In Shadowbane, at least while the game was somewhat popular, showing up to a siege you weren't invited to could have serious consequences. This was true in early Dark
  3. First, I'll pose a question. How long should a player have to play each day to consistently enjoy playing the game? Please keep that thought in mind as we continue our discussion. We've all been there at this point. You log in, looking to get some action going, and two hours later you're still running around the wilderness without finding a reasonably enjoyable fight. You could chalk this up to a declining population in most of these games but that isn't always the case. Now, I'm not an advocate of Battlegrounds / Arenas at all but there is a reason they are vastly popular. The
  4. What I don't like about a classless system is that you cant really identify what you're up against when you see it. At face value this might be appealing to some but when we're talking group vs group trying to figure out what you're fighting so you can enact counters is likely to be too much to overcome. There is a study out there about this topic, and its the reason Team Fortress 2 has such uniquely different looking characters. Their aim was for you to be able to know what your enemy was from just his silhouette. In team fight seeing a priest on the battlefield and immediately knowing
  5. I think its interesting to see how many tab targeting votes there are. I think there is a natural inclination to wish for more skill based action gaming. One of the greatest things in Shadowbane was that you could take a friend, level them up, and put them in your siege group overnight if they knew how to type /tar xyz. It was more about team mechanics and decision making then it was about twitch skill. The more action based and skill based the game becomes the less group oriented the game becomes. I'd like to see a game where a group of players have to skillfully employ group sustain
  6. Fly out to Japan and I'll be glad to talk about it in person. This is one of my favorite topics as well. I too am a fan of how Eve has created different levels of safety blankets. Frankly even me, as someone that loves to PVP just wants to chill out sometimes without the high tension of always looking behind my back. The question to me becomes, would your rather a player log off and find that elsewhere or should there be something in the game where I could relax for an hour before getting back out on the field? When you study game design you quickly realize that for PVP to work effecti
  7. I don't disagree with you but there is a place for banter on the forums. There is certainly a small percentage of this community that gets off on acting like children in game and on the forums. Perhaps it is time for a PVP game to step up and say our community is more mature than that. I would like to differentiate between hate threads and simple troll baiting though. Once the game gets going and emotions are flying its great to see one group of players talking trash after a recent victory, as long as its within the taste of the game. That said, forum goers are a tiny percentage of a
  8. I grew up on games like EQ, DAOC, and SB. An era where a class had one specific role and they pretty much sucked at everything else. In order to survive you had to make friends and the sum of your group was far greater then its individual players. The outcome of a fight was often influenced not only by player skill but by how well you prepared your group. This is something that I think is completely lost in modern MMO's. Developers have aimed to balance classes in such a way that players group only for the number advantage, and not because their characters compliment each other in a b
  9. You make two really good points in my opinion. The first is that developers make a game good but a community makes a game great. People don't typically play a game for years because of the game mechanics or the combat system, they play it that long because of the people by their side. Now those people may change over time but those relationships are the foundation of a successful MMORPG. What I would like to say about this however is that a good community shouldn't mean everyone is everyone elses best friend. I think this dilutes a GvG game heavily. For battles to be meaningful then an e
  10. I've been in this community a long time, long enough to recognize way too many names popping up on this forum. Sometimes I feel like I'm a part of a community of drifters, jumping from one game to the next looking for the next kill. I'm reading (ok skimming) over many of these threads about game design elements and the same age old arguments are being brought up. Everyone has a million great ideas for how to make the next GVG game great. To that I say, great, keep on theory crafting but lets take a moment and think about where we've come from. What have we learned from games of the pas
  11. Assuming this game will be about guild vs guild I prefer that crafting be taken out of the hands of players. Make crafting a guild wide effort, feeding npc crafters within the guilds holdings to improve their ability. This is better than a guild feeding it's crafters only to see them quit or something else. Once these npcs are trained up the guild can set item costs coming from it.
  12. Yarrr, fair winds and calm seas me hearty. We be wishin it as well, yarrr. Let me show ye me cutlass.
  13. There are a million discussions on this topic on google. Here is one persons opinion from Youtube, I thought it was well said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W39TtF14i8I Economics in a game like this is far more complicated though.
  14. Word has passed over the ears of a restless crew. Word of a land filled with plunder, wenches an' enough grog ta satisfy Davey Jones himself. Pirates aint be the smartest sort but we be wise beyond measure. Aint a land lubber alive dat aint quick ta boast stories 'bout krakens, unicorns, 'n all kinds of fairy tale wonderlands. These here bow legged nancies be da worst sort. Every fare skinned saddle jockey be keen ta shove thar cannon through a porthole of foundationless promises 'n fancy talk. Once yer done polishin' me mast ye tailless swine ye can show us the treasure or be keelhauled
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