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  1. I've also been trying to figure out how to make EKs relevant. I believe there should be a reason to visit other guilds or groups EK. You should also be the lord of your own kingdom. If you want PVP to be on then PVP would be on. In my head I have a vision of placing a stronghold or even a keep in someone elses EK to leech off of their resources until they eventually destroy it. There would be a lot of details to work out though, it was just a thought. It really depends on how CWs turn out. It's likely that all of my PVP needs will be satisfied there.
  2. Compromise might as well be designated a swear word in MMO development these days. You need to pick a side, you can not pander to both and Artcraft has even eluded to that on many occasions. Will you alienate some of your players? Sure, maybe they will make a decision that will make me not interested in their game, but it'll make others more interested. What may be a deal breaker for some may be the most valuable component for others. Also, development time is always at a premium, regardless of what anyone tells you. Even if it took five minutes, those five minutes are better spent so
  3. To each his own I guess. Most games I participate in have some sort of challenge involved, hardcore or otherwise. What they are suggesting is the lego equivalent of having the lego house come premade in a box with a note that says, congratulations on completing your lego house.
  4. It absolutely is "dumbing down" the game, but before I get to that, having a player come up with a unique solution to do it outside of the game is better then having the devs waste development resources on such a project. The learning process must have sacrifices for it to be rewarding. A perfectly laid out city should be something that takes time, effort, and sacrifice. Maybe you'll have to tear down a wall or two, so what? The slow process of trial and error is what brings variety into a game. There's a saying that people use in the real world, "You've got to pay to play." What
  5. The answer to your question is yes, it was extremely easy. I'm sorry if that offends you. Regardless, the argument that "this tool is used in real life" is pointless. Last I checked, people didn't turn into crows when they were killed in real life either. I want to be clear that I disagree with this concept as a product of modern players "give me" mentality. I'm not just against a "blue print" application. Building a "Perfect" city should be a product of experience and expertise, essentially trial by error and a process of learning. Despite what people say they want, the truth is th
  6. If its a faction based campaign then I don't think you should be allowed to trade with the enemy. The idea of a faction is that you should be forced to support your team and hate the other teams for the dynamic to work. In more open campaigns, where alliances are formed more organically, than there shouldn't be any restriction on who you can trade with and thus the possibility of betrayal exists. Faction based PVP campaigns are the training wheels for the game from my perspective. Its quite genius. A new player can make an impact into the world without being in a pre-established guild
  7. Sephyxia seemed to explain it best. Time played is going to be represented in the form of resources gathered. Your rewards is based on a percentage of that. Why would you want time played to be a factor in any game? AFK...
  8. I don't want to troll too hard, but you guys needed special blue prints to plan a city in Shadowbane? I didn't realize how complicated a box around the TOL and a box at city clip distance was. That aside, I think a "blue print" tool is a terrible idea. This whole attitude of "try before you buy" or "test out all options before I commit" is one of the things that sucks away diversity from a game. You should frequently get to a point where you have to make a choice, and once you do, you have to live with that choice. Feel free to do all of the leg work on whatever medium you decide but
  9. Yarrr, our ship, The Salty Maid, was stolen from me boyos over 11 years ago. Thar be clues to where she lay but only scraps have surfaced. One of 'er port side long guns washed ashore in Asia. Ye can see the footage of the first and only firing they made before me crew plundered 'er back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x8LXc4_MfA We be lookin fer her always an' ye best not find yerself between me peg leg and her salty timbers.
  10. I'm not trying to say I like CU at all. I just thought it was pretty incredible to see a game that supports that many people without any indication of a performance degradation.
  11. I'm not a huge fan of Camelot Unchained but take a look at the number of people at around 28:30 in this video. The dev summoned all 600 players currently playing into one area plus a bunch of bots and it barely causes him any lag. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h0f_PVDT4I Apparently they built their engine from the ground up to support massive battles, which is pretty smart.
