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  1. I agree with you but only because you say zero effort defensive abilities should be eliminated. If it takes just as much skill to protect a player than it does to damage one I don't see why you wouldn't have these types of abilities. It creates more interesting combat in my opinion.
  2. What I find interesting about your argument is that you find that RNG has a place in a /tab targeting system because it takes less skill than to physically aim an attack, therefor the randomness introduced here simulates people missing or making powerful strike. Why? There is plenty of skill involved in tab targeting games, typically designed into systems like timing and reaction. Why does it somehow suddenly make sense to have luck play a factor there? My argument is that you view tab targeting as being less skilled as traditional action combat however that's not to say action combat i
  3. I suppose for some, I don't see many of my friends having much interest in EK as I understand it now though, myself included. In a lot of ways a game like this is a journey. Who here has played a game where either through paying money or getting powerleveled you suddenly had everything there was and quickly lost interest in a game? Personally I like always having a carrot to chase, if I ever get to a point where I stop and think "Whats next?" with no answer then I'll probably move onto something more challenging.
  4. I don't think you're wrong, but a guy can dream.
  5. I'm not sure I understand your point. The nature of competition means that a parity is never reached. If a parity is reached number wise but one side is still losing then guess what they are going to do? Recruit more. In Darkfall a small guild couldn't exist in any real sense, which also meant that small guilds couldn't really get started. You had two options, get in a large alliance or get run over by one. I don't see how this would be any different in Crowfall except that eventually one dominant alliance wins the campaign and it starts all over again. My point is I'd like to se
  6. I couldn't care less about how long a 1v1 fight lasts. How long will a 10v10 last is more of a question I'm interested in. I've played games where the average fight was over in 30 seconds or less and games that have lasted ten minutes. I can honestly say that I couldn't pin one as being better then the other. It's more about what happens in that amount of time. I did like what you said about the opportunity to make a comeback. That's something you rarely see in games like this, once the fight starts to tip in the favor of one side its pretty easy to tell whos going to win.
  7. Sounds like you know exactly what I'm talking about. My worry is that with all of these "well just ally up" suggestions is that we'll see what happened in Darkfall. Massive alliances forming as each alliance tries to keep up with the other. I felt like although they may have created some fun fights they were ultimately detrimental to the game. TSP will be coming into Crowfall with just over 100 strong. I know many guilds that are not coming in with even half those numbers. Prime time isn't my biggest concern its the players that either play off hours or play all hours that typically
  8. At the risk of sparking Fenris DDevil's wrath here's another thought brought to you by a salty dog. Alright so the core concept of this game is still difficult to see clearly so bare with me. Like many of you I'm most interested in bringing my guild into the game, establishing our footprint and fighting for it against other guilds. I'm not really all that interested in the realm based rulesets but I do see them as a gateway drug. I can see guilds forming within the realm based campaigns and moving into the more guild vs guild based campaigns. Personally I think this is an amazing desig
  9. While I don't disagree with what you're saying, and Ive had similar experiences, it still doesn't really address the casual player problem. The game needs to be accessible to more than the people that can afford to do midnight sieges. As far as the super hardcore element of permadeath goes my experience is that this creates the opposite of a good PVP experience. People are too afraid to fight unless they are almost assured victory. Sure the one off fights you get into can be an adrenaline rush but I'd much rather have a game where there is no inhibition to just engage. The same thing
  10. I hope that's not the case, I'd like to see fully built strongholds. I also think you underestimate competitive players, if stone walls can be built, they will be.
  11. Its 3AM in Japan too.. Im going to bed.
  12. Yeah I know exactly what you're talking about. Darkfall kind of had this with its village system because it announced when a village became vulnerable. While I was playing (it could have changed) the incentive for going to compete over a village wasn't worth it though. The lesson is, whatever the event, if the reward is not significant enough that people will be willing to fight over it than it'll fail.
