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  1. I want to be on your side, and I'm willing to scrap the idea, but I think that this is a case of a design that sounds ideal, is detrimental in reality. The implication that I'm asking for this for my own gain is short sighted at best. What I would like to see is lines drawn and wagers made. There is a price to entry, nobody gets something for nothing. There is no need for small scale PVP teams being in the large scale PVP fights. There are mechanics being made specifically for their group size, that will aid in maximizing their fun for the night. To me when you have two rival powers
  2. Your first sentence is chest beating nonsense. Restriction is present everywhere in the game, and also in every form of real contest, including the ultimate form of War itself. This kind of rhetoric is what ruins a game. SB had many chances for revival, each time it was several contributing factors that lead to its downfall. Depending on what era you played in primarily I can see how you would attribute its downfall to various other things. I don't disagree and I'm not proposing that it would work dramatically different on different CW rulesets. I understood that they said that
  3. The point of that mechanic was quite literally to exclude people so, yes. It would exclude people that typically only detract from the actual fight. It makes no sense for A and B to invest the resources necessary to put a stake into the fight and have C come in at an opportune time to benefit from it. Even if you don't aggree with my solution to that problem, it should be addressed. To me this is one of the reasons that Shadowbane and Darkfall eventually just degraded into a situation where everyone shows up to every fight, and nobody cared about the meaningful rivalries and conflict.
  4. @souleinAfter pondering that idea for a while the thing I liked most was that an event wouldn't be a one time event. By having teams build bases in a localized area and opposing eachother over who can get the better share of an available resource, you've effectively ensured a drawn out period (with a target of 3-4 hours during primetime) of reliablely constant action. A battle that lasts multiple deaths, and several attempts instead of a classic one and done. To me with this kind of system you don't need a capture a fort mechanic that has some artificial timers. Just open up the event
  5. The idea is old and static, with many flaws that have been laid out in different threads. Search it if you want to know what an SB style mine is, but it’s not necessary for the rest of this discussion. This is what I believe a night should be like in Crowfall. Guild is online doing what guilds do. **World Event Message** A fissure has just opened up in Srathor Swamp. (The fissure would represent a significant benefit, worth fighting to claim it.) Guilds form up and head to the fissure. The first thing a guild needs to do is to establish a base of operations (A keep per
  6. Old player, also confused about EK/Campaign.
  7. @PopeUrban tldr but I’m going to assume that I agree.
  8. I know your opinion on the matter but it's not that simple. We are a community of min/maxers. That which must be done to have the best equipment is not optional to us, it is what we will do, often to our own detriment. There are few things more frustrating to a hardcore PVPer than to lose because of gear. This means one of two things is going to happen. They are going to force themselves to do something they probably don't want to, which is grind for better gear, or quit the game. You of all people knows what kind of time commitment it is to get a high end set of gear, and presumabl
  9. Thanks for the honest answer but this is what everyone says when I ask that. Tons of people like the theory that you need to work hard to gear up to be combat effective but nobody wants to say how hard. Nobody wants to put down a number that could be used to develop the game around. One of my old mentors used to say, don't complain unless you have a solution to offer. That applies here in my opinion. How can we debate if you don't even know where you stand?
  10. For the most part all of those are really good questions. They all deserve well thought out answers that don’t include “just because” or “it’s always been that way”. As for the original question, what’s an acceptable ratio of farming / crafting to pvping in terms of time spent in your eyes? If I PvP for two hours, how long should it take for me to recover back to a fully geared state if I lose all my gear?
  11. Yeah you have to consider all of the time these crafters have to post while they are waiting for they items to finish.
  12. It's a pretty interesting thought really. The chance of it happening are very small in my opinion however. Crowfall is trying to fill a hole in the market, not compete in an already over saturated one.
  13. Where is the sweet spot though? I assume you don't think its a good idea to have crafted armor take a month to make. But following your logic, wouldn't that make for super thrilling intense PVP? It's all a gradient. You are right about wanting to do something else with my time, like live the life that apparently you just welcomed me to. There is absolutely ZERO value in making your player sit there and watch a bar go across the screen for more then a few seconds. It's unethical and as someone else pointed out disrespectful of your players time. I'm assuming you haven't been playing
  14. Recently crafting in game and it struck me that crafting time is pretty pointless. I know what some of you might say, that "time = value", but there is already a large investment of time in the raw materials. Like most games, an item is going to be valued by the value of its raw materials and its quality, not the time it takes to make one. Crafters almost always get boned over in a game when it comes to the value of their time, there is always someone willing to undercut the price by devaluing their personal time investment. I can see how, when using thralls and factories, time can mak
  15. Hello, Not pay to win. Unfortunately the best answer is, we don't know, or "when its done". The game is in pre-alpha, the population of testers is still small. I'm not sure what wipe out is, but the server will wipe prior to the official launch and surely many times before that.
  16. This is what happens when you try to get Shokar to share the Rum.
  17. By SB Crowd, do you mean people that played a game that ended up shutting down 9 years ago? I'm sure you're not talking about the couple thousand tops that play on the emulators. If the PVP is fun and meaningful then those people will stick around, limits or not. There just isnt anything else to play.
  18. As I'm sure you know that stance usually gets a lot of resistance from this community. At some point a numbers advantage is a reasonable countermeasure to more hardcore players. The only purely conceptual idea I can think of that might be effective is if you could somehow assign an overall rank (as if it was a ladder) for each guild and based on your rank it limited number in a siege. Considering that there are half a dozen things about that concept that seem to go against the core principles of Crowfall, I don't see them considering it.
  19. There is something unique about these "Play to Crush" type MMO's though. Few games can match the same level of how personal a fight can be. When pride is on the line, people do tend to get a little more extreme.
  20. It'll never be prepared enough without some kind of hard limit, which I think is pretty unlikely. Of course you're 100% right about people in these types of games (really any game), when you say that they will do anything to win. When it comes to zergs, I've observed that zergs primary limit is determined by hardware and network capabilities. If a game is smooth at 500 people then you'll see people push that number higher until stability is an issue and the lag gets too unplayable to sustain enjoyment for anyone. A solution usually emerges, often including many people quitting the
  21. It's just the nature of the beast. A game like this is about choices. You could stay longer and be more efficient harvesting, or you could go bank and have a little more security. Security is actually an interesting word because ideally, whatever it is you're doing, you should be doing it with enough strength (people) to protect yourself. I can see how you could think it might be tedious, but to me its never felt like that in similar games. The more your bags fill up the more on edge you get until the hair on your neck is sticking up so far that you reach your limit and recall. It's
  22. The use of a term is their biggest mistake? That's being generous. The idea of soft launch is to attempt (I stress attempt) to counter the complete server failure that typically occurs when a new big title MMO opens its world for the first time. This has massive potential to turn people off to a game when after several years of development, server network architecture is choked by login requests. ACE has decided to not try to generate additional hype through advertisement in an attempt to limit the players that load up on day one. They would rather have a slow steady increase of pla
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