  12. I don't want to completely agree with you because you said "bad ass" monster which to me could mean a "raid" type monster which I'm not sure is right for this game. I would like to add that I hate the idea of bashing on a rock to gather stone, chopping on a log to gather wood, etc etc. I get that its the most "realistic" approach to gathering but man I cant even imagine how much time I have spent over the years doing that style of gathering. While I'm not against allowing this style of gathering for those that enjoy it, I would like to see a group being able to gather resources in diffe
  13. While a bit off topic I think that there should be an Alliance tag more so than sub-guild tags. Both Shadowbane and Darkfall ended up being Alliance vs Alliance over guild vs guild. In some cases "Sub-guilds" were created only because there wasn't a way to communicate easily within an alliance.
  14. Quality should be a product of three things; the material you use, the skill of the craftsman, and the tools you use to make the item. Time and not quantity of raw materials should be the determining factor of production rate. Time it takes to make an item directly translates to the value of the item. Without a time multiplier a product is only as valuable as the price of its raw materials. It should take hours to craft a single item of top quality if not days. That isn't to say that you should have to babysit a forge for that long but your ability to craft additional items should be
  15. Shokarrrrrr likes ta cross swords me hearties. Me? I'll just stab ye an' take yar loot. Aye!
  16. Semi-related. Everquest Next has "heroic movement" which basically has your character interact with the environment when you run around. Your character behaves in a very parcore (sp?) kind of way. After playing in landmark I've come to realize that this style of movement really disconnects me from the game. I've come to start to call it "floaty" movement. It feels like your character has no mass. I'm ok with stylized graphics but I'm a fan of considering mass and gravity when developing animations. I'd like to think that it allows players to connect with their character more.
  17. I like: LIMITED RANGE say shout region chat (parcel chat perhaps?) city chat UNLIMITED RANGE guild group tell I'm not so sure about: Alliance Global Trade
  18. The idea that you can strong arm another guild or alliance into swearing allegiance to you in a game is completely bogus, it never works. Not only that but as an alliance leader I wouldn't want to strong arm someone into joining me, the last thing I want is someone at my back that I cant trust. Throwing out catch phrases like "its a throne war simulator" doesn't make a great game. Just because it sounds good doesn't mean it is good. For me, seeing the mega zerg alliances like we did in Darkfall again will be just as detrimental to this game as it was to that game.
  19. What exactly is a skill based game to you? WoW, DOTA, SC2, CSGO, Quake live, LoL just a name a few of the most popular competitive skill based games out there. All have some sort of RNG in various forms.
  20. Isn't the risk rule set almost exactly what they are trying to avoid? The game would stop being fun long before a guild took all of the castles. All of the suggested win states favor the largest guilds. I'm trying to think of something where the smaller more skilled guilds could compete and win but I'm drawing a blank.
  21. This pretty much goes without saying but "duping" and "exploiting" have seriously impacted the release of other games of this type. There should be no release until these things are patched out of beta as much as foreseeably possible.
  22. Its simple math to me, if you have two people against six people and all other factors were even (they are all the same skill in both character and player) than the six man group should roller skate all over the two. 98% of the time you kill larger numbers with a much smaller group its typically because you vastly out geared / skilled (in character terms) that group. Knowing that, it really doesn't matter what the game mechanics are, veteran players will always roll over noobs. You talked about how one person could kill ten in Darkfall at one point if I remember correctly. You could do
  23. I like your idea of buffer classes, though I hope those kinds of skills are spread broadly across all classes. Giving everyone a self heal is the opposite of what I want though. It has zero value to creating strong group mechanics.
  24. I'd argue that there aren't arbitrary definitions, there are only arbitrary words without definitions although that's all just semantics. You and I have different opinions on the impact healing makes on group vs group. From what I've seen you post in the past you think that healing makes it so the smaller group has no chance. Also based on what you have said you were talking about a small group of 1-3 vs 2+ times that number. In this case I would agree with you but my opinion is that a group of six should fairly easily defeat a group of two. Why? Because a group should compliment eac
  25. That's still pretty vague. Any damage? I'm assuming characters will be balanced between how much damage they can put out and how much damage they can take. If you do 100 DPS and I do 50 DPS and 50 HPS (Heals) is that balanced in your opinion? Where is the threshold between balanced healing and "fire healing"?
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