  13. I've played all of the same games I assume you have, and that's not my experience. Guilds muster for hours prior to most sieges and they don't engage in guild fights unless they are pretty damn sure they are going to win. Groups typically move slow and methodically to make sure they are all together and in some loose formation. There are some instances when you need to rush, after wiping if you want to get back to take another shot at the fight for example but those instances were pretty rare.
  14. I have a wood chopping simulation controller I use for harvesting. It depends on the nature of the POI. If claiming a POI gives your guild a 5% attack bonus for example I would be fine with it being 24/7, like a shrine for example. If its an event that happens once a day that has a horde of loot that goes to the winners then of course that's not really 24/7. I guess we should clarify what we're arguing about. A POI is by definition completely ambiguous, it could be anything. What exactly are you thinking about? One that I can forsee is what I already hinted at with my other post.
  15. Hopefully some of you guys know me enough to realize that I just throw out ideas to spark discussion and this is definitely one of those. (Please don't hurt me) So far we've talked about many types of PVP from 1v1 to sieges. Typically we're talking about either spur of the moment fights or scheduled fights, either way whats being tested is the guilds ability to fight. What do you guys think about testing guilds in other ways such as their ability to mobilize? Now heres where I start dodging vegetables but please try to look past key words and try to understand what I'm talking abou
  16. I just had an idea about "racing" that I'm going to make in another post but I like your idea.
  17. You definitely need to solve the discs being permanent problem if you want to make that a good mechanic. I liked that discs were known locations with known respawn timers though. Its kinda like timing armor spawns in games like Quake, the team that knows exactly when its going to respawn has an advantage and anyone that wants to contest it has to fight for it.
  18. I think it probably lends itself to more of an exploratory encounter but you could apply it to combat.
  19. I think that this is a good example of how "fun" is far more complicated then what I simplified to be. I could apply my concept to what you're experience with "pushing your limits" though. Self progression (and for many character progression) is certainly a huge sense of enjoyment for everyone. Keep in mind this post is more about stretching a person through all emotions, not just anger, I only used that as a single example to keep the post short. Even constantly progressing wouldn't be very enjoyable if you didn't encounter low points and challenges along the way. All of which put you th
  20. If left up to chance Every designer knows it Failure is in sight What? Discuss ways to increase enticing emergent gameplay? Nah, throw them into a world and surely it'll happen. Jokes aside I liked what you said about people coming together around a common goal, and I think that has something to do with it. One of my designer mottos is games don't keep people around, friends do. All of us have played games far beyond the "this game is fun" point because of the people we were playing with. That's why MMO's really need to focus on the community and social aspect of the game.
  21. The first question to me is, should someone who was killed return to battle (in shorter order). I'm not sure how many people would say yes or no but I think you'll see a fundamental split here. I say yes for the following reasons: Games like this tend to have large swing arcs and aoe spells that flock shot kill people out of "luck". People coming back effectively can turn a battle between 20 people into a battle that feels like 100 people. Each individual gets more exposure, and multiple chances to influence the fight. The guy that got targeted first doesn't sit and miss out. T
  22. The word fun is far too subjective. I'm going to simplify their side by calling it the dueling complex. They want to load one round into the same weapon, walk their ten paces, turn and shoot. With the environment being as equal as possible only true skill will win. Essentially they want to pit their skill up against the skill of others and see how they stack up. To them, that IS the most fun they could have. The trick is how do you make a game that is still fun for them, while being still fun for you? Compromise.
  23. What's funny is that I almost posted this exact statement as a "the only thing I don't like about long cool downs" ending to my post. Basically if you blow your load in one fight and you're immediately engaged with another you are in a weakened state. The reason I decided not to make that statement was that if the game was like that then it'd just have to be something you had to take into consideration each time you engaged. I don't agree with the "fits better in MOBA" argument. Long cooldowns existed long before MOBA was even a thing. Keep in mind that I'm speaking only of long co
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