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  1. I prefer this however. When you start networking through voice chat it's completely different than communicating globally through /tell. It's a deeper level of communication. Accounts need to be created to maintain security etc. You're much less likely to have a casual conversation than a meeting.
  2. I'm also a big fan of 8-10 player groups (perhaps not now, but at launch). I did find it interesting that some people suggested that group size should be altered depending on the campaign. I can agree to that. I'm actually surprised by the number of people that support 5 man groups. The reason I like larger groups is two fold. One, I believe that 8v8 up to around 15v15 is the sweet spot for PVP. It's few enough that every person matters and large enough that teamwork begins to play more of a role in the fight. 5v5 or less, while requiring some teamwork, is mostly about individual sk
  3. No thanks. You have to understand the nature of the beast you're dealing with. These people are not your average PVE play for fun players. This is not a rabble of mindless Orcs. These are Uruk-hai. Their armor is thick and their ... never mind. The truth is that any tiny advantage will be exploited. No matter how minor you make "harvesting gets you xp", people will grind that progression deep into their own grave and hate it the whole time. We are competitors that will do anything to win. A question of "what's the incentive to play" is almost laughable. This is a game of war
  4. This is more of a question to everyone than a "this is what I think" kind of post. A game typically has several channels for communication, such as: /Say (several feet around you) /Shout (several yards around you) /Global (server wide) /Group (server wide) /Guild (server wide) /Tell xyz (server wide) There are some people in the community that believe that server wide communication is detrimental to a big world feeling in a game. Due to the game being made up of parcels an opportunity exists to limit communication within a parcel or within x parcels away. I'm curious to know
  5. There are a few simple truths here. Zergs will exist and alliances will be formed to counter the zerg. The problem here is that this is its own self fulfilling prophecy. In a game with limited technological scaling and a limitation on the rate at which you can increase your skill, the only kind of arms race that can occur is one of numbers. As an alliance begins to counter the zerg, the zerg only grows through its own alliances. This continues until the whole thing reaches a critical mass. I like a system that allows me to ally with another guild. The reason is because it'll clear t
  6. I'm more concerned about the warp drive that every character seems to have that makes everyone zip around the battlefield. CC seems to be one of the only ways to actually kill someone before they use their super disengage. I don't mind CC as long as their are strong counters to it.
  7. If I'm understanding it right, your fear is that to be a viable crafter you have to sacrifice part of what it takes to be a top contender on the battlefield? I don't have time to come check back and see you answer so I'm going to assume that it is for now, I'm sorry if it's not. A good crafter should be as rare as a good fighter. It's good for the community of a game. A player or character that can do it all requires no interaction with the rest of the players in the world other than to fight them. Role-playing games by definition began as groups of players playing a specific role in
  8. Dame, have you been mass recruiting or what?
  9. Again WB finds exploitive ways around the new restrictions.
  10. They could ban the use of all peripherals that include a macro capability. If my computer knows I'm using a razer boomslang why cant the game?
  11. WB admits to 3rd party program use. Clear violation of the EULA, permaban worthy.
  12. Yeah, if I sit back and think about how far into development they are right now I can feel pretty confident. It just needs to continue to layer on more depth into combat. I'd like to see some effort towards group synergy. As you know, I'm a huge fan of coordinated group combat. The greatest group combat to me is a match that if both teams are fighting at 100% capacity then tension builds until mistakes are made which tip the scale. My biggest fear is that we end up throwing two groups into a pit, with few options other than to attack. There is skill and some surface level tactics tha
  13. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one thinking about the future of group vs group. Counter-play elements need to be added. Self stunbreak is important but group options are more so. Think about ways that I could effectively help peel for my friend. A powerblock to stop the chain, aimed or group stunbreaks/counterspells, even a temporary runspeed buff. These things could be added later as disciplines perhaps.
  14. It blows my mind that after ~20 years of MMOs we're still bashing on rocks to get our resources. I can't wait to log on again and try to motivate 100 players to spend 3 hours a day chopping down trees so that we can start to have fun a month later. Sarcasm aside, please find a better way. I get it, you're excited and resources nodes are an easy way to get some crafting progress. Consider the options for harvesting on an individual, group, and a guild basis. How can a guild work as a team to gather resources without just spreading to the winds with pick axes?
  15. Zergs are inevitable. Attempting to program in a solution to a zerg goes against the freedom of choice and destiny that is the fabric of a game like this. There are many things that make zerg warfare undesirable. Zergs are often associated with game lag and system crashing. A high priority would be to create the infrastructure to be able to handle a massive server load in the event of a zerg battle. Additionally, it should be more difficult to mobilize and coordinate a large zerg. I believe that friendly fire will help, though I did like that Shadowbane disabled friendly fire for those p
  16. Seems pretty scallywag to me. It even seems like you aren't embracing your own ideology. How is gold a higher quality than iron? Higher value maybe but quality? That sounds a whole lot like "you need gold for a higher quality sword". What makes oak a "poor" wood compared to yew? Oak is better for shields and yew is better for bows. Does that mean that shields will be cheap and bows will be expensive? It sounds like the vision guys put out a plan and the design guys don't quite understand it. Abandon the idea of quality as a comparison between materials, every material should have i
  17. Add this to the list of "sounds good" bad ideas. This kind of thing may make sense in a single player game or even a PVE MMO. It doesn't make sense in a "throne war" simulator. You have to understand the nature of the player you're dealing with. In this kind of game, tiny advantages and disadvantages mean everything. For someone to even consider higher durability over greater damage it would mean that the degradation of equipment would have to be rapid. You shouldn't lose a follow-on fight because your sword was dulled down in the first one.
  18. How is "Acts as 'camping' points for gangs" a Con? Everyone keeps talking about how it makes the game world smaller. Has anyone considered that there is such a thing as a world that is too large? In such a case would making the world smaller not be a good thing? All I'm saying is that there is always a balance between two extremes. Portals can be used to create that balance. There are really two types of movement as far as I'm concerned, small groups and large groups. Small groups are what you'd be running around in on a daily basis. A high degree of mobility is highly beneficia
  19. Ahoy Mythx! Nothing in the capacity to fly the colors, there are a handful of us floating around in any number of games. Still looking for the next unifier.
  20. This game is supposed to be about the "Throne War". Resources as a currency, fueling your capacity to expand your kingdom, should be about your effectiveness at controlling your land. It shouldn't be about how many hours you can sucker your forces into smashing rocks with pick axes. People are insanely competitive in these kinds of games and sometimes you have to protect them from themselves. If massive amounts of resources are required to quickly raise a kingdom and the only way to get them is to bash away for weeks, then that is what people will do. Take Warcraft III for example. W
  21. I'd like to make a few distinctions. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the majority of people playing this game are going to be playing for the PVP. I would say all but there are always a few that are in it for the lore or just because. With that said, few people playing are going to be "noob" PvPers. The majority of us have various levels of PvP experience spanning the last 15 or so years. Keep in mind that as a player takes a break, short or long, they are falling behind. It's easy to see that they are falling behind in things like levels and equipment but possibly more i
  22. Stacking up a ton of arrows just makes things worse in my book. If you really wanted a variety of arrow types you could still do it with a single everlasting arrow, but I see that as an unnecessary customization. You can add qualities like speed or strength to the bow itself. As for the theory that if you are poor you can prepare for PVP cheaply and badly... Assuming you're not exactly winning a lot of fights, being broke, putting on a rusty sword and then going up against people in full plate armor isn't exactly a very good PVP incentive. Lets not get into the technicality of "well yo
  23. I guess I got off topic. Siege equipment projectile limits wouldn't bother me much, you have to prepare for the siege so bringing enough stones or bolts could be a part of that. I am against arrows and reagents having limits for the reasons listed above however.
  24. It depends on what your goal is. I've played games where the entire purpose of the game was to not starve and obtaining food to keep going was the main objective of the game. It didn't feel like a chore or work, and it was very entertaining. That said, for me the purpose of Crowfall is the Throne War, Guild vs Guild. Under normal circumstances, there should never be a time when I log in and being out of food prevents me from going out and PVPing. The reason is fairly simple. In a PVP game, the number one resource is the player. In Darkfall you could log in and have no food, no potio
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